Friday, 30 November 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Getting To Zero

I know my last nail look was also an awareness ribbon but try to bare with me? A large part of my creative heart is labeled 'activist' Even if it's a small, nail polish waving act.

Last year when i heard about the making a pledge campaign in hopes of eradicating this disease by 2015 i vowed to pledge my efforts, specifically in some way my pen (my writing) to raise awareness about this disease.

I did write a poem about it, especially after someone i know became personally affected. Like i said, it become a whole different ball game when the dangers hit home.

I was supposed to read at a poetry event today that is geared at raising awareness but honestly finals have been killing me! Regardless, December 1st is still World AIDs Awareness Day.

This is one of the reasons i did my nails this way this week. So while i am not able to attend the event, doing my nails in red gave me an opportunity to realize i am not as scared of the red nails look as i used to be! (even though technically i didn't go full on red but hey man baby steps don't judge me ) This intrigues me as i have never thought myself a courageous red nails kind of girl, just like i don't think myself a courageous red lipstick kind of gal.

However, like with many things, perhaps in due time ;)

Peace. Love. Dare!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

5 Gift Ideas for your Beginner Blogger Buddy.

 Happy December! (well almost)

I consider myself a budding blogger; just starting out and opening up to be what i want to be. As to when i will be a 'Blooming Blogger' like the many i follow i have no way of knowing. My strategy is however to enjoy this process to it's fullest as much as i can in a way that is most stress free.

As a budding blogger i feel i have a bit of an inkling of what may be a good gift for those of you who are shopping for someone who has recently chosen to reside within their own corner of the blogesphere.

So here are 5 Gift Suggestions for your Budding Blogger Buddy that are sure to make them love you at least a little more while adding something to a bloggers life that is necessary and a hot commodity; inspiration!

1. A remote control for their camera. 

If you can manage to find out their camera model and squire the matching remote control for that camera trust me, you budding blogger buddy will be SO grateful! Especially if they are also a budding photographer and lets be honest, blogging and photography go together like bread and butter! Sometimes its not easy taking those fun, unique and interesting photos and poses when you've got to use a self timer, its easy to miss 'the moment' because of a sneeze, a fly or even tummy butterflies that make smiles come out like gritted teeth instead. A remote for your camera can solve that.

2. A Tripod 

Even the cheapest fold-able ones you can afford would be good, as long as it can safely hold up their camera you are in business! Relying on someone else to take your photos can be annoying on both sides of the lens as well as impossible in some moments of life, some very blogable moments! Also, without having to worry about whether the angle you're getting is the one you want, it gives any blogger the creative freedom to grow and explore and more quickly bloom into the blogger they want to some day be.

3. A custom layout.

You know how getting really smartly dressed makes you feel like strutting? Well for a blogger a custom layout that is rare and often reflects an individuals style in a way that is specially put together for that person is like putting on that strut-fit on their blog,  (get is? see what i did there? Outfit/Strut-fit? No? Ok lets move on...) it inspires a confidence that can't be taken away and we all know that we perform better when confident. Definitely one i drool over all the time, maybe when i reach 100 followers?

4. Pay for A Photography/photoshop Class

Not because you think they suck but because every blogger aspires to take better photos whether of themselves or of everyday life. Good photos make you feel and look good and confidence confidence confidence tells it's own tale of it's importance again.

5. A Massage

Yeah, that's right, blogging is hard work! Hey and even if it isn't? Life is! Sometimes we surf along people's blogs and they look like they are constantly and eternally having the time of their lives everyday all day! Truth is, just like everybody else, bloggers get tired and stressed and nothing blocks your creativity and thus stunts your blog posts like stress. Whether it's feelings of not being good enough or having taken on more than you can chew. a massage is a good and luxurious way to unwind those fears and or anxiety, (unless people touching your body makes you fearful or anxious sorry) de-stress and re-access.

