Saturday, 17 December 2011

Jazz It Up Grenada December 2011 - Show Day

Last Night was our final rehearsal...

All rehearsal

Friday, 16 December 2011

Jazz I Up Grenada - Rehearsal


I've been very busy. School has ended for me and i have busied myself with script writing and poetry readings. This Saturday I'm reading poetry with the backing of Jazz music, played by the band i usually read poetry alongside at the monthly museum Poetry and Jazz Nights. The event is called 'Jazz It Up Grenada' (second edition ;)  very different from simply reciting poetry.

The whole flow and rhythm of the poem had to be remixed! It was really strange and unique and fun. Confusing at first but then i began to enjoy it, linking the mood of my poem to the mood of the beat...I've never done it before. Wish us luck and good weather on Saturday and if you're on the island, come see :D

This post is just a little 'behind the scenes' sneak preview of what is to come on Saturday. Take a look into our Thursday night prep jam session!
T-two days till show day...??


Our little 'studio area' Set up. The National Museum is HUGE, a maze of rooms, every time i go to it i find new rooms! :O




You'll have to come see at 6pm on Saturday 17th 2011!! :D

And now some 'just for fun' pics

Me gently fondling his instrument

ZOMG! They put up LIGHTS at the museum! LOOOOOOOVE!!!

More footage of show day and rehearsal to come!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Kpop - My Five Fav South Korean Bands


My favorite Korean male Band made a milestone of sorts recently.
i am a proud supporter.(VP)
Big Bang to the WORLD!

In honor of their milestone victory at the MTV Awards today TILT topic is 'My favorite Korean Male bands' Lets get it started shall we? (Yes i broke the Christmas theme, why? Cause i dunno)

BIG BANG (forever and always NUMBER ONE)
I love their style, confidence and most of all their MUSIC
My favorite song by them is Haru Haru

They are a 'Ballad band' which is to say they lean more to the genre of soulful, slow music.
You will notice that most of my favorite bands are Ballad bands as i am not a huge fan of 'Beat dols' as they are called in Korea. I appreciate a good looking man but the concept of loving a band just because they look good is...a little too superficial for my blood sorry. My fav song by them is 'Can't Let You Go Even If I Die' as i think their voices are amazing! As it usually is :)

Also recently released in Japanese!

One of the reasons i like 2AM over their counter parts and label mates 2PM
Who combined make 'ONE DAY'

If you know a little about their history getting into show business is a brutal challenge in Korea and they fought hard to get the chance, eventually the wise J.Y.P. narrowed them down and then separated them to 'ballad idols' and 'beast idols' respectively 2AM and 2PM' the boys struggled together and are very close as 'ONE DAY' members and hyungs (brothers) I appreciate my ONE DAY boys immensely, but i lean towards 2AM's music more, i find it more meaningful. Of course that is just me ;) and if they actually SOUND good is a different and wonderful story.

Enjoy this wonderful treat of them preforming together!

I love these guys because they sound so soulful, they play their own instruments and they're so different from the usual I love their song 'Bad Woman' possible my favorite Kpop song ever.

As you can see SHINee have gone with what i like to think of as the 'cute dongseng' concept (cute younger siblings) I love their music, not a big fan of their mature step into beat dols territory but i love to hear them which is what is most important to me :) They also did the theme song opening for Boys Over Flowers the Korean Drama which I've mentioned before

It was so hard to find a photo of them that does not look incredibly 'gay' which is part of their selling concept though from what i gather or at least and incredibly questionable i mean close bromance, which is kindda sad cause they're so good they shouldn't have to sell them like that but meh. Homme is a duo consisting of one of the main vocalists from 2AM (Changmin) and another main vocalist (Lee Hyun) from the Korean group 8ight
which is a trio of two guys and a gal. I LOVE Homme's music :D I do not dig their stressing on the beef cake beast dols concept but oh well lol. My favorite song by Homme is 'I Was Able To Eat Well' and is about two friends falling for the same girl and realizing it's not worth loosing friendship over i swear lol Despite how they market it -.-

I have purposefully linked to none official music videos in this post as much as possible cause i want you to really hear their voices and words and see why i love them.
Happy Thursday!

Friday, 2 December 2011

The diggeriedoo and cross cultural awesomeness at Jazz and Poetry Night


What a fine treat we had at Jazz & Poetry in November! I know this is posted late but i was waiting for some footage (that i never received) Regardless! The show must go on i suppose.

We had these lovely group of people come in, from The States, Scotland, Australia and my memory fails me where else but it was a beautiful world wind mix! They came together on stage so well!


I especially enjoyed this young chap who brought a really nice kind of rock and role feel to the evening! :D


This is Caroline, She plays the didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument traditionally made from the trunk of termite hollowed eucalyptus trees from Australia  They average about 4 feet in length, and are played by vibrating your lips into the top end of the instrument which creates a deep humming drone.

It is famous for being played by the Amerindians of Australia but LISTEN TO THIS! Caroline (the woman you see playing it) Says she MADE that one! with the part from a tree found on one of OUR islands, how cool is that I think it was called the Agave tree? I'm not very sure sorry :(

A #FromWhereIStand shot (what i see as i stood in place up and down on my way to Jazz and Poetry Night) Isn't the moon pretty?

Enjoy what you can while you can!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting To Zero


Today is world AIDS day

Fairly recently someone i love dearly has been seriously affected by this incurable disease...

I've always known a lot about it, even participated in an essay completion when i was about 16 or so, talking about the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

Let me tell you, it's a whole new story when it hits home.

I thought of my friend randomly today...i was walking through the streets and thought i saw someone of their height and style and my heart leaped with joy! Then i realized there was no way that could be my friend...and my heart hurt, not because it wasn't my friend but because one day, when it could be my friend won't be on this earth anymore...because my friend will be exiting this earth earlier than my friend should have to...

Getting to zero means zero cases and zero stigma and discrimination; a world worth fighting for yes?

View the quilt patch i created in honor of my friend and added to 2015 culture of a cure (i think it is called) project!

Join the culture of a cure.
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