Monday, 6 July 2015

Finding Direction and Your Unique Voice as a Blogger

At many intervals in my blogging life I find myself thinking about my blogging voice. Oh how I have struggled to find it. Oh how confusing it is when you look about the blogesphere, really a little universe of its own, to find yourself feeling so out of place. You find a mould that you are liken to but their are facets of you that just don't fit in perfectly. You ask yourself, am I a lifestyle blogger? fashion blogger? personal blogger? Home decor blogger? Where do I fit.

Isn't it interesting how desperately we as humans must constantly fight the desire to fit into some self created nook or cranny?! It's ludicrous really, with our constant celebrations of difference we still somehow seek to find a way to link to each other, to say we are the same yet different, to belong...As though belonging to our individuality and our beliefs is not enough, so easily we forget.

It was these thoughts that had me thinking it's time I introduce you all to a few more facets of self. For a long time my blog has been narrowed down to what you see above in my categories. You know me but you don't know this part of me:

The Performance poet.

I thought I would start with a little introduction of it all and how it got started but I'll be saving that for a next post. There I will go into it with a bit more detail. I will say this in the meantime between time:

I have always been a writer, it is not so much what I do but who I am I think. I claim it as an identifiable part of my identity. As anyone who really knows me will tell you, a love of language and the literary arts just jumps past my lips when I open my mouth.

Sometimes there are local events that I attend in that capacity and I would love to share them with you. They were very alive on my previous blog (so you might have seen the watermark here and there too ) so oh the watermarks I have had in my time haha.

There are some past experiences that I will be editing/sharing/reblogging soon as my artist persona blog has suffered so under the constraints of school. Much Like myself really.

It is in this way that I will now be able to better share with you some of my writing and my portfolio at large. For the sake of complete transparency these are activities I purposefully separated before I moved to this blog space. I don't know just how much I will integrate yet, time will tell. Who knows I may even change my mind about the whole thing! I am not going to pressure myself. I am going to allow my unique blogging voice to continue to grow and blossom and be it self as it well deserves. It's just been on my mind lately it's on my blog I guess?

I was convinced you see, when I first decided to separate blogs per content, that my blog was becoming winding and muddled but the reality is that that is not the case at all, or if it was then it isn't currently. If I'm honest I consider this blog a Fashion AND Lifestyle blog with a mixture of the personal in there.

I don't want to constrict myself but at the same time I don't want to loose focus either....

Finding direction as a blogger is very difficult, it takes a while I think to settle in to your internet identity, to decipher what you are willing to share and how you are willing to share it. It is an exercise in self reflection outright.

It is not always easy for us all, it is ever changing and growing. Just Like You. And that's okay, that's beautiful and wonderful all at once and that deserves to be embraced, with direction of course. So this is me, continuing to awkwardly discover beautiful things. Like my blogging voice for example. I hope you will bare with me on my journey.

What has been you experience with developing and or finding your true blogger voice in the face of stereotypes?

Peace. Love. True Identity.


  1. and isn't it liberating! :)

  2. Love your post.....I'd love to hear more about your poetry performances! And your writing in general! ....will definitely be bearing with you ;)

  3. It's really interesting how complicated it starts to feel when you start posting and realize there's an audience. I think in the beginning, one's blog voice becomes influenced by what they think other's want to hear... however, like with everything in life, who you are and what you want to be understood about your person, eventually comes out.

    Looking forward to the poetry posts!

  4. Why thank you Lady Helen :)

  5. I agree, I do think it does start out wanting to say favourable things. One of the great things about blogging is that when your personality comes out that's exactly what people want to meet though :)


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