Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Circle July 2015 : Blog Introductions - 12 Random Facts that will let you get to know me

I'm linking up with the circle to post a few random and likely useless facts about me. It's fun I think, to get in touch with the meme side of yourself every now and again. Doing this reminds me of my very early teeny days of blogging when I was covered in online surveys. These days I don't indulge in them as much as I used to but doing this was still a bit carefree and therapeutic dare I say. Such is the wondrous beauty of self reflection I suppose. So as I attempt to wind down my brain after doing one of my final exams today, I do hope you enjoy this light hearted blog post. :)

Favourite colour: Blue
Pet peeve: Selfishness
Favourite food: Salad
Favourite blog(s) as of late: #SheReadsTruth
Favourite TV show: Boy Meets World
Guilty pleasure: Korean Dramas
Beach or forest? Beach (forever a Caribbean girl)
Hobbies: Writing, Blogging, Performing. 
Favourite holiday: Summer Holiday counts right?
Quirk: Little to No Chill...
Left or right-handed? : Right
Extrovert or introvert? : Ambivert I'm thinking lately..

What is you're favourite colour these days anyway?

Peace. Love. Chill.


  1. #SheReadsTruth truly has been a blessing to lives, to mine, from what you've said to yours and I'm sure to so many other women all around the world. They are doing such an inspiring job for His Kingdom, I love it!

    Thank YOU for visiting :)

  2. my favorite color is yellow but i love blue as well. i realized i have a lot of blue in our living room :)

  3. Charlotte Cornes21 July 2015 at 17:18

    Lovely getting to know you more! Face colour right now,.fluorescent pink 😊

  4. ooOOoo la la! So daring! :D

  5. i'm warming up to yellow after many years. Yes the blue in your home makes me swoon; it's so lovely!


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