Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Musing :: My Plush Palette : Spice Isle FroYo

So...we finally have a frozen yoghurt place on the island. Just opened yesterday in fact. They've printable coupons so that it is currently .95cents per oz. till the end of today. My top foodie friend is back from vaca so i figured, why not have a look see?


I must say it was a rather good time. When we walked in the guy offered us free samples so we quickly helped ourselves and then when i started a picture taking he was all 'come on now you've got to take it near the sign!' LOL A blogger at heart he must truly be?! Also, love the centre pieces on their tables, that's a real pineapple by the way! Ah...there are some benefits to living on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean; it is lovely to have fresh fruit pretty much everywhere. Well, that tiny taste and we were sold and set about buying a none smurf sized one immediately.

I thought they were only going to have Vanilla yoghurt but they had mango, rum and raisin, chocolate and banana as well!And OH the toppings!!! I had granola, these blueberry bubble things that pops in your mouth and explodes into delicious blueberry juice (i suspect it's that stuff that is at the bottom of a glass of bubble tea but since I've never actually had bubble tea this is an uninformed guess) and kiwi on my chocolate FroYo (naturally ;) )

Eli being the adventurous eater that she is had a mixture of vanilla, banana and mango and topped it with some of the blue berry bubble thingy, banana and mango pieces and white chocolate pieces. (The kind of concoction i would have nightmares about honestly as i don't believe some fruits taste good liquified :S)  We have rather different tastes she and I but hey, it works :P

The service was great, and so was the food. I'd like to see them do a little more with the décor but on both counts they literally did just start up Monday so hey, i can not blame them. Time will tell if the service keeps up and the décor spruces up. For now though, thumbs up from this happy and full customer.

Peace. Love. OMG FroYo Yum!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Post Finals Beach Excursion ☼

Well Summer semester of my degree pursuits are over and as hoped i promptly found myself upon the beach!


How was exam season? Ugh! I'm just going to do what i always do; not worry and wait for results :P The guy pictured is one of my best guy pals, feel so blessed we have a relationship unaffected by gender difference, it's rare and i'm grateful :D We both finished our final exam and decided BEACH! Later on i had a Mudslide at The Owl, twas good and rather tasty. Best tasting one I've had i believe, second best looking one I've ever had. Though the garnish of watermelon (summer fruit!) was so very extra tasty as it was good looking. I am very much looking forward to being able to do whatever i want :)

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Peace. Love. BEACH!!!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Musing :: Mind : The Value of Serenity.

' The key to happiness is having something to do, something to love and something to dream about ' ~Dance Academy

'It used to be so easy to believe in magic...these days I'm just struggling to believe in myself.' ~ Dance Academy quote


I find it interesting how easily we forget to be simple.

Exams aren't actually over yet but i made it to the beach yesterday. Just or a small moment i sat on the sand and watched the ocean kiss the shore line in their eternal declaration of love and unity. The rain was coming in, at the side of me and from behind me but from where i sat the ocean and horizon straight ahead were clear and still beaitiful. 

The only sounds i heard was that familiar irreplaceable sound of ocean waves on shore line, the silence that comes with the promise of a sudden down pour and the odd stability of friendships that have never changed...

It took me back to a very simple reality, reminding me that the chaos always changes but the sound of the calm is always familiar, you always no it when you here it, it's an unmistakable thing serenity. I hear it first beating in my chest and then highjacking my brain...leading my eyes to see it manifested around me through friendship and environment...things that last, that have been nurtured that...are gems we own we could never put a price to. Only value.

The value of a smile....the value of conversation...the value of memories...the value of help...the value of a pending future with variables that will never ever change....

I'm so grateful for the sound of serenity.


What makes you remember serene simplicity?

Peace. Love. Serenity 

Friday, 12 July 2013

Musing :: NOTD : Summer Fire

Hey guys sorry this post is super late.

It's not quite summer break for me yet, I've two finals next week and SOOOOO much studying to do!

One thing is for sure though, I can already feel the heat of summer, it's some hot Caribbean days round here, the excitement and the fire to live that summer time births in your spirit is there too...driving me towards these super bright orange nails! I can not wait for next week Friday! Then I will truly be free!

You know aside from having to plan for next school term and a few Sunday school lessons that is. :) 
But there will be time for that lot, first I need to sink my teeth into my Summer To-do list!

Is it just me or do you feel different when its summer time too?
Peace. Love. Live!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Musing STREET Style :: Nekocandii

Hi everyone! It took me some time to be able to admit it but i love street style. I love bumping into beautiful talented people on my island who dare to defy the norm and take their personal style beyond the expected and work that thing. Where i live there is always so much pressure to confirm, to look just like everyone else. Granted the people who look different just for looking different sake do not interest me but when i meet people who dare to ask the question 'i wonder if i could put these two..together?' Then walk out the street with their head held high, confident in their right to be an individual, to grow and experiment as a person even with the clothes they wear?  I am intrigued.

So for now meet my street style segment, I don't know how long it will last because i don't know how many people i will encounter that will inspire me AND let me take photos of them and put on the internet (I can be pretty overwhelming energetic and possibly a little scary when i get excited?)

Outfit details: Pink Lace trimmed camisole // Micheal Jackson Tank // Printed Leggings // Converse // DIY Clay Chocolate Chip Cookie on Pink Ribbon Necklace.

Meet Nekocandii - Fashion illustrator/designer, Guitarist, Singer, Japanese culture enthusiast.

Her Personal Style Motto: "Go beyond your comfort zone and make it colourful '

I just want to say i love that chocolate chip cookie ( surprising from the chocolaholic!) Even more impressive is that she clay baked it herself. I think there is an Etsy shop in her future what says you? I find this outfit has great flair of girly and daring; pink lace peeping through a black tank slit up at the back? Nice! Not to mention her awesome pink hair! (i stalk it at every turn) On this island you've got to be a brave one to rock such unconventional style, hats off to Nekocandii for owning it! And thanks again for letting me randomly take phtots of you in the street :) 

You can find her over at her blog: Sugar High Dreamer.

What do you think of this outfit? Could you rock it?

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