Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Coffee Date Post : If we were at a coffee shop together I...

Before I get into it let me just say it has been an absolute joy linking up with the lot of you, I've learned so much through this blogtember challenge (I think I shall truly miss that button at the button of my posts now!) and I feel like I've made wonderful blog buddies who I cant wait to continue to get to know and love. To all of you who took the time to comment and share with me, my heart shines in your direction ♥ Thank You


If we were sitting at a coffee shop I would likely tell you how exhausted I am. How I realised that insomnia is really frustrating and not as fun as I once thought it would be when I was a child and figured I could just use the entire night to watch TV because the thing is, you're actually tired but you just can't sleep. So you feel like life is doing you an injustice and you know eventually when morning does come you're going to fall asleep and you are going to be near useless at your job and everyone will think you're lazy when you haven't slept all night and this realisation stresses you out even more which makes you cant sleep even more and it's just exhausting.

I would tell you that I finally feel that hunger for The Word that I've been told about for so long. That I've felt that hunger for prayer and have been enjoying it deeply for some time now, cherishing even, my new found way of speaking to my Maker. I would tell you that I can not explain it, my God and I have always talked, even when it was very little or I was mad at Him but this is a new kind of talk...an evolved kind of conversation. I feel shy about it but I feel like He and I have this beautiful secret we share with each other when the world has gone to sleep and I am loving it.

I'd  probably tell you that is why I am so excited about this new taste in my spirit for the Bible because honestly I was really starting to feel left out as a Christian, everyone seemed to be having this experience with it that I wasn't having. I mean sure I love it and was coming to understand it but now I...feel this satisfaction of understanding that makes me get up in the morning and wonder what I will learn today, that has me eagerly looking at my phone wondering what new lesson awaits me, smiling, hungry.

I'd  probably tell you how annoyed I also am at the world, how marginalised I feel, how hated I feel as a Christian. How everywhere I turn I feel like everyone is telling me I do not have the right to believe what I believe but they do. Hey and don't get me wrong; they do have a right to believe what they want to believe. I'm not the sort of Christian who goes around glaring like all sinners should die, down with the gays or what not because I honestly do not believe that that is what the love of God requires me to do. He calls me to love not to judge. So that is what I do, I accept people's free will to not believe my beliefs, to live their life as they see fit...I just wish they would less hostly accept mine.  I would tell you that I feel it is unfortunate but it does not make me believe any less. It does not make the love I feel ever present from my maker any less potent. It just makes me a bit sad sometimes.

If we were at a coffee shop I would probably tell you that blogtember was great fun. I would tell you about all the wonderful new bloggers I explored and loved getting to know. I'd tell you that I loved laughing at Under the Oklahoma Sky's youtube vlog  and that I watched it over and over. That I cant wait to see what she re-brands as and how it all looks! I'd tell you that I have loved meeting Helen of I Will Bloom, that Britney Lee's Iggy reference makes me chuckle to myself still and that I honestly just cant mention all the women I loved reading from this September because I don't want to forget anyone and then remember a minute or two after we've parted like I usually do. I'd tell you how I simply must do a Blogtember blog post round up  so I can better process all the wonderful posts and blogs I recently was introduced to!

I'd probably tell you that even with the new I still continue to love aspects of pass follows, like that I miss Jessica L's posts, that I find myself loving Piri a little more with every post made by Jane even though I thought hearing about someone else's dog would eventually get annoying but it hasn't. How  I wish Stephanie would shower us in those baby photos already omg the cuteness.

If we were at a coffee shop together I'd probably tell you how much blogtemper inspired me to think about things I likely wouldn't have otherwise. How I'm glad I tackled every prompt even though the guest post and the vlog post were so nerve wrecking but I'm glad I crafted it in my own style and came up with something unique and fun. I'd probably tell you how I can already see the benefits of writing everyday, how it keeps my brain active and makes other cognitive challenges in my life easier to deal with. I'd probably tell you how I wonder why this never accrued to me before?

