Sunday, 31 March 2013

Musing :: Style : Covered

Happy Easter everyone! I wore this on Good Friday to a church function. Getting my dress and hat lady look on! Just a tiny step. Sorry the quality isn't the best, didn't bring anything but phone with me to the event.

For those of the Christian faith Easter time is often a rather big deal, even more so than Christmas i like to think because it means the commemoration of our Christ sacrificing his life so that we might live. This is my 'covered by the blood' look but i figured that might be too graphic a title haha! My church does not hold strictly to holidays or demand that we wear hats mind you but i love big fancy hats and dresses so why not take that step? I know pastels are the colour for Easter but i don't have any hey! Don't try to box me in man!

This year I'm excited and nervous to be doing something very different during Easter but more on that in another post. What do you do for Easter Holidays? 

Peace. Love. Remember.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Musing :: NOTD : Purple & Gold

Okay truth is i had no idea what to call this look, so lets just call it what it is: purple & Gold.

 I accidentally went shopping this week, you know, when you head into town with no intention of finding things, not even with the intention of looking for things and then boom! You find things you've been looking for for so long!

 I was very excited to try these new polishes i bought, the first of which is this one by a brand called 'L.A. Girl' Anyone know them, or are they just a knock off of L.A. Color?

 It's supposedly a magnetic polish, which just added to my excitement! It has this tiny cap at the top of the,well..cap! That you slip off and you're supposed to hold over your nail to make the pattern in the picture. Well, it hasn't worked honestly. I can't say i am utterly gutted over it though as i am positively in love with this shade of purple fancy metallic design or no...or maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

I also snatched up this gold glitter polish, i've been looking for one for AGES! This one is completely satisfactory, so much shimmer in one coat! Love it!

Peace. Love. Shine

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Musing :: Style : Blue Open Skies & Butteflies

I haven't done a style post (among other things!) for a while, i try to make my style posts when I'm experimenting or stepping outside of my comfort zone wardrobe wise, don't ask me the logic of it, i do not know either. So.....that time i wore leggings for the first time?

Conclusion? Yes they are super duper comfy omg! I do not own many of them, i would never buy them either cause i don't think they're a worth while investment for caribbean life. However when the trend hit home my aunt sent me two or three pares, this one with the studded butterfly is the first i received. I am still too modest a lady to wear them simply as pants :P My only use for them now is under a dress (and likely I'll move on to a skirt eventually) that i think is too short at the time. In this case, i was headed over to the church to help with some planning of a workshop and i didn't exactly want to head into The House of the Lord feeling like i might be mistaken for going out on a sassy thirst. Guess I'm just a prude like that :P

My church is not too far from my home and i got a lift so it was a pretty safe experiment. I barely got home before my shoes were off and i felt frolicie in the front yard. Where i live is considered country part of the island and i wouldn't have it any other way for i will always be a country girl, from the bottom of my heart, to the bottom of my bare feet!

Peace. Love. Blue Skies

OH! and if you haven't heard, GFC is likely going away...sad day for us bloggers :( So please, if you enjoy reading my blog...
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