Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Musing :: Style : Park View

 I had a fun time 'playing local tourist' recently with my friend as we met for no other reason really than to keep idleness at bay. Often it is so simple to think there is nothing to do when all you really need for a good time is good company. Well, at least this is the case for me. This is the new top I bought myself for Christmas, after longing for it for so long. This phrase may very well become my life slogan for I love it so much.

On this day, we walked about the park, saw the soft serve yoghurt personalities that before then I had only seen in pictures and I nudged my friend into a photo op. She was reluctant but being the foodie that she is noticed they were holding a sign that held the promise of possible sampling. We swiftly ran across the street, I grinned my way stupidly through my pictures because come on, aren't they hilarious?! (we don't have these on the island you know this is the first I've seen in two decades at the very least with the last being a Disney cruise stop over when I was a kid) After, we had a chance to sample 'rice crispy' flavoured yoghurt and 'cheese cake' flavoured yoghurt.

The sun went down and I went home, The End. I am very grateful for friends who will randomly sit on grass with me and run across city streets to chase men in giant cups of yoghurt suits.Thanks to Shellon for taking photos of me.

Do you enjoy spending time in parks?

Peace. Love. A Taste of Silliness.

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  1. "Elle est forte"....GREAT motto! Oh yum, cheesecake ice cream! I *am* a park kind of girl....a rug, a book, the sound of the wind in the trees, the hum of better way to spend an afternoon ;)


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