Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Musing :: Style : Berry PinUp

 I've been waiting to wear this bad boy for a while now, stared at it for about a year or two before i caved and bought it during a sale. At the time it was the only colour available. Now they have it in black, navy and a pretty pale yellow. You guessed it, now i'm watching them too. It's my secret dream t live out my days dressed as a 50s babe 75% percent of the time. The other 25% is just me leaving room for if and when i get bored of doing one kind of style, which i often do. After wearing this beauty i figured the next wear demands heels, due to my body type and the dress style it makes me appear a bit short. I don't mind too much though, i couldn't love it more unless it was navy ;D

I wore this to lunch with mother for mothers day, a special dress for a special day with a special lady! My mother works very hard. Sometimes when you have a baby born with a disability i think it can be hard, every mother will worry and wish that their child grows healthy and happy. So, sometimes when i am getting dressed i remember her, remember to show her that dispite struggle, here i am healthy, happy and workin' what my mama gave me! Like she taught ;)

Dress: Modcloth // Necklace: Modcloth // Satchel Bag: Sammy Dress (review of that experiance to come) // Anckle High Boots: Thrifted // Cardie: Thrifted


  1. It's a lovely dress and the color is quite pretty :-)


  2. This is such an adorable look! I think you picked a great color! -Jess L


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