Plus i guaranty you all these things will give your budding blogger friend a rare and priceless commodity; the gift of inspiration! With each of these gifts they will begin to think. "Oh! The blog post i shall write because of this...!!" There by branding you as the coolest bloglovingest cat in town!

 What gift would you love the most in your budding blogger stage of life? Do tell!

Peace. Love. Gift Smart!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence Campaign


A friend of mine asked me to sit in as a guest on a show geared toward bringing awareness to the thoughts of the youth as it relates to Gender Based Violence on our small island. This is important because in this year 2012 we've seen a huge spike in violence on a whole, at least what we consider huge, minute in the eyes of the wider world but we are small and we value our safety so addressing the issue before it is large scale is key to maintaining our way of life.

So when I was asked to sit in I was happy to be there!
We met at the Ministerial Complex, where we were ushered into an available conference room. The topic was 'Acts of Rape and Sexual Assault.'


We took a little while to set up, our beautiful Caribbean sun was being rather vain that evening and was taking centre stage. After a little battle we were forced to move around the room but eventually it was okay. I in fact think it proved to be a more intimate setting, it got us closer to each other so we could playfully smack each other when we spoke and joked.

It was a great experience, sitting in a room with my peers, discussing the issues that affected us and that would affect our daughters, sons, students and who knows who else to come after we are long gone.

They hooked us all up with our own mikes so we could be heard and encouraged to speak out.  Our camera man was very knowledgeable and cooperative and really went the extra mile to ensure that we look good on screen. I actually haven't seen the footage yet. Though we filmed before the 16 days of activism began so that the show could be aired during the first week of promotions, i have recently found out however that there has been a change of plans and this footage may be used for an even greater impact, though for now mum's the word. ;)

I feel great to be able to serve my country in this way, through the power of my voice, through the power of my words! If I was able to encourage at least one person to know that rape and violence is not their fault, that it is not the kind of thing you do something to 'ask for' or 'deserve' then this venture was 110% worth it!


It is important for me to say at this junction that I am no feminist, i feel like so many people are jumping on that term lately, with little understanding of its significance... i will never claim that term. It is not that i do not understand it's purpose or intention it's just being a person who is mindful of the power of words i think the term sounds way too one sided and i am so glad the term has been changed from 'Violence against Women' to 'Gender Based Violence'

I do not ignore the suffering of women, how can i? I am a woman! However i believe that 'humanist' or 'ambassador for equality' is more suited to me. However that's just my opinion and I do not seek to force the issue.

Also! I must mention Ami! That's the lady in the first picture the camera man is shooting. She read a powerful poem that day. I was so touched by her words, she brought the room to it's knees emotionally and i know she will do the same to all who view the show.

As the sunset that day, I can fairly say it truly was an evening worth my while. Lastly, I want to appeal to everyone reading this, to please be aware of the power behind your words. It is only in being aware of it can you use it for great things of good.

Words Are Power, Softness and Strength, All At Once!

Musing :: Art : Sketchy Business - 9 Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up!

In my mind as i grew up i went through many options

1. Superman.

 No not superwoman she was not my kind of girl, too pretty for me at the time of my budding tomboy era.

2. A Ballerina

A job where i could dance and twirl all day? w-WHAT!??

3  The Pink Power Ranger

No i do not know how i went from a real life possibility back to a fictional persona but at the time this girl or at least what she represented was very real to me. A girl who could be brave AND pretty who could save the boys as well as the girls and had real problems like 'fat days'

4. Artist

I could draw for the rest of my life and get PAID to do it?! Unfortunately then someone killed the dream by telling me literally that if i became an artist i would never make any money and would always be hungry and poor...Now being a young child, i wanted to eat so i gave up on that...

5. Zoologist

I could be around animals all day everyday?! Yeah! I wamma be THAT!

6. Lawyer

As i started coming into my own, standing for things, forming beliefs and opinions and deciding what should be treated as right, this was born...

