Friday, 31 July 2015

Project 52 - JULY

01.| Pizza and wine and celebration all together after putting on a successful show.

02.| I LOVE motivational word art. It makes me SO happy!

03.| I found this blue wall one time on my way to an exam and from that moment I said to it 'You and I were meant to a photo together.' and I made it so. It's ridiculously bright guys, I cannot even explain lol

04.| Exams and essay writing still under way, also tones of devotionals. This one I intend to start in August.

I've decided to make this my summer of colour, seeking it out everywhere all over this island I call home. For years my photophobia (light sensitivity) had me very reluctant to look in the direction of the colourful, for good reason really as it usually hurts my eyes. It doesn't always hurt though so for the moments that it doesn't I want to play with it a bit for once and see what happens.

How was your July?

Peace. Love. Fun.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Summer To Read List | 2015

This summer I don't know if I'll make it through this tall order but I'd like to read:

  • Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  • Very Good Lives by J. K. Rowling
  • 31 Devotionals for the Dreamer and the Doer by Jenn Sprinkle and Kelly Rucker
  • Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee Collins 
  • Women in the Word (old and new testament) by #SheReadsTruth

It's a tall order considering all the other things I want to do plus the fact that summer school keeps going on and on this year but hey, I'll give it a try. Even if I don't finish all of these before summer is through, they are a part of my reading list for the rest of the year goes! Feel free to read along with me I'd love to have someone to chat with about these fine works.

What's on your summer reading list? Or just your reading list too that'll do. Share with me!

Peace. Love. Literacy!

Monday, 27 July 2015

2015 New Year Resolution Update :: My Prayer Journal Experiance

 At the beginning of the year I made resolutions. I purposefully made them general and simplistic, at least they seemed so to me, in order to better tackle them. It's past the half year mark now (can you BELIEVE THAT!?) so I really wanted to write an update on the process.

I'm not new to journalling, I've been doing it for half of my life now.  It's funny though that sometime along the way I stopped. Sometime around when I started a public blog I found myself journalling less and less. It's not this blog's fault honesty it was me.

Things got tough, a different kind of tough, the kind where coming to a conclusion about a question was not just difficult but it wasn't as satisfying. I didn't want to catalogue it any more, I didn't want honesty that didn't seem to amount to anything. I had enough of that around me it was too much to find it inside of my head too..for a while.

As I grew more intentional about prayer and scripture and a different side of my relationship with God however, I decided to try journalling again, only in a different way this time. What did I have to lose anyway? He already knew everything!

Turns out it was just what I needed. prayer journalling was honesty with ease. I was journalling without any pressure, self applied or otherwise. It's not chalked full of hurt and anger  nor doesn't make me embarrassed the thought of someone seeing it, believe it or not. It's glorious honesty without assessment and I love it!

I will likely continue for years, even though my intention was only to try it for a year.

Admittedly, I failed to keep it consistently as I had hoped. I was so embarrassed as I looked through it for the first time looking back, in relation to time. It goes JANUARY! Intentional! Full of potential and drive! Theeeeeen.......APRIL! haha Wut?!  I got so busy I skipped two months straight and even after! Leaving me with only about half as much as I should have by now but am I disappointed in myself? You

When I looked at the words, I was shocked. They told me things about my strength, beliefs, courage and tenacity I did not actively know. Look at all those positive adjectives!

Life is hard, life is daunting. Sometimes it's so overpowering that we get tired of thinking about or even looking at it. Yet, golden are we that have not given up. Golden are you who have retained the strength to be here today.

Prayer journalling helped me find the drive to journal again.

Oh and I also did the other prayer resolution I set for myself, let me know if you'd like to hear about that experience. That's half of my resolutions doing pretty well so far, I'm a little impressed and very pleased haha.

How are your new years resolutions going?

Peace. Love. You're Golden.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

An Inspired Season | Oops, Mini Adventure!

This season of my life is all mangled in essays and stress and very unique pains. So much so that it is very hard to find beauty everyday. Still, stress does not negate time and the spinning of the world. Life goes on, even if it has to drag you from the back of a horse, even if you have to hit your head on every rock from here to your destination you are moving in time.

