Wednesday, 20 January 2016

2016 Word Collage.

Disclaimer: I have no idea the true origin of these images but rather ran into most of them on pinterest. I have no intention to copyright infringe by using them.

Joining in with The Circle to share my word of 2016 collage.

May this serve as a visual reminder for this year to motivate me towards Victory. Honestly I haven't been doing so great with it and am considering changing it....who knows, we will see.  In the mean time I will continue to bravely open my arms to victory so that it can envelop me in its embrace.

Peace. Love. Surety.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

7 Things I'm grateful for in week01 of 2016

  • A beautiful free public park.
  • The fact that I don't have to drive super long distances or pay to go to the beach.
  • The fact that one of my best friends has found her happily ever after type love AND is going to marry him.
  • Meeting a sweet five year old boy who reminded me to remember to hug gently even though tight hugs are fun and who, after saying he wanted to take a picture with me looked at it and said 'oh waw you're bee-ew-tee-foo'
  • Blessings of last year that will keep their hand prints on my career forever.
  • Strange friends in distant lands who remind me in moments of doubt that I am worth so much more than I can remember at once.
  • A good sermon.

Was the first week good to you, were you good to it?

Peace. Love. Gratulation. 

Friday, 8 January 2016

My 2016 Reading List

I actually have no books on my list that I feel pressed to read. I've read so much off my reading list during 2015 that 2016 is now drawing a blank. In thinking about it, I promised myself that I would read more mystery novels but now I'm not so such sure how I feel about the idea... So this us a tentative list. We'll see how it goes!

  • An Abundance of Kathrines
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  •  The Power of Seduction
  •  The Art of War
  •  Murder on the Orient Express
  •  The Girl on the Train
  •  Wild
  •  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  •  Mansfield Park
  •  The Bluest Eye
  •  Their Eyes Were Watching God
  •   Warrior of Light
  •   Make It Happen 
  •   Big Magic 

 A Few Maybes
Its Kind of a Funny Story
I Let You Go

Have you any suggestions for me??

Peace. Love. Literature.

Monday, 4 January 2016

My 2016 New Year Resolutions/Goals

I actually don't have many this year. Having picked my word of the year in 2015 (I'll share my 2016 word with you very soon!) it's been works so well I can hardly think of other goals. I will admit that those very generalised resolutions I wrote last year really really seemed to work well alongside my 2015 word so here goes. Aside from remembering all of these This Year I Hope To:

Be A Writer
Write, edit, publish more of my work. If all goes well I am finishing school this year. This means a freed up my brain and my time to do more of the things I am most passionate about. This includes writing a poem, short as it may be everyday this year. This is an effort to grow as a writer and expand my vocabulary. Editing my novels in preparation for publication. Finalising the publishing of my anthologies. Performing poetry more.

Abide in Silence 
I kind of keep failing at this one. Well not failing in the true sense of the word. I always only get it a little right. I suppose I will just have to accept it's going to take years to master the kind of silence I want to have. It's a process after all. For me what this means continuing to cultivate positive community with like minded people. Accepting that there are things that do not feed me and leaving them alone means being a healthier happier version of my best self.

Do More of What Works and Less of What Doesn't
I actually saw this on twitter one time in 2015 and I thought that's brilliant!  I'm going to make an attempt to do just that this year. In 2015 planning helped me. Scheduling time to be creative helped me. Positive stationary helped me to keep motivated and achieve set goals. I will be doing those again this year.

Seek God
Prayer worked. Prayer Journalling worked. Studying the word worked. Surrounding myself with like minded people for Jesus worked. Surrendering and leaning into Faith threw me for a loop last year and I know that in 2016 God is going to have my heart singing the right song.

I also want to travel more and be more financially responsible so we'll see how that goes too. They are intertwined you see and will take a giant effort but we go!

Okay it's a little scary to realise that I actually have more resolutions than I thought I would. Feeling a tad intimidated here haha. I suppose though it's really more 2016 goals than 2016 resolutions. A reality with which I am okay. Most of all I want to remember to watch my word for 2016 and let it guide me towards my needs.

Do you have any resolutions/goals for 2016?

Peace. Love. A Very Good Year.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Word of 2016

(art by Shellon)


I am actually quite a bit intimidated by my word for 2016. I don't know what to do with it. It feels so much bigger than me like a whole sky expanding over an ocean; stretching as far horizontal as it does straight ahead. As deep as it is wide.

It makes me so feel smaller than it and makes me doubt if it really is my word.

I didn't even deliberate on it much. It just kind of came to me one night in either late October or early November and I felt so sure, so at peace in my heart about it as if it had floated right through my window on the waves of the dark night, slipped its shoes off, made itself cosy in my heart, turned the lights down low and whispered goodnight as my peaceful companion for the rest of the year.

I already love it. I feel a strange sense of familiarity with it. As if it were meant for my 2016.

I am trying to remind myself that as 2015 began I became afraid of my 2015 word too. It felt like it was asking so much of me, boxing me into a commitment I felt so pressured to sustain. However, ultimately, it made me better and was the perfect fit.

May Victory too be the perfect fit in 2016 it's going to be a journey!

What is your word for 2016?

Peace. Love. Claim the Victory.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Well I wasn't crazy about your predecessor but I've got so much hope for you!!

A new year dawning always does that doesn't it? It shows up and covers us in anticipation and the promise of the unknown.  2016 you are no different. We're all so excited to meet you!

Be good to us.

What are you looking forward to most in 2016?

Peace. Love. Happy New Year!
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