7.  Clinical Psychologist

The dark ages when very real problems began to surface in me and around me

8. Counseling Psychologist

As i grew i began to narrow things down, the people i wanted to help and when i wanted to help them, changed too.

9. Teacher

And here i am today!

Peace. Love. Multiple Big Dreams!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Liebster Nomination for me?!

Thanks to Owl Eye Vintage for nominating me! This is an award of appreciation for bloggers with less than 200 followers and what a pleasant surprise it was that i was thought of and reached out to, I'm so thankful

The rules are are as follows:

~Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
~They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.

~They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

~They must then choose 11 special bloggers to tag & award with the Liebster award with less than 200 followers.

~These lucky bloggers must be told in a comment on their blog 

11 things about me:

1. I remember everything I ever wanted to be in the order I wanted to be it: superman, ballerina. artist, zoologist, lawyer, general psychologist, counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist' English teacher ( the only reason writer is not on this list is because it is a staple not an option)

2. I can make a 3 leaf clover with my tongue.

3. I'm legally blind.

4. I am not afraid of  roaches, I have a vendetta against them that crosses generations, which is to say, i see them, i kill them.

5. I know which of the Caribbean Indian tribes that first settled on my island I descended from.

6. I have (VERY) distant Chinese roots.

7. I pronounce the word 'schedule' as 'sssh' instead of 'skk' in my head but I am VERY aware of it and Change it to ' sk' sound every time I'm about to speak for some strange self concious reason.

8. I am absolutely in LOVE with language and right now Korean is my second love (next to English of course!)

9. If I had a choice i would live in vintage dresses for the rest of my life.

10. I learned to read late due to bad sight but once I started they literally couldn't stop me; my mom band me from books so I would study instead. It didn't work though.

11. I only drink four types of soda, all of which are native to my parts of the world and they only stay in my diet because they have some kind of natural flavor of malt, lime, lemon or moby and that is only because they fooled me into thinking they were healthy when i inicially came off soda.

11 Questions for me:

1. Favorite thing to wear

Honestly my favorite thing to wear is a really nice fitting peer of jeans, I can dress it up, dress it down, go classy chic or punk chick, night time, day time anytime! Otherwise it would be summer dresses but I unfortunately do not own enough of them for me to class them as my favorite thing right now :(

2. Dream city to go on vacation to

Italy! Beautiful scenery! The cobble stone roads are calling me... I love it as a place that has this little town feel even though it's huge, who pride themselves on their architectural history, something I highly appreciate as art in it self. Dare we address the food? The pasta and the gigantic variety of desserts? I could live in sundresses and wide brim hats peered with floral heels. That is my dream outfit to live out the rest of my days...

3: What celeb would you want to meet and go to the movies with?

Well, I don't know if she qualifies as a celeb but if you've ever seen the My Life As Liz on MTV

I dig that chick, she seems so personable and we seem to share so many opinions! (including wishing we were redheads?!) Well, from what I can tell from the tv. I think she would be super fun to chill with because we could laugh and make silly sarcastic remarks when the people on screen do silly things. She doesn't seem like one of those people who would get pissed at me for talking too much in the movie and providing amused commentary as I am prone to doing

4. Favorite ice cream flavor?

I'm a chocolaholic. Nuff said.

5. Dream job?

Creative Writing teacher at a community collage. Simply because I'd love to catch students at this in between point and help them realize its ok to be a little confused or behind where you want to be, that you can make great things happen wherever you are.

6. If you had five minutes to shop and grab anything you wanted in any store, what store would it be?

Hm, it would have to be 'PinUpGirlClothing' or i'd have to say tuppencehapenny. Sure I know it's an online shop but if they HAD a tangible one I'd be all up on it. If those two options fail then Wetseal because my favorite looks are preppy and pin up/anything 1950s-60s

7. Favorite book?

The Alchemist.

8. favorite smell?

Hot asphalt after a sudden rain...

9. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life and not gain weight, what would it be?