My tooth broke about two weeks ago while I was stressing over an upcoming exam. I was so pressed for time and so buried I had to put off my dentist appointment until after the exam last Wednesday. They fixed it on Saturday and i woke up to part of that fix chocking me on Sunday morning.

God's mercy extendeth forever though; I wasn't in any pain the entire time, just stress.

When I got home from the dentist on Saturday afternoon I met my mother and grand mother headed out the door for a quick sea shore escapade. I tried to explain this to a friend of mine. The feeling it insights in those who live on this side of the island. These tiny sea shore beachs reach almost up to the very edge of the road. There is little room for lunging. The most you get is space to take your shoes off. The seas is often rough there but still beautiful, always beautiful.

(When the sun shone a little before retreating again)

It was a beautiful overcast day, you can tell because the sun is illuminating some areas of the picture but not so much others. We didn't stay long, an hour at most but oh what the sea can do to a person! Oh how it seems to get into your bones and swish around like mouth wash does, rinsing and leaving you with this air of freshness...a cleanliness you can't get from an indoor shower.

We didn't stay long but we sure slept like we did that night.

I am grateful for a chance at these quick and easy escapades that island life affords me. Let the way the sun popped out of the clouds every now and again, changing the look and feel of our surroundings serve as a reminder to me to bathe sunshine and colour everyday down upon even this season of tumbles.

Peace. Love. #SavourYourSeason
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Friday, 17 July 2015

Musing :: NOTD : Freshly Minted

So I finally found a polish that gives me a minty shade and I love it! I thought I wouldn't as it took me so long, years in fact, to find a mint shade but even still when I look down at it on my nails it gives me joy.  Yes I know they're all chippy already but oh aren't they dreamy?!

I think so.

Peace. Love. Dreamy Satisfaction.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Circle July 2015 : Blog Introductions - 12 Random Facts that will let you get to know me

I'm linking up with the circle to post a few random and likely useless facts about me. It's fun I think, to get in touch with the meme side of yourself every now and again. Doing this reminds me of my very early teeny days of blogging when I was covered in online surveys. These days I don't indulge in them as much as I used to but doing this was still a bit carefree and therapeutic dare I say. Such is the wondrous beauty of self reflection I suppose. So as I attempt to wind down my brain after doing one of my final exams today, I do hope you enjoy this light hearted blog post. :)

Favourite colour: Blue
Pet peeve: Selfishness
Favourite food: Salad
Favourite blog(s) as of late: #SheReadsTruth
Favourite TV show: Boy Meets World
Guilty pleasure: Korean Dramas
Beach or forest? Beach (forever a Caribbean girl)
Hobbies: Writing, Blogging, Performing. 
Favourite holiday: Summer Holiday counts right?
Quirk: Little to No Chill...
Left or right-handed? : Right
Extrovert or introvert? : Ambivert I'm thinking lately..

What is you're favourite colour these days anyway?

Peace. Love. Chill.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Musing :: My Plush Palette : Chicken Salad

Ladies and gentlemen our local branch of kfc just got salads. You my be asking yourself: Really lizelle? Really? Is this note worthy enough for an entire blog post?! My answer to you my friend is yes. They are so cost effect and so yummy and I love salads so that was enough of a reason for me to share.

What a quick meal to snatch up if you're on the go and don't want to just eat any ol' thing!

On another note, on to the real reason I wanted to post about this and brace yourself, it's a bit silly if you are not of the empathetic persuasion. While I was taking this photo I had an odd thought, an odd sensation if you will, one I know not most will understand. I felt incredibly lucky. I started thinking back on many posts I have written in the past about feminine and climate change and the availability of water and then I even found out that July 11th was a day set aside for being aware of population growth.

I stared at my salad, that I'd picked up for 5EC (roughly 1.50US) It's a bite sized meal and usually you cant find something of that kind of variety that cheap here....I became very aware of the fact that my ability to buy this, my ability to take it home and place it in a bowl and eat it and feel happy and satisfied is something that not all of the world has a chance to do.

I felt so incredibly grateful for the 'privileges' of my life. Like food availability and accessibility.

