Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Musing :: My Plush Palette: Mint Chocolate & Green Apple at Spice Island FroYo

Oh my goodness my recent yogurt run was so yummy. Spice Isle FroYo now has Mint Chocolate yogurt and Green Apple. Two of my favorite flavours in the world : D! I had a delicious mix of both. *Mainly the Mint Chocolate because omg mint chocolate joy of joys!!)

Topped with:
Lemon Chunks
Sunflower Seeds
Greek Cereal with Oats
Green Apple flavoured 'popping bubbles'
Rainbow Sprinkles
It was exquisite. I love order in my life, i'm not even messy with my food but i take such delight in having my FroYo order be a miss matched concoction of all my favorite flavours!
Yum Yum! 
Why am i telling you this anyway?
Because I'm awesome.
That is All.
Peace. Love. mMMMMm

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Musing :: Mind : Summers'' End

I'm pleased to find that upon reflection i did everything on my Summer To-do list except over haul my closet, that it a task of gargantuan proportions lots of determination to let go... My summer to read list however can not boast of the same attention. I got halfway through ONE book but what can i say? On vacation it is hard to read for fun when you/re an English and Lit and Education major..

I do not regret a day of summer spent lounging, laughing or learning though because i needed this, i need to just be happy, to just live, to remember that i am young and it is okay to enjoy youth even in the midst of adulthood...

I did manage to sleep till noon, honestly more than i'd like to have but i appreciate it as having happened and i needed it in the them when it did. I was sure however to not spend the entire time under covers lazing about, this free time i haven't had in nine months was not about to miss me!  

I didn't make number 2 on the list but i did go to the beach at least 10 times and i honestly have not gotten sick of it yet! I thought that i eventually would but sitting on the sand, listening to the ocean, watching a caribban sunset over the caribbean sea? It doesn't seem to get old! Who knew!

It honestly took me most of the summer but i did do number 3 on my summer to-do list. Never letting things get that bad again, no matter how hectic school gets!

Didn't do number 4 but may need a whole summer for that alone with the sinus issues i've got.

Number 5 got done because i'm very sentimental and hold on to my things till i can simply find no saving way for them so it was easy to finally part with all my not-able-to-wear shoes. I now own A peer of sneakers. 3 black work shoes, 1 brown fancy peer of slippers. and 4 flip flops. Yep, that's it! i need to go shoe shopping. I have nothing for events :/ The price we pay for decluttering.

 I decided to watch two South Korean Drama Series instead this year or i might have spent all summer watching them. So i watched School 2013 which i think lent itself to me becoming a better teacher and I Miss You, which turned out to be much heavier than i bargained for but good all the same.

I did do number 8 but i also wanted to give myself a chance to hear music i might not have listened to otherwise or on my own, i figured the easiest way to do this would be to ask a friend to make me a youtube playlist that way i wasn't searching my familiars but getting to know someone was  fun and i'll share some of my favorites with you soon that i discovered through her.

Lastly, as i hope you can tell i spent lots of time with friends, laying around on the beach eating chocolate, watching the sunset, having reflective philosophical conversations, playing my favorite five word game the name of which i do not know,  having my first MaiTai, going to a play, getting invited to an awesome birthday pool party and enjoying the sky and clouds and flowers before the sun came up.

As you can tell there down to the end i started to ready myself for school again as a teacher and resumed my journey as a students. For the nest 9 months i wont see my friends or the beach like i would like to but i'll be grasping at my dreans like my life depends on it.

Good luck to those among you doing the same.

Peace. Love. Learning.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Musing :: Style : Colourful Days

So summer has been hastily drawing to a close and i have been trying to squeeze every ounce of free time I can out of it! Recently met up with this lady for my favourite thing to drink : d This place has my favourite chocolate milkshake so far as the other place that used to have a good one has now failed me and have started watering theirs down....

Peace. Love. Summer Light.
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