Saturday, 18 February 2012

TheWordyPhoenix :: The Colour of Woman 2012

Went down to the St. Georges University Campus for a poetry reading on Thursday. That's a snap of the image projected while we sat in the room. I was worried at first, that the evening would be yet another collective fist pump in the direction of 'woman power' glad to say that it was not the typical cliche.

The pieces of the evening ranged from the genetic make up of woman to struggle, to love of child by woman, to love of woman by woman, to tributes to women by men

These are some pictures of my personal highlights of the show, check out a couple snaps of my favourite pieces of the evening

Jenna Nakawaga

It is fair to say wherever this girl is preforming i will find myself there, i am such a big fan of hers words can not express! She read two poems, a tribute to her favourite poet and a self composed piece, both of which took my breath away as she usually does! I honestly am at a loss for words i can not explain how much i love her writing, or her stage presence, i just wish she had a facebook page so i could like it 100 times and tell everyone about it!

Josiah The Prodigy Bayne

Poet/Photographer/Musician another writer i am a very big fan of. He has a way of dealing with old biting issues in a very new voice, that forces their relevance to be renewed in the mind of others. When this man takes the mic and spits, the room is shocked silent and forced to attention. They don't miss a word, which is exactly his intention. A man of extraordinary colour himself, there is no doubt!

Brendon LaTouche

When i say this man graces the mic i mean he does just that, he holds it with his voice and caress the air all around it, he draws you in and delicately but firmly delivers his message.


I can't remember this ladies last name but her art of taking her listeners on a visual journey is exquisite, even now i can see so well the leaps and bounds she took my senses on with her poem "XX not XY" starting from prenatal, to struggles fought, struggles seen and struggles sought.

At this junction i must also take the time to mention this dancer

in yellow and frills, Aklemia Rhonda Lucas who owned a Maya Angelou poem "Phenomenal Woman" in her own performance of it. This girls personality was too big for her skin! When she danced i forgot to breathe; she really truly took my breath away! I do not have any shots of her, (edit: Shot courtesy of Josiah Bayne Photography.) i wont forget her performance!

The audience was diverse, attentive and supportive and this helped us poets feel comfortable and well received. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting creative writing and giving the offer of your small door contribution to charity!

Here is a glimpse of one of the Posters for the evenings event.

This is a shot shown during one of the pieces that resonated with me.

And on top of it all the Nights Leading Lady

Donella Baby Ras Hosten
The mother of this brain child. This woman took care of her poets in a way that i find really admirable, it is not easy to organize these events believe me but this woman succeeded in taking care of her poets in a way the audience seldom sees. At the end of the night making it so that poets coming from the far reaches of the island, like myself, did not have to worry about how they would get home, this has a way of ending the night on a cherished high like it had begun. Hats of to her.
The Voice of the night.
Mr RJ Micheal (current president of the Writers Association Of Grenada) and Master of Ceremonies for the evening.

Unfortunately i don't have any images of myself cause I'm lying and i just feel shy and yes that is possible don't judge me.

To my fellow poets, those mentioned here and those unmentioned who i didn't have snaps of, if our voice continues to serve as a catalyst to positive change? Then lets never shut up...together ;)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Universal Love with Nail Art

source: Pinterest

That's what i think when i see hearts
Not romantic love
Not even Godly love
just love
in all is beautiful forms
So for me Valentines day is a pleasure.
Always has been whether i am single or not...
because there are hearts everywhere
so in my head?
the world is recognizing that there is love everywhere!
In nature
In spirituality
In romance
In self
i LOVE it!
So when vday starts coming around....
and i see all these heart things everywhere, i get so excited!
Not to mention it's a chocoholics DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
I even try to make it a point to go down to the supermarket with the most variety and stare at their stall of chocolate goodness that usually comes to the front just for vday!
i go to stare at chocolate for Valentines day like people go to stare at lights for Christmas :D
When i went i saw this cute decoration up at the mall ^-^


And so comes the post of vday related products that have caught my eye :D
I also love gifting you see and i think people make such a big deal when it doesn't have to be, there are so many wonderful fun trinkets one could purchase out there!
lookie at these fun selections from my pinterest:

All affordable too! :D

not to mention ones ability to be creative.
Like for instance one of my besties recently sent my an AWESOME package.
in it were these cute little nail files, as she knows that i've recently taken an interest in nail art
and i thought waw, if one was really scares for money one could even gift these little cute nail files in a little vday package if your lady wasn't the type who would take it as an 'you think i'm a bimbo who needs to just file her nails all day?!" silly type.


I didn't think that, i thought it was such a thoughtful gift, my friend took an interest in my recent interests and i was very touched, a great expression of love it self, thanks Lyssa!

This is my favorite one of the packet

Speaking of nails, i even decided to do a little experiment and see which design I'd like on my nails for vday

Well, it didn't turn out too well cause the red polish i own is really thin and runny and annoyed me sigh but lookie

saw this design over at 'The Colour Issue' a blog that currently sports lots of fun and easy vday ideas btw
Anywho, i realized this design isn't for me cause my eyes don't want to have to see so much red :/ I thought of doing the reverse but i like how red on pink looks better than pink on red...


See what the final product ends up being!


Ah experimentation!


Happy Happy Love Love

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Grenada Independence Day Nail Art!

It's independence day here in the little land o'mine.

Here we like to dress up for the occasion, ourselves AND our nation :)

Here's a pic of just a little bit of the decor done near my home for the 7th

I need some self beautifying via my nails in our national colours

Saw the tutorial on cutepolish YouTube channel as a Christmas design but it was perfect for our independence day so I chose to do it then :) Sorry it's so dark.

Does it ever get you thinking? About what it means to be independent?
For us it's more of a namesake I would say, we still are so painful dependent as a country :/

What about as people?

What does it mean to be independent in mind, in thought, in actions?
Are those things stilled governed by the thoughts and or actions of someone else?
Is it cool because my best friend does it?
Is it ok because my mom said so?

Things to ponder aren't they?

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