Sunday, 31 May 2015

Project 52 - MAY

01.| Decided to play with my chalk pastels, I've never drawn an ocean scene. I feel like every islander should haha

02.| Took mother to a fancy brunch for mothers' day.

03.| That time my face was in a regional magazine. Comment bellow if you want to know more about that experience, I'll tell you about it if you want to know.

04.| The moon was rising on an evening when the daylight lazily receded...

What is likely my last summer semester has begun. After this most I'm off to do a quiz and read chapters like a mad woman! I hope that you are having a more lazy Sunday than I am haha.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

TiLT - Polaroids

1. Fuji Instax Mini 8
2. Shiny Star Fuji Film
3. Florescent Fuji Film
4. 50 Pack Fuji Film
5. Instax Mini 8 attachable selfie mirror
6. Instax portable wireless cellphone printer
7.  Instax 8 Mini carrying case
I've always wanted an instant camera. They've always seemed so amazing to me. I am amused at how much we cling to vintage now that we've invented more ways than we can count to make picture taking and picture sharing as simple and clean as butter on bread for supper.

I've always loved leafing through albums, seeing those tiny moment held in my hand via a two dimensional square. Wondering who looked at them, who held them before me and who would hold them long after I no longer could. I hold those feelings warmly and dip into them scarcely for fear that i will use them up like i do the feel of my finger in a rotary phone, dragging the farthest number all the way to the other side so I could hear the bell go dig or the anxiety of sitting still as drowning of the vinyl record lowly sped up and filled the wooden house with vibration so tender and rich any creak of the floorboards could scratch them...

Someday I will buy myself these things, along with one of these pretty little bad boys. Until then, a girl can dream.

What is now considered vintage that you wish we could go back to?

Peace. Love. Remember.
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Happy 2015 Birthday to Me! in review

My birthday came and went and I haven't shared a post about it. Honestly it was preeetty low key this year because nobody has time for me and we're all growing up most of my friends were busy. No shade though, I'm not mad. How could I be it was my birthday!

The people who could make it were very kind to me and made me feel as special as we could all afford. I returned home and got ready to continue working hard towards final exams to begin later that week.

I can't really review, all I can think about it how old I feel, I've had to deal with so many 'big people problems' from such a young age so I suppose it's weighing down on me now in my 'latter years' haha... I'm watching my twenties wave good bye and feeling very unaccomplished...still...we must press on!

Do forgive me, storm crowds afoot, it's hard to remain both positive and purposefulness at the same time these days. Usually it's one or the other sustained successfully...

I will tell you this, the ocean was beautiful that day. I ate well and smiled in the playground. I was alive and surrounded by people who were glad that I was alive. For what more could one ask ?

Oh and YEAH this is where I live, no filter, you're welcome. Thanks to my friend Haron for keeping me company and happy that day and of course for his mad photo taking skills. You'za boss sir.

Peace. Love. Beautiful Oceans

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Plush Palette :: Mother's Day Brunch 2015

Appetizer:   shrimp tempura with teriyaki sauce
Main course: Steamed Lion fish in White Wine and local flavours with Jasmine Rice and mixed vegetable salad 
Mother had: Coconut Breaded Chicken Breast with Avocado and Corn Salsa and Local Plantain Salad.
Desert: cantaloupe, watermelon and pineapple slices, brownie square topped with white chocolate sauce and white chocolate and passion fruit mouse.

The view was exceptional, the ambience open, elegant and refreshing.  All but the sign and the lilies in the pictures above surroundings wise we could see from where we sat. Everything on the menu was delicious by no stretch of the word. .As for the lion fish well, there was also a nice ginger flavour to it coming down to the end so that was delightful. made me wish it was all over the yummy fish but I must admit I was a little disappointed with it though it is possible I was expecting too much.

Let me give you a little story about that.

