Monday, 13 July 2015

Musing :: My Plush Palette : Chicken Salad

Ladies and gentlemen our local branch of kfc just got salads. You my be asking yourself: Really lizelle? Really? Is this note worthy enough for an entire blog post?! My answer to you my friend is yes. They are so cost effect and so yummy and I love salads so that was enough of a reason for me to share.

What a quick meal to snatch up if you're on the go and don't want to just eat any ol' thing!

On another note, on to the real reason I wanted to post about this and brace yourself, it's a bit silly if you are not of the empathetic persuasion. While I was taking this photo I had an odd thought, an odd sensation if you will, one I know not most will understand. I felt incredibly lucky. I started thinking back on many posts I have written in the past about feminine and climate change and the availability of water and then I even found out that July 11th was a day set aside for being aware of population growth.

I stared at my salad, that I'd picked up for 5EC (roughly 1.50US) It's a bite sized meal and usually you cant find something of that kind of variety that cheap here....I became very aware of the fact that my ability to buy this, my ability to take it home and place it in a bowl and eat it and feel happy and satisfied is something that not all of the world has a chance to do.

I felt so incredibly grateful for the 'privileges' of my life. Like food availability and accessibility.

Peace. Love. Lucky me.  Luck You.


  1. This topic was just in the Sunday paper about how people - in the USA - can't always afford food and I read the article thinking - no way. How can this be in this day/age .. but it is true. Many people in the US rely on food banks for food.

    On a side note, my local KFC closed shop and next thing I knew, the building was renovated for a Starbucks :-P


  2. You know I remember being a child and being confused at the portrayal of homeless and hungry people in the United States. The Media always made it seem so much the land of plenty you see, of McDonald 99c minutes and such. I remember being so bothered I asked my mother about it after my first trip to the states.

    how could they be hungry when all this ramen was only a dollar? Even if they beg and get one dollar they can feed their family for a while...

    In my course this semester however a huge line of demarcation was made between accessibility and availability and it brought me back to what my mother's answer was: Lizzy a dollar is a lot if you font have it.

    I said this to say, it does still seem unfathomable the way the world makes us think these days....but maybe the stress is not from lack of availability but lack of accessibility...crazy stuff aint it?!

    We aren't much on the coffee drinking here, especially not cold (I suspect our British heritage makes us partial to them hot beverages) so I dont imagine we'll be seeing a Starbucks any time soon. Good for kfc! haha

  3. It could be both really .. the article focused on a grandmother who became the guardian of her grand child .. which of course is a whole other problem with young people not able to care for their kids.

    The rule follower in me says that there are consequences for our actions but if you make a mistake .. why is there no support? You could make yourself dizzy thinking about the social economics of the world.


  4. I tried it! It is delish! I'm definitely going to have it again..!


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