Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year's Resolutes | 2015

Remember and exercise my word

If you  haven't already you can read all about my word for 2015 here. Decisions need guidance.

Exercise silence

Nothing to say really about this one. I intend to embrace the silence. You can learn a lot when you listen.

Spend 40 Nights in Prayer on my Knees

I have done a little of this successfully in 2014. I aim to step it up a notch.

Keep A Prayer Journal

I think I cam overwhelm myself with goals and then loose interest so I wont be keeping a journal every single day. I'm going to attempt to write one down every month. My aim is to have, at the end of 2015, twelve prayers written in earnest. Or maybe I'll step it up to 52...we'll have to see. This resolution also hopes to increase my delving into The Word as well as my relationship with God so that I can hear his voice more clearly and trust him ever more and with reckless abandon, so to speak.


My new years resolutions are simplistic in writing and few. I have better luck with them being more realistic an making them a less intimidating list. Oh what a contrast some of these are to what I wrote in the past. It serves as a reminder to me of how circumstances change you and you desire a different response depending on the time and place and who you are in those moments.

Of course I will also be attempting the usual 'get good grades' but that's a given for a student now isn't it? I also will be focusing on getting more organised in this aspect of my life or another. Yay for pretty planner motivations!

I will admit it has already been so hard keeping these, yes, even though we're only five days in but I know it is so worth it. I can already feel change. Or maybe that's enthusiasm? haha Oh well, either way!

What are you conquering in 2015?

Peace. Love. Be it Resolved.


  1. Hah! Have just written a similar post.....(and some of my personal goals include keeping a prayer journal and listening more!)....

  2. Well would ya check us inspired gals out! haha

  3. You've sure been doing great with the crafting so far that's for sure. I' cant wait to see what projects you conquer this year :D I wasn't good at keeping the, so much myself, until i started simplifying and making them more generalised, that took a lot of the pressure of myself that i had put on myself.


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