Pasta, as it comes in so many different forms and I can't imagine ever getting tired of it.

10. Favorite movie?

Pride & Prejudice directed by Joe Right

11. Favorite sport to play/watch


11 Questions by me:

1. When you were 16 what did you want to be when you grew up?

2. How did you pick your blog name?

3.  Which of your give scenes do you enjoy the most?

4. If you created the vinyl soundtrack of your life, what would the cover look like and what would it be titled?

5. If you could be stuck in any era of history, which would you like?

6.  If our earth is doomed and we end up moving to another, what would you want to be the same on the next planet and what would you like to be different? I.e I would hope there would be blue skies still and I wouldn't mind if there were no Mosquito...

7. What would be your three sentence biography?

8. Favorite colour?

9. If you got to be 'Chief Decision Maker' of the world for a day, what would be the ONE law you would pass and make irreversible in your absence?

10. Favorite animal?

11. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?

This was some light fun. The bloggers i'm going to tag fit the criteria of the award and I'd honestly love to know more about them:

Dainty Doll
Sugar High Dreamer
 Cakes, Cupcakes and Cosmetics by Alessandra

Most of the blogs i frequent actually have more than 200 subbers so i couldn't tag you amzing inspiring ladies! :( However, since i can't think of more blogs, anyone reading this and wants to give it a go consider yourself officially nominated! 

Peace. Love. Question!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Musing :: NOTD : The White Ribbon Pledge - Nails! (because respect is sexy!)

So what is the White Ribbon Campaign?

Well, in short, it is a movement started by men to get other men to pledge to never be quiet are commit acts of sexual molestation toward women. In this way, they seek to remove such acts from the future of the world. Our future.

That's right: Men, trying to get other MEN to realize that in fact:

So, aside from sitting in on a soon to be televised discussion aimed at making the public aware of the views of youth on this matter because you KNOW we've GOT to speak UP! I also did my nails in honor of this amazing movement. I know it looks blue but i swear it's purple! Check it out:

They are seeking to shape men who understand and even commits his word to the world and his peers, that he is willing to be a a driving force for change. They understand that preaching to women that they have a choice is not enough, that to bandage the outcome is not enough, that they must educate those committing the injustice if there is any hope of it dying out.

These men seem to understand that sexy is respect of choice, not the cowardice to over power someone and steal choice from others. A Sexy man is a man that respects "No."

Come on, what's sexier than a man that respect you ladies? Do share! ;)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Musing :: Style : Whats In My Purse?!

First off I'd really like to thank everyone for weighing in on my post What Does Rape Look Like. It's a concept that really bothers me and writing it only served to remind me that something really just need to be talked about until they are impossible to ignore or misunderstood and instead are fixed.

I thought i'd go on with a much lighter post today

Now get it straight, there is my bag which holds everything, my purse (daily must have essentials ) and then my wallet for money and the like. I have no idea if i am using those words correctly or if i have modified their meanings to suit my own ends. Never the less, I thought i'd start with my 'purse' because i consider it the essencial.

From top left to right:

1. Mini bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock (it says 60 but i actually refilled it with 70) SUPER SUPER handy sized to keep with me all the time! What with albinism and all this is my life blood.

2. Mini flashlight

3. Opener - recently acquired cause i don't like buying a drink and having no way to open it or having to go around asking someone

4. Random Lipgloss - don't think i only have one, only had one IN my purse i am a certifyed lipgloss goo horder like most chicks. You know, tones of em with you like you're going to use all of them at once which you're not but you carry them all anyway?

5. Just For Readheads GingerGold Brow Stick  - i have no reason to carry this around, not like i would apply it when I'm out. I have no other reason to keep it in my purse except that if i don't keep it in this place, i will lose it because it is small and i am awkward with these things.

6. 'Avon Far Away' Travel Sized Perfume

7. Just For Readheads Ginger Cocoa Mascara  - So far its the lightest colour for blondes i can find, (any suggestions???) This is another item i don't have to carry but i do as a testament to my commitment to learn to use it.

