Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Musing Style :: Light Show

This is an old shirt i've had a while, it was thrifted and i didn't know how to wear it. It's a haulter hoodie. I really don't know what those multi coloured bits decorating it are meant to be aside from bright and interesting.

I felt like trying something different, so i tried putting my hair up into a poof and wearing this top, two firsts. Too bad the poof's first try isn't too poofy...ah well! Better luck next time.

It was a quick trip. I felt like doing a lazy edgy slightly street look and this was the end result.

Wearing :

 Hoodie Haulter Top - Thrifted
 Bermunda Jeans Shorts - Gifted
Lippie MAC - Girl About Town


  1. Cute summer outfit ! You're so cute and petite!


  2. Well, look at you girl. I love that color lipstick against your skin tone. And those sunnies! I hope you are feeling much better than you were in your last post. -Jess L


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