If we were at a coffee shop I would probably tell you that I can feel change happening in me everyday lately. I can feel myself growing and it's not even scary. In fact it's rather exciting, which is weird for me because I usually only notice change after the fact.

If we were at a coffee shop I would probably tell you that I am exhausted and a we bit pissed about the new cancer scares that have showed up on me but not angry with God, not today. I'm angry at the opposing force that chose to attack me in this vulnerable place likely in hopes that I will loose this taste in my mouth and stop feeding the hunger I told you about up top.

If we were at a coffee shop together I would probably be exhausted and  would probably be drinking tea because I don't really like coffee and would probably have a lot to say but I probably wouldn't say any of it because  I am shy and awkward and when I am at a coffee shop I would much rather look and listen anyway.

What would you say to me if we were at a coffee shop together?

Peace.Love.Team Tea.
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Monday, 29 September 2014

10 Free Go To Resources for the Beginner Blogger

Bloglovin' - For Following, Follower Statistics and Blogger Support

Okay listen, if you're not on bloglovin' go do it, now. I'll wait. All you have to do is sign up then copy paste some code they will give you into one of your blog entries. Go on, I'll be right here.  Done? Okay good. Bloglovin not only lets you easily follow blogs you love but it makes it easy for people who love your blog and want to follow you do so. Not to mention it's a way to support fellow bloggers through likes and follows and let your own followers see what you love while giving you statistics about your blogs comings and goings. It is even likely your blog is already on bloglovin and is waiting to be claimed by you! Please, think of your followers get your bloglovin today.

PicMonkey - For Image Editing

You're going to need to put images on your blog at some point, maybe you want to add some text or even try your hand at making your own banner? Picmonkey's got you boo.

Grab Button Generator   - Make your own grab button

They're handy, personalised and have an air of professionalism. If you want to make your own blog grab button with little to no hassle this is a fine way to do it. All you need is the image you intend to use for your button. It provides with you with the finished product, grab box code and all and It's also how I made mine after some image editing in picmonkey to add text.

Pinterest - For inspiration and memory

It's like a pool of to dos and pretty things. Sometimes your mind just needs a visual kick start, pinterest can do that. I use it mostly to keep things in one place for my scatter brain to reference when i want to remember something important and not so much for ascetics.

Photobucket - For Image uploading

Maybe you're picture is fine the way it is and you just want to upload your image to use in multiple places (like to make your grab button through the link above?) Here you go, ready and waiting for you.It even lets you do some photo editing as well!

The Blog Beauticians -  A youtube channel run by Wonder Forest a blogger and web designer.

Very instructional and informative. She guides you through a lot of important blog information in little to no time! It's easy advice about the little things and can only serve to help you.

Problogger - Because you're a boss

Problogger is straight with you about how to write better content and just straight out be a better blogger as the boss of your own little web space, whether you want to use this for business or pleasure invest sometime in bettering your craft, it's certainly worth a read or ten.

Coffitivity - For coffee shop background noise

This is something recently discovered and oh my goodness bless the creator! With my vision writing in a coffee shop with a laptop isn't the easiest thing but I still do love the ambient noise of the coffee shop setting. For some reason, though I am a person who needs absolute quest for studying like in a library, going to coffee shops and so on give me great amounts of productivity for doing work.

8Track - For mood music playlists

A similar option is 8track where you can set a playlist of any kind to play as you work according to the mood you want. I am partial to classical music playlists as they help me focus sometimes when studying and there are numerous playlists on there when searching you can find that are catered to specific needs, labelled simply 'study playlist' or 'inspiring' or 'romantic' all without words so your brain is free to work. Or with words if that suits your fancy.

Link Within - For related posts

I don't know if this available on other platforms but at the button of my posts you can see the little thumbnails leading to other posts I've written that may be connected the the topic at hand or something similar. This is a great way to give some earlier posts ear time and to let new readers get to know you by exploring your blog through the vehicle of their own interests.


