Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why I Started Blogging

I have no idea truthfully...

I like many, had a different blog attempt before this, which is why some of my very very early pictures sometimes have different watermark. That early attempt I felt I needed to do away with because it was just to convoluted and the order that I wanted  called for a new space and a new approach.

Regardless I've always been a writer and when I started my first online journal all those years ago it came really easily. blogging was a way to look into myself and to speak about myself. Which, was not usually the case for me; usually my time was spent speaking with other people about other things, not about what was happening to me and inside of myself.

It was like looking into a mirror, answering questioned by asking them. No wonder it was private for so very long and in a way, many parts of it still are because there are some questions I think you need to ask yourself in a dark empty room before you ask yourself in a lit one. I feel that this is so like praying; to inspire the truest most potent type of honesty first.

As I continued to explore the writer inside of me, as I changed and grew blogging continued to help me do just that. It challenged me to find different ways to express my feelings, to be more objective, to not just scream random words but to consider, to analyse. Blogging developed my higher thinking skills as well as helped me to 'get it all out.'

And there's always so much to get out isn't there?

Also as I continued to grow and change, blogging helped me to create a space to explore all these new interests, like telling stories with photography, something that I was now having quite the love affair with! Even tackling doing my nails and exploring my thought process behind styling.

With blogging I am able to spread my wings and explore the thoughts that race down the highway of my brain waves faster than I can contemplate them all at once, so I write and I grow and I share.

I don't know why I still do this or even why I started, maybe I started because I was curious? I think I continue because honestly...I just like to write. Which for me, as a writer, is reason enough.

Peace. Love. Be A Blogger.

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