Friday, 1 July 2016

2016 Reading List 1/2

Hey stranger! I missed keeping my blogging schedule as I was directed a show. I have been for the past three months but we were down to the wire and things got crazy as they always tend to just a while before show day.

I hope to tell you more about Voices of The Artists Roar when I get some time but work beckons me towards the grind stone!

Woops I read my 12 book goal for 2016 in the middle of June! I've decided to then change my goodreads goal to 24 again. What should I read this summer? I need some plane reads stat!

Oh, and if you want to keep track of what I'm currently reading, follow my tag on instagram #TWPReads

Right now I'm currently reading The Lunar Chronicles. What are you reading?

Peace. Love. Happy Reading!

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