Friday, 25 July 2014

Musing :: NOTD : Highlighter

Nobi Colour : Funky Neon Yellow (not mine)
Color Club : I can't remember
i dont remember which white i used either because that too wasn't mine.

These pictures are from my visit to a friends earlier this week. There was dancing and nail polish, a simple catch up session.  I had to put down a coat of white before the yellow because I was warned it would look like I'd just painted my fingers with highlighter if I didn't. Obviously I wasn't very good with the white as you can see the messy bits still showing. Plus I took this shot after quite a few days of wear. Never the less, I actually love it. Which is different for me. I still remember the first time I tried orange nail polish, coincidently it was at the same friends house, now look at me at neon. I wish you could really see just how bright this is, the pictures just don't capture it. Not gonna lie, it does hurt my photophobia but then I just don't stare at my finger nails, haha.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer ToDo 2014 - Meet Up With Firends! pt 1

Got a chance to meet up with this lovely lady who i never see because we live on opposite sides of the island. Of course when we meet it's like we never left each other's side and there is much laughter MUCH laughter.

I happened to be in her neck of the woods for a pal's wedding and ofcourse i couldn't pass by her house without stopping in. (Well, i could try but it would be at my own risk. )

You know how they talk about that friend who when you show up at their house you just walk in and open the fidge? I realised the other day that this is that friend. I walked into her house and straight into her room, then later stole her food. (She's an awesome cook) Just before that i was having a conversation with another friend about how, at the end of the day, you're probably going to only have about five real friends anyway so it's really not worth worrying about.

Instead, one should just worry about cultivating the ones that have always mattered and will continue to do so.

On that note, we decided to do the bff tag, which is up on her channel. Check it out if you want to here wha my voice sounds like. Be warned, you're going to hear a bit of my English lexion Creole all up in there. I do have a few more friends to meet up with this summer but it's important for me to get started early because i tend to have so many commitments as a creative.

To watch our bff tag click here for part 1, part 2 and part 3 or check out my Summer 2014 ToDo list here.

Yes, my ringtone lyrics says:

'i got a flock ah fly women and i'm feelin mah self. 
I make my own damn money and i'm feelin' my self. 
You ain' gottah feel meh homie, i'm feelin' MAH SELF.'

I regret nothing.

Live. Love. Laugh.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Musing Flower Power :: White Bougainvillea

So I did get a shot of the White Bougainvillea and my goodness looking at it doesn't it just inspire a feel of innocence and purity? I really find myself having a new appreciation for them in taking these photos. I'm used to seeing them; I’ve seen them all about ever since I was young.

I remember when i was of the age of one digits, going to school in the city, it was always bustling and i was short. Yet even in the craze of the city sounds there were these outside teris style pots near the sidewalks, attached to the buildings still made of French design from when they ruled this land.

Most days as i headed to the bus parking area to go home I’d run my hands through them, a child, all the sounds of the city would fade away and all that was left was the tender silky feel of these beautiful leaves under my young fingertips as a ran and skipped by. (Yep, i used to skip through the down like i owned the place.) I'll really have to continue getting more pictures of the different colours of them and share with you.

Those were rarely white; they were usually brighter colours, likely to catch the eyes of the tourists. They got my eyes too. I love it when you relearn how to love something that never went away in the first place.

Has that ever happened to you, remembering how to appreciate something?

Peace. Love. Youth.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer To-Do List

My summer starts as soon as i finish my last final of the semester, which was yesterday! Another semester's work is behind me and now i look towards the future. At least, for a moment before the work starts again, i look forward to some fun and getting some things done I've been putting off. Naturally, in true writer/blogger/stationary lover fashion, i have made a list!

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Watch 3 movies ideally from this list
  3. Read 3 books, hopefully cross more books off of this list.
  4. Meet up with friends
  5. Watch three S.Korean Dramas. -'High School King', 'Doctor Sranger' and 'Hotel King' i'm looking at you!
  6. Sleep late - I've actually done quite a lot of this already in the last two weeks lol My life would be better served if i could get my butt out of bed!
  7. Exercise
  8. Do another Yoga class 
  9. Make this smoothie, though i don't have a bullet, i wonder how it would go with a blender? Guess we'll find out won't we....
  10. Clean my room
  11. Start formatting my first anthology of poetry for publishing

Waw, that's already 11 things to get done! I know i must be behind as most people have been on break for quite sometime already. How many things have you checked off your list already?


Friday, 4 July 2014

Floral Fridays - Bougainvillea

I'm taking part of Floral Friday (yes i know this is up late but i had a hard week of activities. Forgive me?) This is my nation's national flower. It comes in so many colours: orange, yellow, white, purple, pink, red. I will try o get some shots of the many different colours for you to see next week, if you're interested? We've been known to call them 'hard times' flowers because they seem...well they seem to just whether the weather surivive and not just survive but thrive. By the way? They are that bright, i've done nothing to the photos except blur the first slightly.

I got these shots as i had a end of school term session with my staff. It's offically summer for my students and my fellow teachers! As for me? I'm still doing summer classes....

Cry me a river.

Peace. Love. Survive and Thrive!
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