Me without Mascara:
Me with:

This was quite the learning experience honestly, i was so surprised. When they're all stuffed into that purse they look so crammed and unorganized but laying them out like this for a photo, gave me a chance to stand back and assess the situation. Why am i carrying each of these items? Why do i need them? Do i? What do they add to my life? Then i began to think about those questions in relation to life on a whole and many of the things and people in it.

Pretty heavy thoughts for accessing your make up bag hu? What do you think of me with mascara, is their a difference worth perusing?

Peace. Love. De-clutter!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Musing on Body :: What Does Rape Look Like?

It's gender based violence awareness month and I've had a lot on my mind in that regard lately... I found myself revisited something i wrote a while back. Tell me what you think?

"It is the inalienable right of every woman to decide if she will, with whom she will, when she will, where she will and under what circumstances she will have sexual intercourse, and any man who takes that right from her does so at his own peril."
--Velma Hylton, former director of Public Prosecutions,
Mahabir, C. (1996). Rape prosecution, culture, and inequality in postcolonial Grenada. Feminist Studies, 22(1), 89.

Since I read this post i admit i found myself...brooding?
It made me really reflect because i know that i am one of those people who takes 'right' to be 'common sense' which I'm learning is an unfair expectation.

Suddenly something scary happened....I had a conversation with one of the treasured people in my life about an incident and as we discussed i realized that the idea of being considered a woman who 'looked for it' is more dangerous than is often realized.

I turned it all over in my head...over and over thinking about my friends who dress in way more revealing wear than i would dare.

Are they asking to be raped?

Does the way a woman is dressed, the message that her clothes send, is that justifiable reason to violate her?

The post i read talks about how her teachers gave her a false sense of security by letting her know she was "safe'' as long as she didn't 'look for it'
When i was a pre teen i had a teacher explain it to me in a different way.

I remember she said something along the lines of, if you're dressed like a nurse you can't be upset when someone asks you for medical help, if you're dressed like a prostitute you can't be upset when someone approaches you for sex.

Everyone has their own standards and their own comfort zone.

I am one of those who will raise an eyebrow at you if you get royally pissed off at a man who is staring at your breasts when they are already half way falling out of your shirt. Now to be fair, I openly admit, if i see a man with his junk very apparent, i will stare, heck even if he is shirtless it's likely i will stare. What can i say? I'm kind of upfront like that, My thinking is, don't you have it, whatever it is, on display? What was your intention? Wasn't it to be admired?
Are you upset that some people admire more openly than others?

Lets be honest, most of us are guilty of wanting people to secretly admire our bodies, to catch them but only slightly so that we can feed our egos and know that they want to look but can't, dare not, are intimidated by the prospect of wanting what they can't have. However, when someone is opening  not confirming to this, it makes on feel intimidated...why aren't they shy? How can they stare and objectify my body so openly without shame? It makes one feel like the power of your own good looks is snatched away by their unabashed stare.

Nobody likes to feel powerless.

So, granted i am NOT saying it's right to openly gawk at another human being, i am however of the thinking that one should be aware of the message their body is sending to the world and decide whether this is a message they are comfortable with.

I have come to the conclusion that the main problem between the sexes is communication. What one side seeks to communicate is not what is actually being communicated and if the message is wrongly interpreted that communication was, in fact, unsuccessful  (English majors where you at!?)

So you see, that's just it, i can clearly understand one staring if breasts are saying, 'here i am! look at me! I am boobie, watch me jiggle!'


So what does a potential rape victim look like?

How does one dress like a potential rape victim? Are all women who are raped dressed in mini skirts and tube tops? You see...if they are not, one might argue that that logic of dressed to attain a certain reaction is a bit flawed no?

