Friday, 31 July 2015

Project 52 - JULY

01.| Pizza and wine and celebration all together after putting on a successful show.

02.| I LOVE motivational word art. It makes me SO happy!

03.| I found this blue wall one time on my way to an exam and from that moment I said to it 'You and I were meant to a photo together.' and I made it so. It's ridiculously bright guys, I cannot even explain lol

04.| Exams and essay writing still under way, also tones of devotionals. This one I intend to start in August.

I've decided to make this my summer of colour, seeking it out everywhere all over this island I call home. For years my photophobia (light sensitivity) had me very reluctant to look in the direction of the colourful, for good reason really as it usually hurts my eyes. It doesn't always hurt though so for the moments that it doesn't I want to play with it a bit for once and see what happens.

How was your July?

Peace. Love. Fun.

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