Saturday, 31 January 2015

Project 52 - JANURARY

Here's the thing, I've attempted Project 365 possibly about three or so time. I feel like it is unlikely that this is my year to win it. So, on that note, I have decided to try project 52 in it's stead. I kind of like the idea of it, seeing what I've been up to per week through a picture militarisation.

Before we head into February come morning I'm sharing my four photos, taken one per week, with you.

01.| My New Years toast, can you believe it was just News Years at the beginning of this month?!

02.| Blog post planning started me off on a good foot this year!

03.| I've begun my practicum for my degree thus the slower blog post schedule lately, an evaluator will come into my classroom and grade my performance.My host school gave me a cute little chalk basket and a duster with name on it!

04.| Assistive technology to help me read the small print of the play I'm studying for the Drama class I'm taking this year. It doesn't belong to me but one of the perks of being a TVI is that you get to sometimes test out the good stuff the next generation gets to benefit from,

 It's been a hellova Janurary, everything has been about either planning or doing for the blog, for my praciticum or for my  other classes. I am exhausted in so many ways I can't even get into it

Still, with this photo challenge I'm interested to see what February brings!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

TiLT - The Throw Pillow with Personaility

 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // 08 // 09 // 10

First things i love Thursday of the year! I am loving throw pillows lately, almost eveytime i look at some home decor these little lovelies catch my eye. I must admit, I am partial to ones with a bit of personality like these babies. You know those literary ones are going on my birthday wish list right? The fact that they are both blue is only a strength in my book as it is currently my favourite colour. I am also a huge Harley and Joker shipper :) The designs showcased above that include them are done by one of my favourite illustrators.

What accent pieces are you loving lately?

Peace. Love. Comfort.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Musing :: Mind : Stoop To Concur. Thoughts on the Process before the Product

Lately I've been digging up the soil of my career in order to plant a new seed. In order to grow. But growth is painful, growth is not pretty. So I've been hurting myself in favour of growth. Not physically, I haven't been inflicting physical pain upon myself but I have been cutting myself by mistake with the sharpness of my own tongue and tasting that irony flavour of my own passion fill my mouth. I've been letting that iron seep into my back,letting it teach me to stand straighter, more erect, more firmly rooted in thoughts that had been stored away on soft pretty pillows for years.

Lately I've been broken by new experiences and found myself learning to use the pieces of one puzzle to create a whole new picture with a different mood and tone but with the same purpose as the last.

Lately I have been sewing together a new 'Joseph coat' of efficiency. Multi coloured, multi faceted, multi disciplined! Lately I've been learning to return to a state of genesis where a unique experience is concerned and to make ready for the freedom and struggle of the exodus in manner that will follow.

It's hard being bad at something you are accustomed to being good at... very very good at. Even if this confusion is just temporary it is certainly disconcerting. It's hard acknowledging that you are figuring it all out all over again. Just because you have won a battle doesn't mean you have won it forever, that sometimes the same daemon or its cousin or twin brother can double back on you and try to have a next go right there, out in the open, out in the streets like a dog fight, over a situation you either won or one that is so similar to a battle won you roll your eyes at the notion of the attack've still got to pony up!

But I'm stooping to concur. This is my prowling stage, this is me laying in wait and learning the movements of my enemy before I pounce. This is me humbled. This is me changing for the better.

This is the process before the product.

Do you ever feel growth happening?

Peace. Love. Growing pains.

I'm breaking my recent two post a week schedule because I feel like i owe you one after yesterday's post had a little trouble my lovelies :) You can check out my liebster award vlog here now I had some trouble with the link yesterday but now it's all fixed, don't forget to tell me what you think!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Liebster Award Tag via Vlog!

I'm going to go ahead and apologise now for my end of day hair and voice haha. That teacher life though! Also, I did not film the video with a low volume but my ipad is uncooperative lately. Luckily taking a vacuum to the mic. gave me a little sound back but it would appear 'a little sound' is no exaggeration.