Tell me, how does a woman dress to give up her right to consent? How does one go from 'look at me!' to 'Please take away my right to refuse!' Where does she go, what does she do that forfeits the right she has to say what happens to her body? What gives any human being the right to decided for another human being what is done to and with their body, at any age, in any situation in life?

Is she the woman that has sexual desires like any man? Who enters into heavy petting with her partner and changes her mind? This woman is then a tease? A whore?

Does this woman then foresight her right to say no?

It troubles me deeply...

To think that somewhere out there my student, my daughter, my friend is thinking:

I have no right to complain. I can not tell anybody because i had no right to be with him, alone, in that empty house, in that locked car, in that abandoned location. I had no right to go that far and change my mind. I deserve to have had my decision stolen from me. My mother, my church, my teacher will not understand. Instead, they will all blame me for putting myself in the position to be taken advantage of.

Is this what is okay to teach? That you can go into a store, try on all the clothes and walk out not having bought anything. However, when it comes to something as personal as your have no right to change your mind???

It scares me that a mentally of someone's rights come before yours when choosing your sexual partner because you? obviously don't deserve to decide is being so lightly circulated. Because , after all, how dare you think another human being is separated from animals by the ability to process knowledge, to learn that primal instinct, is not responsible for decision making in life. That one person has the right to take from another what they want because if they want it bad enough? They deserve to have it protest or no protest.

It troubles me...

That because of thoughtless words and ignorance, there are victims out there, male as well as female, who are afraid to break the silence... and predators who live in the safety of that shadow of ignorance and the self doubt of their victims.

 Even more scary is that sometimes these muted victims are sitting in classes and buses next to us....their justice taken away from them not by their assailant so much as their society.

Peace. Love . Self Educate!

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Musing :: Style : All Done Up!

I don't get done up often... but when i do...

fitted dresses...

They make me feel so...self conscious usually...but i've been trying different things lately aside from my usual elegant punk style. Why can't i?
Also did something different with my hair, hair dresser and all! I heart it! Looks very mawhalk to the front and very elegant to the back a perfect mix!

Dinner out in heels and a high up do?! Ooooh who are you?

What do you think of my Done Up, Up Do?

Peace. Love. Elegant Punk?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Musing :: My Plush Palette :: Chinese at C Town

Every country has a C-Town right? (I later learned it's actually called SEA Twon (an attenot at a pun that has failed if you ask me.)

After an evening spent at a meeting a couple friends and i decided to stop by the near by Chinese place to have a bite to eat.

This place always gives a fantastic portion for a good price!

Who doesn't want to eat their Chinese with a chopstick!? You don't? Psh, Live a little ya wimp!

Sweet and Sour chicken is a must! One side of it means 'stealsiez' as depicted in action here. Not about all.

Good Food. Good Friends. Good Laughter.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Musing :: Mind :: 9 Ways to Practice Unplugging

Sometimes i get very mentally flustered. Someone i think is important once told me that this is common for people who are very goal oriented. We want to do so much, to make so much happen, it can get overwhelming in the face of time and circumstance. As a result, it is immensely important to our health to step back and do what i call practice unplugging.

Now, notice how i said practice because it does not come so easily for all of us. When you're a mental mover and a shaker, it is very difficult to do nothing and ten times harder to think nothing, so it's going to take some time. For me its taken 20something odd years to just be okay with the idea of sitting still for even the shortest of times, so unless you're EXTRA supercalifragalistic, don't expect to grasp it in one go.

Now luckily i have come to acquire some strategies to make this a less painful venture.

1. Sit In A Dark Place

This one is my favorite. I like to leave all gadgets in another room. This is big for me because often i go into a mini panic once i don't have my beloved phone within hands reach cause i'm such a Techno baby. Going into my favorite room in the house and sitting still, just enjoying being in one of my favorite spaces alone, without noise or movement or even visual stimuli. For me that is the one room where everybody leaves you alone and can't move you once they know you are in there. It''s nice, not having a gadget around to check email or facebook or whatever distraction or commitment may demand your time. It's Nice just sitting. It's also rare.