 I hope you find some of these resources helpful or handy on your blogging journey. As a blogger I know how intimidating it can sometimes be when you visit blogs that look so well put together. On my blogging journey I have come to learn that an arsenal of blogging resources that work for you; that serve to keep you both functional and inspired is one of the best advantages to creating and maintaining a blog you're happy with. Remember when your environment is clean, healthy and happy it inspires the same elements within you. For bloggers, our blogs are a huge part of our environment so it makes sense to ensure we keep them a healthy and productive space.

Oh and in case you want to step it up a notch as Christmas is coming and you want to know what to get yourself to improve your blogging experience, or maybe for your blogger buddy? You're in luck, I've got a second step post about that too! Check it out here at 5 Gifts for your beginner blogger buddy. Which, you know, might be yourself, it's okay I wont tell anyone go ahead and treat yourself. Blogging is hard work, they don't even know.

What are your go to blogging resources? 

Peace. Love. Research.
Brave Love Blog.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Highzies and Lowzies

This month I...

  • Started school again
  • Got reassured by my doctor that I am taking good care of myself even if I'm not exactly winning.
  • Started talks with my illustrator for the cover of my book
  • Felt pretty
  • Had Sweet Traditions outrageous chocolate cake for the first time all on my own.
  • Had mangos even though mango season is well on it's way out the door thanks to someone awesome.
  • Enjoyed the rainy season mornings of thunder and lightening storms curled up in bed
  • Did blogtember
  • Made lots of new blogging buddies and discovered new inspiring blogs

But this month I also...

Found new cause for concern via my health
Felt trapped in my own situations
Realised that my students are really growing up fast
Dealt with a lot of insomnia which slows my productivity and frustrates me.

Life has always been a series of ups and downs, when I'm up I'm way up and I feel like I can fly and when I'm down I'm way down and I feel like there is no point. Yet as we know, the only thing constant in life is change. So here we are. Looking at it all, it doesn't seem like much but the rest of it has been tied up in reading books for uni. All in all I feel like September was mostly a transitional phase...

How do you summarise your September?

Peace. Love. Time Management.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Trend Wish List :: Midi Skirt Madness

source: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Midi Skirts are on My Christmas Wishlist (which I'll share with you a bit later) That shiny blue one would make a boss New Years outfit wouldn't it? I love me some blue and gold for New Year, i guess my Ravenclaw is showing ;) I had a dilemma the other day that required me to wear a skirt only to find that to my dismay I have not made them a priority over the years. A busy lifestyle for crazy gal like me means jeans can take a beating and are the best bet to jump into in case as some point in the day I feel the need to jump up a tree (it happens) or wade through a river.

What can I say? The life of a creative is filled with pretty unexpected commitments to artistic needs. When inspiration calls, sometimes it is only halfway though answering that you realise you are crossing a river in the middle of an old plantation to see where the slaves used to sleep.

Have you neglected to add a piece to your wardrobe and if so what is it?

Peace. Love. Mix it up.
Brave Love Blog

Friday, 26 September 2014

Musing :: Style : MAC Cyber

This time last year not only did I know little to nothing about lipstick, I didn't even own any. I got the chance to try one on here and there, while doing a little research but in August of last year a friend's girlfriend who is a make up artist brought her stash and showed them to me then gave me a bit of an introduction to the MAC brand.

Ladies and gentlemen my mind was blown. When I tried on St. Germane I knew I was a MAC convert. Since then I've had so many reviews in the works (notice how everything is in the works? Ah the university education life)

So to commemorate I thought I'd share with you the boldest MAC colour I've ever purchased.

We've no MAC store here nor do they take international orders so getting your hands on one is no easy task.

I have no idea what made me want to buy this. I suppose after getting comfortable with colours like St. Germain and Morange I was ready to step out on a limb. I actually expected this colour to be black but I'm glad it's actually a rich purple as this is a shade I would never have otherwise tried.

(Do my eyes freak you out? Mission accomplished.)