My only regret with this video is not coming of my high energy self as per usual.

Thank you Charlotte for the tag! Thanks go out to you as well if you have tagged me in the past, remind me with a link in the comments and I'll make another video :)

What three words do you think describes my blog?

Peace. Love. Whimsy.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

5 Movies Every Writer Should Watch

Writers are passionate people and sometimes we want to see movies about our profession on TV too, you know, just like rival cheer leading groups  and boxing legends do. Here are five of my favourite movies about writers.

Struck by lightening - A story that succeeds in being both melancholy and comedic as it explores the approach of youth to the writing process.This one hits home for me in two ways: as a teacher and as a writer. I know what it is like to be that student who has an incredible passion about something that is so full it is overflowing and then looking around and finding that the people all around you are shrugging at the thought of doing such a thing willingly. This movie explores the young adult response to passions, personality and passion in a modern and introspective way.

Ruby Sparks - Just how real can character be? That's all I'll say!

Dead Poet Society - For the poets among us. This story explores the love of the written word, how analysing it can change lives and opinions, how it can both save lives and take them.

Six Degrees of Separation - Another character driven narrative that pushes the envelope about strangers and all that we claim to know.

Before Sunrise - This is a trilogy and honestly you should watch them all. Not only does one of the main characters become a writer but I think that this movie is a fantastic example of the compelling use of dialogue in writing. Can you imagine what it must have been like to write that screenplay?! To sit there and write every word of this character driven narrative (not to mention having to memorize that script!) As a writer I believe in the power of dialogue very much, it is one of my favourite things about the reading process, to watch as the characters move the story along with the power of their words. This movie could not be a better example of that as it well parallels how this happens in actual life, in the moments that matter and the memories that stay with us.

As you can see I am not delving into plot because...well, these are amazing viewer experiences.Any recommendations for a writer who is also a viewer?

Peace. Love. Motivation.

Monday, 19 January 2015

3 Ways Anxiety is like a bully

1. They make you feel so sad you can become physically or mentally sick and want to stay that way. 

You are crippled by the intensity of the emotions they both cause as if you've been a big moto accident and have to go through therapy to remember how to use your limbs again. Limbs like... believing in yourself. You don't want to go to school or much of anywhere actually, maybe if you lay in bed everyone will think you are not well, they will leave you alone and you wont have to face that bully on the playground of life today because you're still hurting from yesterdays punches to the gut. You just want to lie still, catch your bearings. You just want to be left alone with your pain until the pain goes away.

2.They build a wall between you and your dreams.

The pain of being stuck in that state of disbelief can become all that you know, almost comfortable, certainly more comfortable than the thought of sinking farther down into the floor, than loosing any more than you already have. New beliefs grow, the belief that your hands are built too short to reach out and catch your dreams. Brick by mental brick goes up until the wall reads sentences that burn themselves into your brain, sentences that tell you that your dream was never meant for you in the first place because dreams aren't real, they are only pretty. Like that moment when you face the bully on the playground, when the school doors seem too far away to run to, like the teacher would never hear you scream from here. Like everyone else has their eyes purposefully averted. Like maybe you were never meant for school in the first place. Like that moment when you feel so small and so silent and so insignificant in the world, staring up at an assailant who knows exactly all of these things that you are feeling.

3. They convince you to settle for almost happy.

 Realising that you have been living in the delusion of a dream can be brought across as very comforting. It becomes easier to believe that you were born weak than it is to believe that nothing is wrong with you except that you're just not strong enough quite yet or for such a long period of time with no explanation that you can currently understand. So you settle for almost defeating the bully today. You almost made it through, that is good enough. You almost pasted the test that would change your life. You almost told the teacher who pulled your hair. You almost told your mother what he said and almost gotten him in trouble. You almost hit him on that playground and shown him whose boss. You almost left that abusive relationship almost....almost....and what else can a person ask for than to get so close to a dream, even if you never actually reached it you are lucky to just be allowed so close to such a pretty thing. Like diamonds.

