Friday, 28 September 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Oppa Gangnam Style!!! Nails!

If you know i love this song. I love it's message of a classy woman who can still be fun and crazy, its catchiness and i love that it's taking the globe by storm and forcing them to realize the talent that exists in South Korea.

So  i decided to do my own variation on it :D


I know these shots are messy so forgive me

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The thumb looks like his blue blazer i promise, even though i couldn't get a good shot

 Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App 

 I will probably take some better shots at a later date.

 Oh! If you haven't seen the video:

Plus the super awesome gal version:


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Musing :: Art : Sketchy Business! - More digital sketching in PaperApp

Been doing some more digital sketching. I must say, i'm reall enjoying it now, like never before...Iit took me THIS long to realize that illustration is my comfort zone. Having done a fine arts course in college i found myself with the idea that 'illustration isn't real art' how that mind frame was laid i have no idea. Art is SO much, so vast and different in kind. One should never let a box be built around their creativity.

Witness my exploration

Friday, 14 September 2012

Musing: NOTD : The Dark Knight Rises - Nail Art

Went to a movie with friends :)
Can you guess which?
This is pre clean up (forgot to take a post clean up shot sorry :( )

The movie was very good, little to no disappointment except that i thought cat woman's lines were really predictable, i found myself saying her lines before she did so many times...but i guess that is just the writer in me?

 Oh and of course a chance to stalk pink hair live and in living colour <3

Oh look it's batman and his pretty pink headed robin!

While i was waiting for this lovely bunch to show i was sure to slip into a random store and take pictures of myself in shoes i would never ever buy or wear. Bet the sales clerks LOVED that hu?

I must admit, while i am against the glamorization of 'animal print' those shoes sure looked good on my foot!

Also, started getting glared at for leaving my house with my nails not done after raving about so many nail styles lol So i made a better effort, these are my nails this week:

Originally the pointer finger was dotty too but then i didn't like it so i changed it to just being a solid colour instead...

This is a simple and easy design i can use for those mundane week day work days...

What do you think of my Blueberry Ladybug nails?

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Musing :: Art : Sketchy Business

Went out with Eli on Saturday in search of a sandwich and ran into everything else

I've been experimenting drawing on the ipad. i am 000000000.1% as good as i am on paper in my opinion... However! I shall get better...eventually!

Till then, enjoy this attempt:

 So sloppy still i know but I'm learning

For kicks, here's a shot of some of my older sketches (all done in the last six months originally on my old blog) I've never been good at digital art and i admit these pieces I'm about to share are still well...sketchy! However having scored a tablet for school (best decision evar since my phone yay accessibility!) In down time i can use it to feed my artistic needs as well as my academic and i have been playing with PaperApp. Now i share with you some of my fun attempts:

A wedding gift for my gal Lyssa

This particular sketch was done in celebration of earth day :)

Before colour

After sloppy digital water colour attempt

A VERY early attempt

Another really early attempt

A birthday gift for another gal pal that i never gave cause i thought it was silly...
A series of sketchy sketches i was doing just to experiment with a different style of drawing faces.

Hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Musing :: Mind : Breakfast In The City

It is so important to take me time...Sometimes you need to just venture out, forget everyone and roam around town with no particular direction in mind, adapting to whatever comes your way, not getting upset at unfulfilled plans because guess what? You didn't make any!

 That's exactly what i did one summer day and i must say me, myself and i had a damn good time together!

Found myself a nice high stool in a deserted corner of an unamed shop, It was lovely, they have a large glass window where the morning light curtains you as you sit at this little corner counter. Though the colours are bright they somehow seem to work. It just feels so warm an comforting. Believe it or not, i actually felt like such a rebel sitting their aat 8AM having breakfast in the middle of the week on my holiday. Watching everyone else rush off to work and knowing i have no where to rush to. like I'm cheating us all, their routine and my own, the routine of the world spinning and spinning...It can feel so good to cheat routine...

I accomplished a moment of calm...

Too bad the service that day was less than I'm used to, took them an hour and a half to get me my breakfast and when it came it was the worst cocoa tea i have ever tasted in my life and I am a coca tea expert! It is my favorite drink in the world and boy was i disappointed! So much grease! :(

All Natural Sugar! Yay healthiness!

Ugh, shoe enemy we meet again in the morning light....:/

Sigh -.-Bad idea...

Looking for orange nail polish like i borrowed from Eli. Failed at finding it. Yes this is the super cheap stuff, don't judge me!

Walked into Doctor's office for bad a boss!

Other doctors office, a place i haven't been for so many years it's ridiculous...having photophobia means having a light shine directly into your eyeball while being told to sit perfectly still and not blink for an extended period of time is a hellish experience that sometimes just MUST be done :(

Got jealous of this random kid's pretty pink headphones because mine broke two weeks after buying them...i felt so childish -.- However by this time i had already had ten minutes of staring into light with dilated pupils. I was two cents short of livid.

So this lead to me giving up on looking like a brave adult and I laid back on the seat to stare at the ceiling

My eyes after they dilated...freaky!

Late lunch and time to head home, it's afternoon and it's gotten hot :/ Thus my chocolate milk shake.
It may not sound like much happened but i was actually in the town from 8-4 doing all of that...i was sweaty and exhausted but still feeling a strange sense of wholeness having reconnected with self :)

Worth it?

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