Thursday, 4 September 2014

TiLT - Don't Shoot The Messenger

I'm trying hard to break the mould and not talk about my love for vintage dresses, blazers and pretty much A-line anything right now. My choice of personal style is about one third preppy in nature so I've loved the messenger bag for too long

In fact this bad boy from Modcloth has been on my wishlist for likely three or so years or since whenever I discovered it. Alas, at $180 a working student like me cant afford it. Maybe for graduation? Who knows. Then I discovered this from Chicwish which makes me swoon with its unforgiving boldness. Look I even found one in lavender! Ugh my heart is drooling!

Apparently i have the same 'not hot' opinion as many as my fashion turn offs are:

~ leggings as pants with short tops
~ crop tops.
~ 'I can see yo bootie' shorts
~ Oh and I know this is a thing but white tees and coloured bras? The first time i saw them i was a well bit put off...Maybe not AS much as miz Cher over here but you know.

Granted, I've seen some skilled ladies pull of crop tops and it always makes me go 'wow' because I love me some style over some fashion. Plus the white tee and coloured bra thing I've also grown used to and seen well pulled of but I mean to each his own form of expression right? You cant decide what people wear just as you can't decide what they believe. On the upside I did recently discover that crop tops make excellent pjs on a hot summer night, so there is that.

Oh well. Oh and yes, I just wanted an excuse to use a clueless gif, don't judge me.

Peace. Love. Style.

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  1. Absolutely agree with the fashion turn offs!

    I see the 'leggings as trousers' way too often....I mean if you cover your modesty, then rock those leggings, but...they don't. They probably team them with the crop tops to be honest!!

    1. haha now there is a scary thought! Crop top and leggings. Sigh, what ya gonna do

  2. I'm going to gift you one of those bags for your graduation, lady. You deserve it.

  3. Right?! Ah, till that glorious moment of ownership though a girl can surely dream know, window shop on the internet ;)


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