Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Musings :: Style : 1950s Halloween Costume

For years I've been so envious of you North Americans and your Halloween costumes. There is little chance for us to dress up here as we don't have Halloween...However this year i decided to stop being jealous and play dress up of sorts too. This is a simple look that can double for work and wouldn't have me turning heads too much on the street on a regular work evening. All this stuff is from my wardrobe just put together.

 I was going to go for the full school girl look but i couldn't find the socks i wanted...Enjoy my 1950s girl look! (with a slightly modern twist)


How did i do? 1950s dolled up enough? I've always loved the argyle design detail of sweaters of the times!

Peace. Love. Dress Up!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Musings on Body :: Battle Of the Body Types

This has bothered me for sometime. The pictures have been going around that 'men love curves' with all these pictures of curvy woman. Some have even gone as far as being openly insulting calling women 'sticks' and so on and so forth

So now, instead of balimea and anerxea we are trying to create a reverse condition because it's okay to make one class or size of woman feel better at the expense of the other?

I know that one of the first things i will get is that i am just saying this because i am one of those 'skinny minis' to which those insulting texts are referring but make no mistake about it, small as i might be there are many many beautiful curves to this body because the skin I'm in was beautifully crafted just for me and i adore it.

We all have our insecurities, mine are fleeting, thank God! Unfortunately, not every woman can say that. Not everyone has come to a place where she adores her body so much that words that plant seeds of being possibly incomplete or insufficiency do not rock her.

I am continually amazed how nobody wants to take responsibility for their words and the impact they let loose on our world, the world we are ALL in together. How disconcerting it is that people say and even worse think it's no big deal to fill the minds of others with rotten thoughts of a 'less than enough' self.

Humanity has a rich history of taking a negligent approach towards the future and then wondering how it is we got to where we are headed.

Allow me to share with you one of the songs from my favorite female South Korean band 2NE1 that speaks of the mentality i am talking about:

Peace. Love Acceptance.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Think Pink! - Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

How is it October again already??!


 I have a special place in my heart for care bears. My favorite is 'Love-a-lot' bear with 'Cheer Bear' running a close second. So when i saw this i thought: ah! how special! Breast Cancer is a cause that runs very close to my heart.

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 So this month, as i often do in October i did my nails to rep the cause.

 If you would however like to show your support via some more swag, this time where a portion of the profits (if not all i really don't remember at the moment) go to helping women who can't afford mammograms have them check these cuties out from The Breast Cancer Site


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