Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Musing :: My Plush Palette: Mint Chocolate & Green Apple at Spice Island FroYo

Oh my goodness my recent yogurt run was so yummy. Spice Isle FroYo now has Mint Chocolate yogurt and Green Apple. Two of my favorite flavours in the world : D! I had a delicious mix of both. *Mainly the Mint Chocolate because omg mint chocolate joy of joys!!)

Topped with:
Lemon Chunks
Sunflower Seeds
Greek Cereal with Oats
Green Apple flavoured 'popping bubbles'
Rainbow Sprinkles
It was exquisite. I love order in my life, i'm not even messy with my food but i take such delight in having my FroYo order be a miss matched concoction of all my favorite flavours!
Yum Yum! 
Why am i telling you this anyway?
Because I'm awesome.
That is All.
Peace. Love. mMMMMm


  1. OMG... best blog post ever, haha! This looks AMAZING and is making my cravings kick in horribly (still on Whole30)! I'm going to eat froyo for 12 hours straight on October 1st!!!

  2. Froyo is one of my fav indulgences! I believe it's Steph's too. ;) -Jess

  3. woah! that froyo experience sounds intense :) i'd love to try the green apple... sounds yum! xx


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