Sunday, 26 January 2014

Musing Mind :: In the Castle of my Heart

When I was younger I remember thinking ourselves are like castles, filled with many doors...and we are just walking around exploring the rooms.

And sometimes, we push on a door but it's locked...while other doors are just banging open in the breeze giving us free entry.

Some rooms we can walk in and out of easily, some we've got the keys to and some we've got to walk around the castle a bit to find the keys to..

And some of us can't find the front door of the castle because it looks just like the walls...and some of us can't even cross the moat..

And that we choose who we lower the draw bridge for..this is the dangerous part...

Cause who you allow entrance may walk in and out if your open rooms..and even if what's in those rooms is not expensive..they mean a lot...

So if a visitor breaks something..if they draw on the may not be able to replace what they've broken or get their marks if your pretty walls..

And sometimes they want something inside a room you haven't found the key to you are both locked out...

But they will always look expectantly at you as the owner, to open the door.

Shrug food for thought I suppose. Do you remember any strange concept of how stuff worked you had from your youth?

P.S  I haven't disappeared, just more or less computerless but I'm working on fixing that :)

Thursday, 2 January 2014

My Plush Palette :: Drinks

My friend from far away visited again this year. It was lovely seeing old faces and realising how much we have all changed for the better while we weren't looking... We went out to old places and tried new food. I had a 'Chocolate Martini' at The Owl, it was disgusting. Not a drinker though  i decided to give it a go, oh how i regreted that choice...yuck, definately need to trust my instincts better next time. Though i may have been more disappointment it didn't come in a cute martini glass. It can be awkward watching yourself and those around you truly step into adulthood one moment at a time.

When do did you notice you stepped into adulthood? 

Peace. Love. Conscious Thought?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to everyone reading this! Thank you for being a continued reader and commenter on my blogger. It may not be the biggest baddest blog on the block but i love this little guy and i hope it has brought joy into your life as many of your blogs and likewise others have brought into mine. Let us toast, let us appreciate, let us reflect and let us keep it moving ;)

Peace. Love. Betterment.
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