2. Do a monotonous choir. 

For me i choose doing the dishes, something i under normal conditions (well as normal as i can ever manage to get) hate so much! It just drains on to me in routine: wetness, then soup the dish and rinse it out. Bleh! When my head is full and refusing to slow down though? Just standing there with no choice but routine is somehow calming. No pressure, just get this task you've done a million times before done. Not even over with, just done: wash, rinse, repeat, wash, rinse, repeat. If you're lucky your mind will drift to some random thought or silly joke you shared with a loved one. If it doesn't i would try to force it to focus strictly on the routine literally at hand.

3. A Simple Hobby

For me this is sketching. At first it could be stressful too because i felt pressured to create something that i could enter into some art exhibition or something someday. (A dream of mine.) Then i finally got over that and went back to sketching for good ol' fun. Whether that be digital sketching, which i am just learning to do or old pen and paper. Even better if i can muscle in some time to colour! I know this may sound a bit juvenile but colouring is wildly therapeutic for me! Even if i don't hope to show it to anyone or it looks scratchy and unimpressive somehow, it lightens my heart.

4. Take A Shower

Not a bath, if i attempt to take a bath I'm going to be there i looooong time just lounging and possibly just re-hatching the stress I'm trying to get away from in my head. However a shower has that timed routine feel to it and who HASN'T had some kind of epiphany or inspirational moment in the show? Plus if nothing else you will come out feeling clean and fresh! (there will be no shower scene but here have a super quick sketch instead!)

5. Take A Nap

End game. Go to your bed and sail off to lalalannd. Warning: You are going to have to wake up eventually and when you do, your work or annoying problem will still be there but you may have a fresh perspective! Oh and why yes this has little to do with napping really but i didn't have a picture and so this is me just lounging in my favorite knee high socks. See how they have the pretty painted Sakura flowers? Love!

6. Pets. 

Walking, feeding, tummy rubbing, nuzzling. What more needs to be said? This picture is of John-John when he was but a wee lad <3 I wont talk too much about him because i try hard not to get attached to  pets of our household (still recovering a loss) he's much bigger now though but he still thinks he is the coolest kid in town. He was an only child and is extremely jealous and possessive. He is also extremely polite! And ALWAYS sits bolt up right like a gentleman.

7. Write A Letter

Well not me exactly, anyone you care about really. Sometime you need to sit back with the old fashioned forms of communication. Writing a snail mail letter to a loved one makes me happy. Especially knowing it's going to make them SUPER happy to receive it in the mail. Snail mail is something most people don't expect and  almost always comes as a joyious surprising knowing someone took the time out of their days to pen you something. Perhaps because in this age it is completely unecessary and is nothing more than a willful action.

8.Tea Time Is Me Time

I couild never explain to you the great joy i get from having a cup of tea. Seriously i am a tea fanatic. I love it, i love tea cups i love hot tea at any hour of the day, i am a writer and a Victorian age lover what do you expect of me?

9. Go To The Beach.

A bit of boasting, i am a caribbean island girl. We have the best beaches so i am lucky. If you own the luxury of leaving your home or surroundings i would say go! Even better if you can catch a sunset! The beach is awesome. Just sitting there watching and hearing the ebb and flow of the ocean, the salty air on your skin, glistening water and clear sky bigger than you or I? Don't fight the calm man!

The Huffington Post agrees you should practice unplugging!

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Friday, 2 November 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Halloween Nails

Saw this look done by one of my favorite nail artists and decided to emulate!

It's supposed to be a Jack Skellington tribute (from a movie I've actually never seen!)

But i liked the black and white so much i really wanted to try it!

I love it!

It's not perfect and honestly i chickened out on the stitched lip because i currently have not a DROP of remove to my name and i really like how it looks as is. Heck i almost didn't bother with the skeleton at all! It looked so good even with the white middle finger :)

See the original notd from the amazing Doll Face herself!

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