It takes me back to my punk style days only a braver version. Cyber is ridiculously bold on me but dark colours usually are. It is a sheen and shine well it does, like another of my favourites Girl About Town. Cyber keeps average ware but, just like Girl about town (the colour i wore in my vlog) I have to remember not to put my hands anywhere near my lips, this is not a matte lippie ladies. Which, is fine by me as I love the shine of this type of lipsticks.

I my only complaint is that It seems to take forever to apply a smooth truly dark shade. As I'm sure you can see from my picture. This is almost three apply and press  ( what i call it) for me and I was starting to feel like I was pasting it since I wasn't going out. I like my lipsticks very dark when on most days, the contrast against my none pigmented skin is fierce in my eyes, so when it takes forever to build the dark shade I see in the tube I become annoyed. I'm sure when I do wear this out I will take the time need to apply it nice and dark but you'll have to wait for that occasion much like I am doing if you want to see it warn darker?

I think it was a good choice for the spot of boldest lipstick I ever owned and I love how MAC lipsticks, much like many other lipsticks tend to vary slightly in look according to ones complexion so there is also that fact if you're thinking about purchasing it.

I cant wait for the perfect occasion and the perfect amount of courage to line with each other so I can step outside of my comfort zone and ware this colour!

I suppose that is what has changed most about me from then till now; I've tried so many new, bold, things that I never thought I would! For so many this is just an odd lipstick. For me, this is an odd change and a reminder that I am a bold spirit able to work it to my advantage. Last year you would have never caught me even considering wearing this colour outside of my house.

Of course there are the bigger changes, like the dense realisations within my spiritual life but you'll hear more about that in my first ever Coffee Date post on Tuesday!

Peace. Love. You Better Work.
Brave Love Blog

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bloggers' Guilt

So if you haven't been able to tell by the button at the bottom of every post this month I've been doing the Blogtember challenge.  Today's prompt asked that we do a blog swap. Unfortunately I'm still a bit shy to reach out to people and ask about guest posting for them so I don't have a blog post for you today.

and i felt guilty about it.

Which took me back to my earliest days of blogging in the public eye. How I would try to conjour up and empty post just because I felt it had been too long without adding material to my blog .

What blogger doesn't go through this? That nagging voice at the back of your brain that tells you you are being lazy, that you should at least try to write something, anything, that you are letting down those who are eager to hear from you.

Then what happens? Well it's not uncommon to publish a post that has no soul. You know, something that nobody really feels or can connect with, something that just fills space.

It's taken me a long time to come to realise that this guilt is unhealthy for both you, your blog and your readership. People can feel when you care about your content and more so so can you.

So when I look back on the blog posts that I have placed in the public eye, I aspire to be proud of it. To be re inspired every time I press the more posts button. To remember that then, in the moment that I crafted those words together they would mean something to me and to someone else too. Even if it is just a list of things I am loving I want to make sure that I am actually loving it.

After all blogging should be fun, so if it's making you feel guilty I guess that made me wonder if I was doing it right. Certainly I was not feeling guily for the 'right' reasons if such a thing exists

Well either way I am happy to say I have been succeeding at this goal for some time now. I also acknowledge that pushing yourself to right can often too help you to grasp onto an idea you may never have had had you not pushed yourself so well so don't get me wrong. Kind of like how it is discussed in this TED talk called 'Your Elusive Creative Genius' by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat. Pray. Love. Ah she words it so well!

Though it has brought me to wonder if other bloggers ever felt like this, like they should throw out content because there is a void that needs to be, calls them like a drug to be filled?

Have you ever experienced bloggers guilt? How do you deal with it?

Peace. Love. Continued Inspiration.
Brave Love Blog

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

To Do before December | List

// Spring cleaning for the blog
// Finals
// Hold auditions for the short film written by yours truly
// Finish talks with illustrator for book cover
// Set book launch date
// Finish one of the hardest classes I'll have to do for school
// Spend time with my girlfriends if possible
// Kick skin cancer threats off my body again
// Make it to the beach
// Stroll through the supermarket, notice the change to Christmas music and let it make my soul twirl
// Celebrate my mothers birthday

Winter apparently starts on December 21st and since we don't have those seasons I'm adjusting today's prompt ever so slightly.

