Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Musing STREET Style :: Nekocandii

Hi everyone! It took me some time to be able to admit it but i love street style. I love bumping into beautiful talented people on my island who dare to defy the norm and take their personal style beyond the expected and work that thing. Where i live there is always so much pressure to confirm, to look just like everyone else. Granted the people who look different just for looking different sake do not interest me but when i meet people who dare to ask the question 'i wonder if i could put these two..together?' Then walk out the street with their head held high, confident in their right to be an individual, to grow and experiment as a person even with the clothes they wear?  I am intrigued.

So for now meet my street style segment, I don't know how long it will last because i don't know how many people i will encounter that will inspire me AND let me take photos of them and put on the internet (I can be pretty overwhelming energetic and possibly a little scary when i get excited?)

Outfit details: Pink Lace trimmed camisole // Micheal Jackson Tank // Printed Leggings // Converse // DIY Clay Chocolate Chip Cookie on Pink Ribbon Necklace.

Meet Nekocandii - Fashion illustrator/designer, Guitarist, Singer, Japanese culture enthusiast.

Her Personal Style Motto: "Go beyond your comfort zone and make it colourful '

I just want to say i love that chocolate chip cookie ( surprising from the chocolaholic!) Even more impressive is that she clay baked it herself. I think there is an Etsy shop in her future what says you? I find this outfit has great flair of girly and daring; pink lace peeping through a black tank slit up at the back? Nice! Not to mention her awesome pink hair! (i stalk it at every turn) On this island you've got to be a brave one to rock such unconventional style, hats off to Nekocandii for owning it! And thanks again for letting me randomly take phtots of you in the street :) 

You can find her over at her blog: Sugar High Dreamer.

What do you think of this outfit? Could you rock it?


  1. Wonderful personal style philosophy ! I truly could not rock this outfit .. I'm just a casual gal.


  2. how fun! love this look!! she looks adorable and funky! hope you run into more people like her - have fun!

  3. I MUST be a terrible person for I've read this post twice and never commented. You make me look good though which is quite a daring feat. Thanks for the feature ♥ hope I can return the favour soon~

    I'm slowly but surely trying to worm my way back into the blogosphere after a lengthy absence. Big hugs!


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