Thursday, 10 September 2009

Welcome & It's Complicated...

Hi! Welcome to my personal & lifestyle blog.

My life has always revolved around the question mark. Why? When? How? How? I'm a questioner and always have been and i created this blog to help me find answers to things. To question the me inside myself.

So, this is your chance to tag along as i discover, as i learn to recognise my own inner voice when i hear it. As i learn the things i like and accept that it's okay to like them. Whatever they are. This is my journey, this is my treasure hunt. This is my giant question mark.

Everyday the girl in the mirror becomes new to me, everyday i learn something new about her, what she likes, what she believes, what she wants to do, where she wants to go and what she wishes for. Who is she? Everyday i see her and tilt my head to the side, squinting, trying to be sure if i recognize her. Like I've seen her before but not quite sure, i ponder 'Hmmm She Must Be New...?" because everyday a little more of her, a little part of me is.

Sometimes i judge her too harshly...but every time she teaches me.

Sometimes i post about hair respect, body types, rape, me. The results may vary! If you'd like to discover with me, you're free to follow.

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