Maybe tomorrow you'd hit back...maybe...almost....maybe. 


 One of the things that really confuses me is the notion that extroverts don't get anxious. People have a way of looking at you and judging that because you have over come one battle or another at a different interval than they have, that the monster must not have been as big or as bad for you as it was for them.

I am a person who often speaks my mind, especially if I am passionate about the topic. I am a person who does not particular whimper at the sign of a room full of people all listening and looking to me for a speech (once I have prepared) this is not because I do not become anxious.

I am also the same girl who has become physically ill because she was invited to a party that she wanted to go to. I have become broken and bent over in crippling tears on bathroom floors as I questioned my ability to walk into a room next door.

Anxiety is not dictated solely by personality. You can be brave, you can be bold, you can be loud and beautiful and popular and smart and good with your words and still be anxious because anxiety is like a bully and bullies hurt you not because they are right.

Bullies succeed because they convince you that feelings are bigger than you are.

They're not.

Peace. Love. Don't Listen to the Bully.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

7 Things I'm Grateful for in the first 2 week of 2015

Don't worry it's not blank this photo was taken before I filled the pages haha

Cooking the main course of New Years day lunch : I love baking but hate cooking so while this was really an annoying thing to do it came out great and I felt well good about that. It was also a good maternal bonding activity for the women of my family.

Cold sheets and gentle rains : Right after new year's day here it usually starts raining consistently, this means harsh breezes, puddles that soak work pants and a such a chill that makes you hop when your bare feet touch tile. However it also means waking up to rain and going to sleep with rain. It means waking up so very snuggled and knowing that this too is for a time, that sooner or later the nights maybe be so uncomfortably hot that this too is a gift.

Easing back into work : I always miss the kiddies! I swear they all grew leaps and bounds in three weeks, what is up with that?! Also, since school hasn't started yet I'm well on top of all paper work and planning and feeling like a good teacher again instead of a teacher divided,

Using my planner : It been so many years since I had a planner I seem to have forgotten how to do it! Learning again is fun.

A sense of awareness : I am ever aware of my word so far, all through out my days when I meet face to face with a challenge that concerns it i find myself being aware and that makes me glad because being aware is the first step to solving the problem. 'If you resist him he will flee from you' right? There are so many things I am noticing and working on steadily...onwards.

A job to go back to : This first week I met up with my co-workers again after break and we sat together and did some planning, planned to do more planning, celebrated old solutions and brainstormed new problems. While it is not always easy (as the nature of work rarely is) it I feel fortunate in this economy to have a stable income in a field i am passionate about.

Saying Bye Felicia to negative thoughts : Sometimes I get a lot of those but I have been good at catching them on their way in lately and turning them around and guiding them swiftly and with an unwelcomed manner out te door.

So, how are those 2015 goals, resolutions or intentions going half a month in?

Peace. Love. Perseverance.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Product Review :: Sticky9 Photographic Magnets

Just before Christmas I made an order from Sticky9 and  today I got this in the mail and became so excited. I can tell you now I was a little sceptical but I have seen them talked about all over the blogesphere for a while so I took the leap. Sticky9 is a company that makes magnets and other products out of your photographs A set of nine is affordable and the process of choosing your picture is very easy whether you are uploading them to their site from your computer or your instagram feed.

This arrived so much sooner than things tend to to where I am. I find the packaging is both pretty and simple. They also speak to you so kindly in the language on their site as well as what comes in your envelope, even though they're talking about business. I really appreciate the envelope too! I was a little concerned when it showed up as it was so thin and was almost worried they thought I said stickers and not magnets but sure enough when I opened it it was the right order.

 As you can see the set of nine they come in arrives as a whole sheet with serrated edges that you very easily pull apart into single photos (I'm not showing them all for a reason I'm not being shifty).