Peace. Love. Productivity.
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

7 Easy Ways to Eat Like A Local in my country

 Best Chocolate Chip Muffins - Sweet Traditions (expert customer service by the way)

Best BLT - Umbrellas (you know, if they decide to be nice to you that day)

Best Chocolate Milkshakes - Yum Yum Cafe

Best Bottled Coconut Water - Entrepreneur guy on the corner just as you
get into Grand Anse (ask anyone, they'll know)

Best Sorbet - Chelsea' (made with amazing local flavours like passionfruit!)

Best Self Serve FroYo - Spiceisland FroYo

Best Chocolate Cake - Sweet Traditions (ask for the outrageous chocolate cake and prepare yourself to be transported to a far away land)

Best Bagels - New York Bagels ( Yep, that's what the place is called)

This of course is all a matter of opinion. I will be doing a more in depth review of these places as time goes by. Plus I've got a few other places in mind so stay tuned :) I wish I had more pictures of their signs, which i do but I've been having a bit of trouble with my photos lately, forgive me. Expect and edit when I get it sorted.

What yummy hidden gems populate where you are from?

Peace.Love.Full Tummies.

Brave Love Blog

Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Blogs I Read on the Regular

Becky Bedbug

This lady posts pretty much every day and has brilliant post ideas. Also she is confident, nerdy, quirky and a fellow teacher. I love her honesty, individuality and the fact that she is so well spoken.

The Jessica L Blog

She has an earnest voice and a unique perspective.

I am inspired by their independence and success in doing what they love together. They continue to make me appreciate colour.

Clover & Dots

Her simple and clean creativity speaks to me.

Keiko Lynn

I'm never able to resist a Keiko Lynn post. She is gorgeous and has an individual sense of style that always comes out in her photos so dreamy and pixietale light. She styles herself according to her own desires and not particularly according to what is trending. I love it.

It was very hard to pick just five. If you need more in depth information as for why, well you can just watch my vlog as I answered all that in there much better. :)

Let me just say, doing this really made me miss blog buttons. When did bloggers stop doing that?

Also anyone up for a bit of a blogswap come the 25th?

Brave Love Blog

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Seasonal Fashion Favs : Fall

 We don't have fall here. However we do have the internet so we know how much you who do have it love it and are recently even more infatuated by the season. There are aspects of fall I too enjoy and would love to part take in some day. Not all of them work well in the Caribbean but hey, eye candy is eye candy aint it? 'lucky' for me because of my lack of melamine I have to rock most of these cover ups most days anyway. Here are some pieces I would rock without hesitation. Yes I am aware that hoodie is for a man. No, i don't care.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Grey has been catching my eye a lot lately. I would have thought it wouldn't be a fall colour it keeps popping up!  Some other things I enjoy about Fall, including none fashion faves are:

Vibrant changing leaves in large quantities on either sides of a walk, 
Chilled air, 
Seeing albino Pumpkins,
Falls Scented Candles  (you know like cinnamon and pumpkin spice?)
Fingerless Gloves, 

Brave Love Blog

Saturday, 20 September 2014

A day in the life.

8:30 Good Morning with breakfast and blogs - A late day because I've doctor visits today
10:30 - Bath and readiness
 11:10 - I'm out!
 11:15 - My bus stop is basically wait till the bus comes round the corner then stick my hand out lol It's not that we don't have them but our buses don't need them all over to be allowed to stop that rule only holds up in the city.
11:45 - In the city. Next bus
12:14 - Studying in the waiting room
12: 45 - Saw the doc in his 'office'
1:20 Supermarket - Treating myself to cereal (It's expensive here)
 1:30 - Left supermarket

1:32 - bus home

2:15 home

2:16 - emails checking and answering, blog reading and start putting pictures for future blog posts (like this one) to upload in another tab as that can take a while. Meanwhile change back into homeware, have a cold drink to get over the Caribbean heat (I bought it at the supermarket but forgot to take a picture) and do my reading and catching up in another tab. Multi tasking baby!

