Friday, 16 May 2014

Show me the flower that blooms without shaking.

I've been having a hard time lately. This is my favorite Korean poem. I wish i could remember where i found the translation but i dont. This makes me happy. I heard it first in one of the South Korean high school dramas i wached. I can't remember which one.

I find that it discribes well how i feel in times of ill ease. I feel like this is the moment when the wind is shaking me during growth. And eveven when the wind slows and even stops...i know that it will come again...Anyway....

Where is the flower that blooms without shaking?
Any of the beautiful flowers of this world
all bloom while being shaken.
They shake on stems that grow upright.
Where is the love that goes without shaking?
Where is the flower that blooms without being soaked?
Any of the shining flowers of this world
bloom as they are soaked.
Soaked by wind and rain, petals bloom warmly,
Where is the life that goes without being soaked?
Author - Do Jong-hwan

Happy Friday.


  1. That is such a pretty poem. I love it. You know how I love poetry. I hope that you get through whatever it is you are going through. We all have bad times in our lives and we somehow get through them, if that makes you feel any better. =) -Jess L

  2. Thanks Jess! :) (i know this response is late but i refuse to leave them unanswered lol)


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