Friday, 20 June 2014

Musing :: Style : Like the Tourists Do


Blazer: Modcloth
Distressed Jeans: Hand-me-downs
White undershirt: gifted
Rose buckle Belt: Old Navy
Sandals: Aerosoles

Howdy do! This is what i wore when i popped down to SANDALS all inclusive resort. A branch recently opened in my home country. This is my go to outfit wen i'm not sure if is a casual or formal affair. If you take a picture from the waist up i could very well be dressed for a typical work day. If is turns out to be a casual affair then i can axe the blazer and i'm good!

Isn't Sandals beautiful? The grounds were clean, beautiful and easy to navigate, the interior is also enviable! I felt odd about taking photos as i was there in more of a professional capacity, which is why there aren't more scenic photos.

Still, as locals we rarely let ourselves indulge in the pleasures of resort life in our own country while tourists are coming in hopes of living and loving our island like the locals do. This is a part of how i love my country, appreciating its tourist attractions and hotels which are marketed on the hook of just how fabulous we are as a nation and focus on playing up just that. So if they're going to exhibit how beautiful my country is, i think it's all the more reason for me to enjoy their work. They love my country, i love my country. It's perfect!

I take every chance i get to love and explore my island like the tourists do.

Thank you to Sandals for the opportunity, the beautiful scenery and I'm sorry i have to mention the delicious refreshments after the Q and A for which i was there, i was particular on the rich brownies and this amazing cake that had a taste of what i suspect may be Baileys but my alcohol palette is not experienced enough to be sure.

Here's hoping i can visit again soon for a more indebt tour :)

Peace. Love. Live like the Tourists Do


  1. Very cute outfit, Lizelle! I have been eying those Modcloth blazers; I need one but don't know which color to choose from! The resort looks great and so does the food, of course!

    Your photos look different too. Did you get a new camera? -Jess L

  2. Not yet! Wont be able to afford that lovely treat till after uni graduation lol what's different is i chucked my phone in the hands of a guy friend of minw who understood the concept of blogging i guess lol


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