Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Product Review :: Sticky9 Photographic Magnets

Just before Christmas I made an order from Sticky9 and  today I got this in the mail and became so excited. I can tell you now I was a little sceptical but I have seen them talked about all over the blogesphere for a while so I took the leap. Sticky9 is a company that makes magnets and other products out of your photographs A set of nine is affordable and the process of choosing your picture is very easy whether you are uploading them to their site from your computer or your instagram feed.

This arrived so much sooner than things tend to to where I am. I find the packaging is both pretty and simple. They also speak to you so kindly in the language on their site as well as what comes in your envelope, even though they're talking about business. I really appreciate the envelope too! I was a little concerned when it showed up as it was so thin and was almost worried they thought I said stickers and not magnets but sure enough when I opened it it was the right order.

 As you can see the set of nine they come in arrives as a whole sheet with serrated edges that you very easily pull apart into single photos (I'm not showing them all for a reason I'm not being shifty).

I really value a company who has good customer service and even better than that, as an international customer myself, I respect when a company makes a point of valuing us ALL and ensures that their shipping process is appealing internationally as well. The quality of the photos are lovely, some are a little low quality but that is my fault because I uploaded them that way. I love the way the black and white ones look the most and will be getting more of those again someday in the future.

Many of these were supposed to go with Christmas gifts but pretty much all my close gal pals are born in May plus there is mother's day coming up so I'm not completely broken up about them not arriving in time as to be fair, I ordered them late.

They are so tiny and cute and I think they would make a great gift for all occasions or just forms of cataloguing or scrap booking moments or memorabilia.

They also sent me the cutest little post card thing that grants a discount on the back of it and is an example of a new print size which, I will definitely be trying!

This was supposed to be my first vlog product review, I filmed it well and it was fun to do but I found out after that the mike on my ipad doesn't work which is a huge bummer as I use it mainly for school....ah well, I hope you enjoyed this written review in substitute.

What occasion do you think this product would be great for?

Peace. Love. Moments


  1. Ooh, these look great! Great idea for gifts!

  2. i love sticky9! i have them all over my fridge :)


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