I really value a company who has good customer service and even better than that, as an international customer myself, I respect when a company makes a point of valuing us ALL and ensures that their shipping process is appealing internationally as well. The quality of the photos are lovely, some are a little low quality but that is my fault because I uploaded them that way. I love the way the black and white ones look the most and will be getting more of those again someday in the future.

Many of these were supposed to go with Christmas gifts but pretty much all my close gal pals are born in May plus there is mother's day coming up so I'm not completely broken up about them not arriving in time as to be fair, I ordered them late.

They are so tiny and cute and I think they would make a great gift for all occasions or just forms of cataloguing or scrap booking moments or memorabilia.

They also sent me the cutest little post card thing that grants a discount on the back of it and is an example of a new print size which, I will definitely be trying!

This was supposed to be my first vlog product review, I filmed it well and it was fun to do but I found out after that the mike on my ipad doesn't work which is a huge bummer as I use it mainly for school....ah well, I hope you enjoyed this written review in substitute.

What occasion do you think this product would be great for?

Peace. Love. Moments

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Musing :: Style : Park View

 I had a fun time 'playing local tourist' recently with my friend as we met for no other reason really than to keep idleness at bay. Often it is so simple to think there is nothing to do when all you really need for a good time is good company. Well, at least this is the case for me. This is the new top I bought myself for Christmas, after longing for it for so long. This phrase may very well become my life slogan for I love it so much.

On this day, we walked about the park, saw the soft serve yoghurt personalities that before then I had only seen in pictures and I nudged my friend into a photo op. She was reluctant but being the foodie that she is noticed they were holding a sign that held the promise of possible sampling. We swiftly ran across the street, I grinned my way stupidly through my pictures because come on, aren't they hilarious?! (we don't have these on the island you know this is the first I've seen in two decades at the very least with the last being a Disney cruise stop over when I was a kid) After, we had a chance to sample 'rice crispy' flavoured yoghurt and 'cheese cake' flavoured yoghurt.

The sun went down and I went home, The End. I am very grateful for friends who will randomly sit on grass with me and run across city streets to chase men in giant cups of yoghurt suits.Thanks to Shellon for taking photos of me.

Do you enjoy spending time in parks?

Peace. Love. A Taste of Silliness.

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year's Resolutes | 2015

Remember and exercise my word

If you  haven't already you can read all about my word for 2015 here. Decisions need guidance.

Exercise silence

Nothing to say really about this one. I intend to embrace the silence. You can learn a lot when you listen.

Spend 40 Nights in Prayer on my Knees

I have done a little of this successfully in 2014. I aim to step it up a notch.

Keep A Prayer Journal

I think I cam overwhelm myself with goals and then loose interest so I wont be keeping a journal every single day. I'm going to attempt to write one down every month. My aim is to have, at the end of 2015, twelve prayers written in earnest. Or maybe I'll step it up to 52...we'll have to see. This resolution also hopes to increase my delving into The Word as well as my relationship with God so that I can hear his voice more clearly and trust him ever more and with reckless abandon, so to speak.


My new years resolutions are simplistic in writing and few. I have better luck with them being more realistic an making them a less intimidating list. Oh what a contrast some of these are to what I wrote in the past. It serves as a reminder to me of how circumstances change you and you desire a different response depending on the time and place and who you are in those moments.

Of course I will also be attempting the usual 'get good grades' but that's a given for a student now isn't it? I also will be focusing on getting more organised in this aspect of my life or another. Yay for pretty planner motivations!

I will admit it has already been so hard keeping these, yes, even though we're only five days in but I know it is so worth it. I can already feel change. Or maybe that's enthusiasm? haha Oh well, either way!

What are you conquering in 2015?

Peace. Love. Be it Resolved.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Oh hey, welcome to a new year. 365 days of possibility!!

To you. To me. To us. To Greatness!

Peace. Love. Possibility.
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