Monday, 1 September 2014

She is me.


A Caribbean girl born into the skin of particular circumstances. Writer, TVI, performance poet on a journey as a passenger of planet earth and the universe at large, awkwardly discovering herself. She has been writing since her words took only the form of pictures and blogging for over a decade. She enjoys smiling, learning  and colourful sunsets by the ocean, she is from the Caribbean so beach sunsets are like family. She dances when she is alone a lot and sings along loudly and badly without care. She dreams big and wakes everyday taking tiny steps towards the fulfilment of these. She is talkative, friendly and the kind of shy nobody believes in. Her heart delights in vintage fashion, Korean culture and the study of language, literature and linguistics (ooo alteration!) She is currently working and pursuing her first degree. Luna Lovegood is her spirit animal. Christina Yang is her patronus.

She has written many novels in her time, still in their editing stage and is gearing up to release her first book of poetry this year.

She is me.

Peace. Love. Voice.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment, Lizelle {love your name by the way}! I also love the way you wrote about yourself. I, too, dance when no one's around & sing when I'm all by myself. Glad to find your blog! Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. lizelle! maybe we can sing and dance awkwardly alone...together? lol and i love your spirit animal! be YOU! rock that weirdness. i know i do! can't wait to see what else you write for blog-tember!

  3. Giiiiiiirl cross continental dance party for the win! :D

    Thank you to you too Bess! I can't wait to check out more of your stuff as the month goes on :D

  4. Love you, love your blog. That's all there is to say! (I spied a 'street style' post somewhere in the wonderfulness that is your blog, so I'm running as fast as I can to drool - I'm totally obsessed with street style photography - do you know The Sartorialist?)

  5. Nope but i'm bout to run off and find out! Thanks for stopping by! Hope more posts are to your liking i should be doing more of them soon :D


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