The lion fish has been plaguing our waters here in the Caribbean. They multiple by outrageous numbers and are pretty new to our marine ecosystem. As an island our marine life is a large source of sustainability for locals and our economy at large. So when this bad boy came suddenly swimming by, destroying our already dwindling reefs and confusing our native sea life, it threw the entire region in a dizzy.

They contain a venom with their fins that can be poisonous for consumption.

I know, talk about a bold faced assailant! Anyway, in speaking with a chef a while back I came to learn that very few know how to properly clean and serve the lion fish. It's not impossible, it's just extremely technical. This pleases me because the first battle cry I had was lets just eat that sucker and do our part to save our oceans, when I first heard about it.

Also lets face it, so many starving people in he world if we've got something we could eat that is multiplying faster than we can count and we've got other precious animals going extinct for stupid reasons, (poor rhinos) the choice isn't that hard now is it?

So when I popped in with mother dear (we didn't actually pop make a reservation you could be turned away believe me we saw haha ) and saw my nemesis by association on the menu well...lets just say my stomach I did my part as an island national to prevent the further destruction of our oceans.  Your welcome. Hashtag: send me my medal in the mail.

Anyway, I'll be crossing 'eat a poisonous fish and live to tell the tale' of my bucket list! Though, I've still got my eye on you puffer fish!

They also had live music, which I love made all the better by the renditions done of classic tunes, particularly one of my favourites, Fever. Have i mentioned the service? Impeccable! I should have gotten our waitress' name she did such a fine job! Usually I try not to go on too much about service, I like to give it a few visit and little them give me the usual treatment to determine if it is consistent or just face value but this much I can tell you. Upon this visit, she was exemplary.

Ultimately, most importantly mother had a great time. I also got to explore a part of my island I hadn't before. As we all know I am very grateful to her for her hard work, love and education to my life. Shout out to all you Director of Operations!

If you ever visit, you should definitely go check out this restaurant. It's worth it.

Peace. Love. Good Food & Good People.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day! | 2015

Original watercolour card by my friend

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers and all those who love like mothers dol!! I know that it's a different date in the UK, where some are you are based so I hope you'll accept this belated celebration of your awesome on this side of the world.

 I'm getting geared up to take mother dearest out to lunch today, somewhere fancy, so she can feel fancier than usual haha We're silly and into that kind of thing, getting dolled up pretending like paying for food that expensive is the norm, you know. It's hoot!

 To all the mothers, old, new, in the middle, adoptive, today and lets face it, for pretty much 97.3 percent of our entire lives, you the real MVP babe.

Peace. Love. Motherhood.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

TiLT - Scrapbooking Embellishment Supplies Wshlist!

Numbers 1-7: ABeautifulMess

I feel pressed to mention that I don't actually need these things. I do however think they'd be rather fun to own as my recent interest in scrapbook grows. Embellishments have never really been my thing but one must admit, there are a lot of precious ones out there.

Peace. Love. Release.

Friday, 1 May 2015

May 2015 #ListersGottaList Challenge

New month new artistic release! haha I've started doing #ListersGottaList Lets see if I can keep up two artistic ventures this year (this and my project 52). I discovered it late last month and really enjoy it but there was so much going on then like preparing for finals then DOING I didn't finish it for April. Maybe I'll share the pages I did do for April later sometime if you'd like.

Luckily there is also the May challenges. It is relaxing, enjoyable, pretty and making lists I do so love.

 I feel so accomplished looking back at em! Most importantly, it gives me a way to stimulate my creativity and place it somewhere instead of going crazy within the bounds of academia and everyday life.

I'm also loving experimenting with a little scrapbooking and pattern making on paper. I must admit, I'm loving venturing into this discipline and I kind of want all the embellishments! More on that later in the week maybe :) Alongside some more of these pages!

Meanwhile, this is my day one attempt, feel free to join in if this kind of challenge is your fancy.

By the way don't you love how there is a little list within my list?! haha I do!

Peace. Love. Listers Gotta List!

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