Monday, 30 June 2014

Musing Mind :: The Girl who Takes the Dream

'Make a plan
Set a goal
Work toward it
But every now and then.
Look around.
Drink it in it.
It might all be gone tomorrow.'

Grey Anatomy - Season 5 - Episode 24

Tonight she is feeling really grateful for having a goal. She should be sad but she is not. She though previous semesters were hard and then this one happened. Not so much this one as the things that happened around it.

Last semester came the cancer scares again and i told myself, Liz, this is it. This is the hard stuff, this is the peek. On top of visual impairment and constant cancers scares now you've got another one, on your face. Yep, this is the top of the pile babe, you've topped it.

Then this semester came around. Not so much this semester but the things that happened around it. So many things that i cant even talk about them.  I'm generally a talkative gal. Except when i stop talking. Sometimes so much happens that even i don't want to hear the words out loud because I'm too busy trying to get past them.

The hardest part is being the only one who knows as much as i know about them, the hardest part is staring the hurricane in the eye everyday and letting everyone be fooled by clear skies because they can't handle hurricanes.

Tonight i should feel sad....but i don't. Tonight i feel grateful because i know, i understand that i am sacrificing and I'm really quite okay with it. Because i feel SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have the chance to chase my dream. I longed for this for a long time, for just a chance, just a little crack in the concrete through which I could squeeze myself and take it. Take what i want.

I considered what i want and i want this, i still want this. I get that nobody is going to hand it to me. I get that i have to take it and I'm going to cry i'm sure...but after i cry, more likely even during. I'm going to take it..

Cause that's who I am; the girl who takes the dream.

Sometimes I just need to remind myself I guess.

Peace. Love. Reminders

Friday, 20 June 2014

Musing :: Style : Like the Tourists Do


Blazer: Modcloth
Distressed Jeans: Hand-me-downs
White undershirt: gifted
Rose buckle Belt: Old Navy
Sandals: Aerosoles

Howdy do! This is what i wore when i popped down to SANDALS all inclusive resort. A branch recently opened in my home country. This is my go to outfit wen i'm not sure if is a casual or formal affair. If you take a picture from the waist up i could very well be dressed for a typical work day. If is turns out to be a casual affair then i can axe the blazer and i'm good!

Isn't Sandals beautiful? The grounds were clean, beautiful and easy to navigate, the interior is also enviable! I felt odd about taking photos as i was there in more of a professional capacity, which is why there aren't more scenic photos.

Still, as locals we rarely let ourselves indulge in the pleasures of resort life in our own country while tourists are coming in hopes of living and loving our island like the locals do. This is a part of how i love my country, appreciating its tourist attractions and hotels which are marketed on the hook of just how fabulous we are as a nation and focus on playing up just that. So if they're going to exhibit how beautiful my country is, i think it's all the more reason for me to enjoy their work. They love my country, i love my country. It's perfect!

I take every chance i get to love and explore my island like the tourists do.

Thank you to Sandals for the opportunity, the beautiful scenery and I'm sorry i have to mention the delicious refreshments after the Q and A for which i was there, i was particular on the rich brownies and this amazing cake that had a taste of what i suspect may be Baileys but my alcohol palette is not experienced enough to be sure.

Here's hoping i can visit again soon for a more indebt tour :)

Peace. Love. Live like the Tourists Do

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Coming Soon - Voices of the Rising Youth

TheWordyPhoenix is preforming!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sandals Resort Writers Q and A!

The Writers Association of Grenada was given word that there was a group of famous authors on island for a bit and we were privileged to be allowed and audience with them for a short while.

It was marvellous!

So informative and rich with the possibility of future success. Though our time was short I learned so much from the experiences they shared and the advice they gave for moving forward with our passion, talent and stories as aspiring writers.

What I found most repeated was:

Fallow your passion;
Write the story only you can write.

Thank you to Sandals Resort for having us!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Musing :: Style : MAC St. Germain Lipstick & Albinism Skin

Review: Creamy, smells so very good, as MAC lippies tend to i hear. When applied lightly i has a soft , feminine feel to it. When applied with two or if you're more daring three coats it really POPS! (not seen here) This is only one light coat.  The pigment is really strong and it gives me a good 1-14 our wear before i feel like reaplying

Albinism spectific review: I love it! because my skin is so light the pink is all the richer against it and just seems perfect. The pigmentation does not fade into skin tone but stands nicely of its own.

All photos taken in natureal light.

This shade is my lipstick soul mate. I knew it, it was love at first sight when a friend introduced me to it. From that moment, i knew, we had to be together. I added albinism in my title because i know that lipstick shades look different on every completion. So, when looking up reviews i really wondered what it would look like against my own none pigmented skin. I figured i am not the only person with albinism that was wondering that. So! Here we are :) I admit i was so excited though i didn't even base balm. Plus how do you get your heart to take swashes of your favorite lipstick? This is a super light swash because i greedily didn't want to waste even the tiniest bit. I promise, with time i will learn haha

We do not have MAC products on the caribbean island where i live. So, i had to outsource via a very kind gal who was going down to the island of Trinidad for a few days. My intention was to get another lipsticks as well but the other shade i was targeting was not available at the time she went and would only be restocked after she left. :(

However i do not intend to give up! i intend to someday own every shade on my MAC Lipstick Wishlist. I'm not going to lie though, till then, owning just St Germain? Is the sweetest deal.

Peace. Love. Lipstick Soul Connection

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Musing :: My Plush Palette : Sippin' on Gin and Juice

I met up with a friend this week to have some lunch as we celebrated the fact that she was born. We had lunch at the little patio styled Italian restorant just outside of the city.

She had pasta and juice. I only had water, i really really just wanted a glass of wine but as i am battling a bit of a cold lately i held off because i wasn't sure how my body would feel about alcohol while sick. With every year we all change a little when i look closely at things...My friends and i, we've move from spending birthdays dancing about and chatting about the day's planned event all morning to a quick call from the work place when the boss isn't looking and a lumch date when we can get our schedules to match up!

Just months before we were well wishing each other through surgeries, the selling of a house or a pending graduation. Change is the only constant indeed. It is swift, unplanned and always surprising if you ask me...

I still thinking growing up is a carefully marketed trap but it is one we must all buy into eventually. I think the trick is not to rush it, to be thankful while whatever stage of life we are at is happening, recognising that in that moment we are steadily traveling through time.

Peace. Love. Matching Scehdules.

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