Thursday, 22 January 2015

5 Movies Every Writer Should Watch

Writers are passionate people and sometimes we want to see movies about our profession on TV too, you know, just like rival cheer leading groups  and boxing legends do. Here are five of my favourite movies about writers.

Struck by lightening - A story that succeeds in being both melancholy and comedic as it explores the approach of youth to the writing process.This one hits home for me in two ways: as a teacher and as a writer. I know what it is like to be that student who has an incredible passion about something that is so full it is overflowing and then looking around and finding that the people all around you are shrugging at the thought of doing such a thing willingly. This movie explores the young adult response to passions, personality and passion in a modern and introspective way.

Ruby Sparks - Just how real can character be? That's all I'll say!

Dead Poet Society - For the poets among us. This story explores the love of the written word, how analysing it can change lives and opinions, how it can both save lives and take them.

Six Degrees of Separation - Another character driven narrative that pushes the envelope about strangers and all that we claim to know.

Before Sunrise - This is a trilogy and honestly you should watch them all. Not only does one of the main characters become a writer but I think that this movie is a fantastic example of the compelling use of dialogue in writing. Can you imagine what it must have been like to write that screenplay?! To sit there and write every word of this character driven narrative (not to mention having to memorize that script!) As a writer I believe in the power of dialogue very much, it is one of my favourite things about the reading process, to watch as the characters move the story along with the power of their words. This movie could not be a better example of that as it well parallels how this happens in actual life, in the moments that matter and the memories that stay with us.

As you can see I am not delving into plot because...well, these are amazing viewer experiences.Any recommendations for a writer who is also a viewer?

Peace. Love. Motivation.

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  1. Ooh, what a great idea for a post! Love your recommendations (have only seen two of them so obviously am off to find the others; if you're recommended them, they must be good!)....there's a little something pertaining to this idea in the package that's winging it's way to you ;) [I watched Dead Poets again about a month ago. I was in two minds whether to do so or not, because I remember it, from another life ago, so perfectly, as being so perfect, I didn't want to spoil that memory. I watched it, eventually, shortly after his death, and was amazed, all over again, by how perfect - and beautiful - a film it is]. GREAT post! Keep them coming ;)


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