Thursday, 28 July 2016

Throw Back Thursday : That time I went to orientation at my university

 I'm about to take you into a time capsule of my life, the first day I stepped into my university as a real student. Imagine the scene, this was me cataloguing my time, fears and excitement.This me at the beginning of the first semester. I know because I wrote it on my very previous blog (thus the old watermark) I enjoyed reading this. Reflection, is still good.


Orientation Ahoy, Success on the horizon
August 29th 2011

So I'm finally starting the degree I've longed for all my life. ^_^
It's crazy how you could want something for so long and then end up on the brink of getting it...It's like swimming in a wide open ocean for so long... Columbus must have felt, having been doubted for so long, that even he must have started to believe his dream was futile.

Everyday, waking up to more open sea, just floating and floating and floating until one day he feels a clench in his chest as one of this sailors screamed out 'Land!'

I imagine even he dared not believe it, even as he watched his dream now visible on the horizon, approaching him now, getting closer to him even as he got closer to it...anxiously awaiting that moment where they would meet in the middle and touch.

Not till he'd put his feet on dry land and his dream was tangibly real.

I went to orientations and this MOE worker, also a past pupil of my Uni and heck even a holder of the same degree I'm pursuing (I knew immediately cause we're cool like that you see :p) Her speech was so motivating I had to take down a couple points ^-^ She told us to:


Reflect, who are you doing this for? Is this a job pursuit you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life?


Right now it feels like this is it for me, I've wanted this for so long the idea of getting it makes me mush on the inside. I keep trying real hard to not dwell on all the door that will be open to me afterwards since hey, I haven't even started yet!

It WILL be tough!

Still, sometimes I can't help but smile at the possibility of finishing, the things I'll do, the places I'll see and the people I'll meet after I accomplish what has been my biggest life goal for so long. I tell myself, when I'm done, this is it, no more study, I'll finally have what I want and I can just live life.

Though I guess all those 'doors that will be open' thoughts just proves it doesn't it? This probably isn't 'it'' No matter how I feel right now, it's within human nature to want more, yet....I can't help but wonder...what WILL I want after this? I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a faint idea...or three ;)


Well, anyone who knows me knows that it pretty much already is now isn't it? lol! Well here's hoping it becomes even more deeply rooted in my heart :)


Ground yourself, it won't be easy. Find something that keeps you grounded and feeling secure. For some of us that will be God (hopefully I am one amongst that some) for others it might be their commitment to bettering their family for their new born son. Whatever it is, hold tight to it, cause things are about to get crazy.


This I am looking forward to and I suspect it will be thus. Heck working and studying tends to brings out a discipline and determination in yourself that shocks even you! You've got to succeed by FORCE. No ifs ands or buts about it and when you come out the other side of that tunnel, tired, warn but smiling with diploma in hand. A winner.

I look forward to it!
Quotes from Mrs. A. Philip


Here I am now, in senior year! What do you think of my old school writing style! haha

Peace. Love. Begrudge not small beginnings.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Throw Back Thursday That Time I had The Learners Nastalgia

I've had school on my mind so much lately. I've decided to write about what's on my mind. This is another old post which, unless you've been with me a long time you would have never seen.


PhotobucketSo I'm an English student. I love
learning and I love studying.
Or at least I think I do half the time... You see it's...something being a student and a worker all at once.

Regardless, I love saying the long title of my degree Eng&Lit with Edu.

It reminds me how much I've wanted it all my life and now here I am fighting to get it done. Only second semester and i'm already fighting,
to stay motivated, to find the time to get it done due to extra ordinary circumstances...

Yet it never stops amazing me, that no matter how difficult and depressing it gets.. when I have time on my hands I don't know what to DO with myself outside of school work!

I've had it take up so much of my days, so much of my time that when that time is presented to me again like 'here, have at it' I almost find myself feeling guilty.

Photobucket Of course there are things to fill my time!

I've got a book to finish reading and poetry to edit and compile for my own anthologies...and lets not even think about the novels that need editing and finishing...oi vey!

Yet, there is that strange sense of 'incomplete' when there isn't an assignment to even THINK about.

it's hard, it's tedious it steels my creative soul but i... love school and i wish ultimately that i could focus my attentions only on it until i'm through...

It's like walking a long road knowing that no matter how tired you are, no matter how much your feet hurt, no matter how long it seems like it's going to take ..

You'd rather be walking to your destination than dreaming about it.


Oh how things have changed since then! Picture taken from the site when i played around with the idea of making my own school tee.

 Peace. Love. Keep Calm and Just Graduate
Originally posted08/05/12

Thursday, 14 July 2016

My Secondary School Experiance

I've heard so many people talk about just how horrible their secondary school life was and I honestly marvel. I feel so blessed to have gone to the school that I did. At the time I went their they were not a school one was expected to be proud of exactly. You see, they had a harsh history and were often looked down upon.

Within our walls however we had teachers that cared about us as people, not just as students. Who treated us like we could be great. Who knows, maybe everybody has this feeling about their school.

I never worried about bulling. Our class was always on the positive side of things. We were a little family who go annoyed when you didn't come to school because they missed you and would have just stayed home too. There was the girl who brought breakfast and shared it with everyone, there was the one who did your hair, there was the one who was good at this subject or that one.

It was a great time.

I always knew I would write, I knew as well I would need to have a back up because that probably wouldn't rake in the mullah too quickly. Academics didn't come easily but I did learn to narrow things down so that they were in line with my vision.

My teachers taught me how to be a good person. They told me what I would need to show that I was skilled. They pointed me in that direction and I went for it.

Peace. Love. Go for it.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Summer To-Do List 2016

|| Go to the beach more - I must, I simply must.

|| Less reading more living - I have really revived my love for reading in the last two years.  Now I have been living but I have also been known to put off some important things by choice because I'd legitimately rather be reading. This year however I'm travelling and I want to have my eyes wide open for every second of it. I don't want to miss a thing.

|| Love on family - I'm going to see some people who I haven't seen in almost a decade. I'm looking forward to one in particular and I want to love on her for all the time I've missed between then and now.

|| Attend N.O.A.H Conference - and meet people I've only known online for YEARS I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! Also learn tones of things that will be professional and personal development for me.

|| Explore New Places - I cant wait to try new things and have far out experiences that are nothing like what I have at home!

It's summer y'all!! Let's have a blast :) What will you be up to?

Peace. Love. Live.

Friday, 1 July 2016

2016 Reading List 1/2

Hey stranger! I missed keeping my blogging schedule as I was directed a show. I have been for the past three months but we were down to the wire and things got crazy as they always tend to just a while before show day.

I hope to tell you more about Voices of The Artists Roar when I get some time but work beckons me towards the grind stone!

Woops I read my 12 book goal for 2016 in the middle of June! I've decided to then change my goodreads goal to 24 again. What should I read this summer? I need some plane reads stat!

Oh, and if you want to keep track of what I'm currently reading, follow my tag on instagram #TWPReads

Right now I'm currently reading The Lunar Chronicles. What are you reading?

Peace. Love. Happy Reading!
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