Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Project 52 - February

// My country celebrated it's independence day in early February, i went to a book launch by one of the members in my writers group, I has been a long time coming and I was so happy for her.

// I have been completely submerged in my teaching practicum.

// In lieu of the Chinese new year (team fire rabbi!) the Chinese government had another instalment of cultural presentations. It was amazing for the short time I was there. The place was so packed I could barely see the stage...yay for assistive technology for making things a tad easier, yes?

// I'm nearing the end of my teaching practicum, my evaluator has been so so helpful. She is a teacher I respect and admire in the profession and she has helped me to learn and grow so much in it. I have so many feelings about the whole thing! More in a next post though. Meanwhile, here is a view of my favourite section of their school library ;)

Hope you are well! I know this post is late but ah I've been and continue to be swamped in so many ways....I miss you guys!!! ♥

Peace. Love. Learn.

= Project 52 =


  1. It's such a great idea, to capture the memories like this......[Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my post.....I haven't the strength to reply to comments but wanted to say 'thank you' you right back xxxx

  2. Hope March is just as rewarding, busy (a good busy) and fun for you!


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