Peace. Love. Lucky me.  Luck You.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Finding Direction and Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

At many intervals in my blogging life I find myself thinking about my blogging voice. Oh how I have struggled to find it. Oh how confusing it is when you look about the blogesphere, really a little universe of its own, to find yourself feeling so out of place. You find a mould that you are liken to but their are facets of you that just don't fit in perfectly. You ask yourself, am I a lifestyle blogger? fashion blogger? personal blogger? Home decor blogger? Where do I fit.

Isn't it interesting how desperately we as humans must constantly fight the desire to fit into some self created nook or cranny?! It's ludicrous really, with our constant celebrations of difference we still somehow seek to find a way to link to each other, to say we are the same yet different, to belong...As though belonging to our individuality and our beliefs is not enough, so easily we forget.

It was these thoughts that had me thinking it's time I introduce you all to a few more facets of self. For a long time my blog has been narrowed down to what you see above in my categories. You know me but you don't know this part of me:

The Performance poet.

I thought I would start with a little introduction of it all and how it got started but I'll be saving that for a next post. There I will go into it with a bit more detail. I will say this in the meantime between time:

I have always been a writer, it is not so much what I do but who I am I think. I claim it as an identifiable part of my identity. As anyone who really knows me will tell you, a love of language and the literary arts just jumps past my lips when I open my mouth.

Sometimes there are local events that I attend in that capacity and I would love to share them with you. They were very alive on my previous blog (so you might have seen the watermark here and there too ) so oh the watermarks I have had in my time haha.

There are some past experiences that I will be editing/sharing/reblogging soon as my artist persona blog has suffered so under the constraints of school. Much Like myself really.

It is in this way that I will now be able to better share with you some of my writing and my portfolio at large. For the sake of complete transparency these are activities I purposefully separated before I moved to this blog space. I don't know just how much I will integrate yet, time will tell. Who knows I may even change my mind about the whole thing! I am not going to pressure myself. I am going to allow my unique blogging voice to continue to grow and blossom and be it self as it well deserves. It's just been on my mind lately it's on my blog I guess?

I was convinced you see, when I first decided to separate blogs per content, that my blog was becoming winding and muddled but the reality is that that is not the case at all, or if it was then it isn't currently. If I'm honest I consider this blog a Fashion AND Lifestyle blog with a mixture of the personal in there.

I don't want to constrict myself but at the same time I don't want to loose focus either....

Finding direction as a blogger is very difficult, it takes a while I think to settle in to your internet identity, to decipher what you are willing to share and how you are willing to share it. It is an exercise in self reflection outright.

It is not always easy for us all, it is ever changing and growing. Just Like You. And that's okay, that's beautiful and wonderful all at once and that deserves to be embraced, with direction of course. So this is me, continuing to awkwardly discover beautiful things. Like my blogging voice for example. I hope you will bare with me on my journey.

What has been you experience with developing and or finding your true blogger voice in the face of stereotypes?

Peace. Love. True Identity.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Project 52 - JUNE

Okay so I'm a day outside of the month, forgive me but here you go my four photos taken in the weeks of June 2015

01 - These sunnies/shades (as we call them a here) belonged to a model, she wore them so well! I had to grab a photo next to these traditional doors at the museum. They just make me think of summer time.

02 - I was at the best craft supply store on the island, liaising with the owner via business meeting as we prepared to work together for my writers organisation's annual performance showcase.

03 - More glimpses of set design, we were making 'stained glass' windows out of plastic and paint. It turned out brilliant thanks to my other artist friend and the cast chipping in.

04 - A glimpse of the finished set, it pales in comparison trust me.

I was so busy last month! I am still swimming in residual workload, barely able to string thoughts together. This creative process can get crazy I tell ya, people just don't know! I was so busy I missed my posting schedule last week...bleh.

In other news, that brings me to a full SIX MONTHS of doing Project 52 and  I am SO PROUD of myself! haha Also, look how much more colourful these photos are! I've been working on taking more colourful photos, since my eyes don't really like bright colours it's something I've stayed away from for a long time but I challenged myself a lot the past month and lookie lookie!

After failing in such epic fashion with project 365 on so many occasions this is encouraging. It has also served as a reminder that just because we cannot do it all does not mean we may not do all that we can do well.

HAPPY July!!!

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