Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Project 52 - APRIL

// Easter seems so long ago. Our church had it's annual women's workshop and it was truly glorious being surrounded by such spirituality and female comrades in Christ.

// Saw my long time friend as she's nursing a rather large booboo of sorts.

// Birthday girl got calls from sweet friends that let me know I'm loved and appreciated <3

// My workplace is getting ready for May, sneak peek at this year's slogan!

 Meanwhile, as I fight the never ending semester. Check out the previous months of my project 52!

= Project 52 =
+ January
+ February
+ March


  1. I did indeed go back and read Feb and Mar! Somehow I missed these in my feed. Anyway, looks like you've been busy :-)


  2. Yay! Glad you enjoyed the little look see :)

  3. A womens workshop sounds like a fabulous idea! You look so happy on your birthday phoecalls!


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