Monday, 15 September 2014

My Wonderlust Wishlist - SoKo

Dreaming of..

South Korea

Are just a few of the places I want to visit when I finally make it to South Korea someday. If you don't know by now i'm a huge fan of South Korea, Kpop and even more so Kdramas!

So many scenes of Kdramas have been shot or have reference Seoul Tower, i can't wait to go and see the locks!

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon had an iconic kiss scene at these steps that is thought to possibly be a big metaphor for the challenges ahead of their (the main characters) love, how it is an up hill battle but once they are headed in the same direction, eyes on the same prize and holding hands, they could get to the top and reach the happiness they seek. My wonderful Kim Soon Ah was in this and this scene is one out of the very many that really stayed with me for all that it said.

On the island of Jeju many climb these steps to see the sunrise at this peek. I am not a hiker but i look forward to this challenge.

Married couple Simon and Martina recently opened their cafe in S.Korea called the 'You Are Here' cafe, I love their videos and I'm very happy for their success, I look forward to visiting someday!

You know, after uni is finished taking all my money....Till then, a girl can dream. This location is just one of many inhabiting my thoughts but more on that in another post...

Where are you dreaming of going?

Peace. Love. Far Away Places.
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  1. Thank you! Your faith is incredibly reassuring Helen! <3

  2. I hope you'll get a chance to go. I haven't been back to Korea since 1998 and for my husband like 1994 maybe? We were supposed to go next month but plans changed. I have never heard of that cafe but I would love to go as well. There is also a camera cafe that I have bookmarked and would love to go as well. Here's to our dreams! :)

  3. Oh yeah? You must share about this camera cafe sometime I'd love to know :D
    Yes! To the manifesting of dreams! If you go before i do i shall live through your beautiful pictures :)


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