2:38 -  Check on grandmother who is sick and make sure she's eaten.

3:43 - Cereal and Suits to calm my brain down from the day (my laptop's not dirty I don't know why the picture got all weird and grainy like that)

5:30 - Back to studying

6:30 - Class + supper

8:00 - Next class

9:30 - Communing with family + social media

10:00 - Listening to local news + blog post drafting, comment answering and and making.

10:45 -More Suits (bad girl bad! I was supposed to go back to studying but i was tired)

11:45 - More Studying

12:30 - Good night

As you can see I rather forgot to take pictures all through out. Maybe I'll try this again if you guys enjoyed it. Mind you, this is not a typical day, I actually had the day off that day for an appointment.

Peace.Love.Beauty on the daily.
Brave Love Blog

Friday, 19 September 2014

Musing :: Mind : Believe : A 3 Step Process to Greatness

  (Practising hand lettering in my sketchbook)

Once upon a time I was asked to be a guest speaker at my student’s primary (Americans read: elementary) school graduation. It’s not just a privilege to be asked to address and advice a crowd of young minds, it’s also very scary. What do you say to the masses when handed the mike? This is what I said:

Their Theme: With God We Believe, achieve and aspire to be.

My Speech: A Three Step Process to Greatness

Many of you may have seen me coming in and out of your school for the last few years, saying hellos, sharing a smile and holding classes with a student. Yes, i am a teacher of the visually impaired. I am attached to the insert name of job here; I travel around meeting students who are low visioned, visually impaired or blind to ensure they have everything they need to succeed in the classroom. However, today I do not come to you as all that which I have just mentioned. Today, I come to you as a national who with God, believes, achieves and aspires to be.

When I was introduced to your theme I found myself asking the obvious question. Believe, achieve and aspire to be…What? It did not take me long to come up with the answer as that statement almost finishes itself. It seems to scream of the pages to me, simply and clear that the answer is this, with God, believe, achieve and aspire to be great.

How does one however become great? Listen closely and I promise you, this too is simple. You see, every great man or woman during the course of history has one thing in common; they made themselves relevant.

What I mean is, they did something. Something.. very simple…Something that can unit nations and pull them apart again. Something, that can cause revolutions, something that can make a disciple walk on water, something that can bring about peace, something that can exact change. Something…only they could do and only you can do. Something that starts so small that for a while…only you can feel it. 

All of humanity that has ever been great and relevant to the world at large started by doing this one thing; sewing a seed of belief in their heart

Two brothers a long time ago, believed that they had a vision worth trying for and created the air plane. A tired black woman believed that every human being deserved to sit wherever they want on a bus despite the colour of their skin and began a movement that made it possible for you and even me to be counted as of equal worth in this world no matter who our parents were.

I believed, that even if my eyesight was so bad, I could not see the blackboard from where I sat in my classroom, when I was your age, that I could be relevant to this country and to this world, I could make a difference in my country because I have talents, because I can do things. Now some things I can do well, some things not so well but I CAN do things and I can learn.

Someday, that day may be today, that day may be yesterday, it may be tomorrow or it maybe on your first day of secondary school when you look down at a subject you haven’t studied before and feel so very excited to start it… When that happens, when that day comes remember; believe that you are capable of something, there is something you can do well, some things not so well but you can learn so that can change too.

I urge you, do not doubt that feeling,  take that first tiny, easy step towards greatness, that step that only you can take, not your mom, not your older sisters and brothers, not your favourite cousin or your nicest teacher, the step only you can take and believe it.

Believe that feeling inside of yourself, that feeling that will tell you that you CAN help, do, be, something great. Then prepare to take the second step…

Now…this is the part that is not so easy. The second step is to achieve. This will require strength and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. On your road to adulthood you will find many hurdles that may seek to get in the way of your achieving the greatness you believe is within you; classes will get hard, much harder than they ever were while you were in primary school. You will meet new people, some will help, guide and love you and some will not but in the words of a famous writer by the name of Mark Twain and I quote: 

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great…’

In simple terms, watch the company you keep because if you want to achieve you must a line yourself with those who also seek achievement. Create good study habits, be prepared to work hard for your success because that seed of belief I told you to plant within you self? It will not grow if it is not watered with hard work and diligence.

