Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Musing Style :: Light Show

This is an old shirt i've had a while, it was thrifted and i didn't know how to wear it. It's a haulter hoodie. I really don't know what those multi coloured bits decorating it are meant to be aside from bright and interesting.

I felt like trying something different, so i tried putting my hair up into a poof and wearing this top, two firsts. Too bad the poof's first try isn't too poofy...ah well! Better luck next time.

It was a quick trip. I felt like doing a lazy edgy slightly street look and this was the end result.

Wearing :

 Hoodie Haulter Top - Thrifted
 Bermunda Jeans Shorts - Gifted
Lippie MAC - Girl About Town

Friday, 16 May 2014

Show me the flower that blooms without shaking.

I've been having a hard time lately. This is my favorite Korean poem. I wish i could remember where i found the translation but i dont. This makes me happy. I heard it first in one of the South Korean high school dramas i wached. I can't remember which one.

I find that it discribes well how i feel in times of ill ease. I feel like this is the moment when the wind is shaking me during growth. And eveven when the wind slows and even stops...i know that it will come again...Anyway....

Where is the flower that blooms without shaking?
Any of the beautiful flowers of this world
all bloom while being shaken.
They shake on stems that grow upright.
Where is the love that goes without shaking?
Where is the flower that blooms without being soaked?
Any of the shining flowers of this world
bloom as they are soaked.
Soaked by wind and rain, petals bloom warmly,
Where is the life that goes without being soaked?
Author - Do Jong-hwan

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Musing :: Style : Berry PinUp

 I've been waiting to wear this bad boy for a while now, stared at it for about a year or two before i caved and bought it during a sale. At the time it was the only colour available. Now they have it in black, navy and a pretty pale yellow. You guessed it, now i'm watching them too. It's my secret dream t live out my days dressed as a 50s babe 75% percent of the time. The other 25% is just me leaving room for if and when i get bored of doing one kind of style, which i often do. After wearing this beauty i figured the next wear demands heels, due to my body type and the dress style it makes me appear a bit short. I don't mind too much though, i couldn't love it more unless it was navy ;D

I wore this to lunch with mother for mothers day, a special dress for a special day with a special lady! My mother works very hard. Sometimes when you have a baby born with a disability i think it can be hard, every mother will worry and wish that their child grows healthy and happy. So, sometimes when i am getting dressed i remember her, remember to show her that dispite struggle, here i am healthy, happy and workin' what my mama gave me! Like she taught ;)

Dress: Modcloth // Necklace: Modcloth // Satchel Bag: Sammy Dress (review of that experiance to come) // Anckle High Boots: Thrifted // Cardie: Thrifted

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Musing :: My Plush Palette : Mother's Day Lunch Date

Happy Mother's Love Day!

This is the cake we visited grandmother with, cause she's been a mama to all of us at some point, a hard working mama who deserves to spend the rest of her days in rest, relaxation and obviously cake. Expertly decorated by my sister in law, aint it the awesome though?

For me mothers day means taking mama out to lunch, cause dammit she deserves nice things and once i can i intend to give them to her.

We had Beef Tortellini in Bolganese Souce with a sprinkle of creame cheese.

We took things pretty easy this year and spent the day ofcourse sipping wine and watching the sun go down with my aunt, mom, grandmother, neice and I. The sun went down late and the day was overcast all day. Which honestly, is my favorite

I had orange juice while she had passion fruit juice. Do you guys have passion fruit where you are? I don't remember if it's a caribbean thing.

I hope your sunday funday was swell.

Peace. Love. 2Pac Lyrics?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Musing Mind :: The Rule of the Technological Dictator

 'With the invention of the coach man has forgotten the use of his legs"

I've really come to resent the ease cellphones have provided us. It seems to have replaced little treasures, you know like manners and quality time together. Oh and the adventure of conversation with a stranger.

Now no one is a stranger, you can google, linkinIn or facebook them.

I'm not saying these services aren't wonderful. I'm simply saying cellphones at the table is something i really hate. I remember when waiting for another friend to join the group meant talking to the person sitting across from you, discovering similarities and forging new bonds. Now it means checking your tweets and facebook messages from the same people you're going to have the same conversation with in the same way later when you get home.

 I feel like we are loosing the art of discovery...the art of discovering each other...seeing, really seeing the person next to us and not decoding their sarcasm over text.

For some reason, this thought made me really appreciate the 'nuggets of wisdom' shared between my friends and I. Even if it sometimes came to me electronically. Right now, in this moment, i'm grateful it happened those friendships. I'm grateful we took the time we needed then to get to know each other face to face, to recognise the voices, the tones and the hidden meanings behind the words that make it possible for us to have the electronic conversations that are funny now.

because friendship.

This is how you talk when you're artsy fartsy ( or a couple of writers)


My classmate upon finding out that i have albinism/ am albino lol She's a sweedie.

My friend on explaining what kind of significant other she wants beside her in life.

Lipstick colours discussion, you know, for science.

Asked my guy friend how i should refer to him in an official capacity.

Taking about finals.

Now, i retreat back to the final examinations...
Btw, welcome to my lovely new followers!  ♥

Do you ever feel like we're allowing technology to dictate communication rather than facilitate it?

Peace. Love. Do Not Forget Their Voice.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Youth Talk - A Discussion of Rape and Sexual Assult in Grenada.

I know i have been extremely absent for the past couple of months, it has been one issue after the other, with a computer that gave up leading into the demands of going to school while working and then the planning of the Writers Association of Grenada annual event: Voices.

The only of these issues that has been somewhat solved is having my computer back. So I thought I would take this chance to share some great news with you.

Today 'Youth Talk' has finally aired on national television after much delay. Here is a blurry screen cap taken from my living room television.

You may or may not recall post about this event.

I am honoured to have been a part of such a production that allowed me to lend my voice to an issue currently hurting my home country. If you ever catch the broadcast I hope that you enjoy it and it makes a difference in the life of its viewers.

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