Friday, 6 June 2014

Musing :: Style : MAC St. Germain Lipstick & Albinism Skin

Review: Creamy, smells so very good, as MAC lippies tend to i hear. When applied lightly i has a soft , feminine feel to it. When applied with two or if you're more daring three coats it really POPS! (not seen here) This is only one light coat.  The pigment is really strong and it gives me a good 1-14 our wear before i feel like reaplying

Albinism spectific review: I love it! because my skin is so light the pink is all the richer against it and just seems perfect. The pigmentation does not fade into skin tone but stands nicely of its own.

All photos taken in natureal light.

This shade is my lipstick soul mate. I knew it, it was love at first sight when a friend introduced me to it. From that moment, i knew, we had to be together. I added albinism in my title because i know that lipstick shades look different on every completion. So, when looking up reviews i really wondered what it would look like against my own none pigmented skin. I figured i am not the only person with albinism that was wondering that. So! Here we are :) I admit i was so excited though i didn't even base balm. Plus how do you get your heart to take swashes of your favorite lipstick? This is a super light swash because i greedily didn't want to waste even the tiniest bit. I promise, with time i will learn haha

We do not have MAC products on the caribbean island where i live. So, i had to outsource via a very kind gal who was going down to the island of Trinidad for a few days. My intention was to get another lipsticks as well but the other shade i was targeting was not available at the time she went and would only be restocked after she left. :(

However i do not intend to give up! i intend to someday own every shade on my MAC Lipstick Wishlist. I'm not going to lie though, till then, owning just St Germain? Is the sweetest deal.

Peace. Love. Lipstick Soul Connection


  1. It's a very pretty shade for you. I've always wanted to try using MAC, but I'm too cheap, especially with makeup! -Jess L

  2. Lovely shade of pink ~ I have yet to try this particular Mac color.



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