This brings us to the third step. Aspire to be, once you have come to believe that you can, come to achieve success in your work and by building good character traits such as manners, punctuality and such, that only seek to improve your life, you must concentrate on deciding what you want from yourself for it is not enough to believe you can do something, you must decide what it is you want to do. 

You must also remember to be fair to yourself, no matter how elaborate the dream, whether you want to be the first female prime minister or producer of the first national television series or the best doctor, lawyer or teacher this fine country ever had, decide on the road you want to travel and do not be saddened when people look at you confused at your choice. If people have never heard that dream before, be encouraged for you could be the first; aspire to be the one that succeeds.

Did you notice that as a spoke about the three step process I have not yet mentioned God? That is because just like in your theme He is to be at the front of all of these steps. You need to tangle God around everything you do, as you believe you must believe in His ability to never leave you nor forsake you and praise Him for creating in you the talents and skills you do have. 

As you achieve you must be mindful that nothing is possible without His help and as you aspire to be great you must remember that He breathed the universe into life, he willed it into existence as He will your existence once you keep close to Him and follow His instructions for you.

So grandaunts, as you step out beyond these safe walls you knew so well for this segment of your school lives; believe that you are beautifully and marvellously made by our Father in heaven. Achieve success through hard work, surround yourself with a positive working environment and courageously aspire to be nothing less than great!


You know what's funny? Back then when I gave that speech all I was thinking about is doing my job and doing it well. I was thinking about delivering a speech I believe is true from an earnest place. . Today, more than a year later what i remember distinctly is that feeling of pride. Of course I was proud of my student, she was graduating! All our hard work had brought us this. Thought that is not the pride I am talking about. You see  my student was very proud of her teacher that day too. How bout that.

Peace.Love. Be Great.

Brave Love Blog

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Throw Back Thursday:: Concrete Jungle That Dreams Are Made Of

 'In New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There's nothing you can't do. Now you're in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Hear it from New York!'
~ Alicia Keys : New York

Oh New York...

I was so happy that day, to be in the place I'd seen on television for so many years haha. I make a very happy tourist! As you can tell by my picture of the Applebees sign, we do not have them here so I was like omg it's the place from the commercial haha.  I didn't get to do anything honestly, it was a quick look see before I went to the airport because I had no one to take me round; when I visited all family were too busy with work to entertain.

Well, in any event, We did see the aquarium, something I didn't much care for (hello Caribbean girl) the zoo, which was interesting but quite a lot of walking, Coney Island; by far my favourite part but I didn't bring my camera that day...or the ferice wheel was all i remembered to take a photo of I don't remember. It was there i got on my first scary carnival ride, ah good times!

Plus last but certainly not least little time square. These are some of the stops that stick out from my last vacation so many years ago. Ah I would have been so happy to see those theatre productions but the vacationer with currency that is a third of the U.S dollar could not afford it at the time nor did family have any more time than enough to let me have a glimpse. So it had to be enough to see the posters and oh my goodness it really still did take my breathe away a little!

I still remember ascending the steps of the subway, opening out into Manhattan and looking at the person who took us their with unabashed saucers for eyes thinking, This is it? You get to live with access to a place like this?! She was not moved but I remember thinking, why does the sky seem so much higher from here? How does the sky tall higher here? Just out of reach, at home I feel like I can reach out and touch it, like we are close friends whose relationship does not change with the passing of time. Here it feels so far away I will grow dizzy from looking up at it. What a thrilling feeling!

Next time I go, I've such a to-do list, lady liberty chiefly not to mention some money hopefully as I should finally be finished uni by then and hopefully...a cousin to take me round! New York I'm coming, just you watch, it's going to be epic.

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