Monday, 28 April 2014

Musing :: The Daily Do


What have i been up to? Here is a window into a couple of my daily dos

Enjoying public holidays with the women of my family, trying out wine and realising when to 'say uncle'Hey, how awesome is the name of this white wine? I giggled, you know, like a grown up.

 Study time is upon me, right now my ipad is my best friend.

Snacking while studying. Btw? OMG PRETZEL gold fish?! THAT'S A THING? Why was i not made aware!?! Yummy yum yum.

 Basking in the love of the pussy. Captain Commando is her name (formerly Miss Dottie.)

More studying, learning about how human being learn to use language.

More snacking while studying, also loving this bed sheet of mine, which i never thought i would, it's not really my style. Poor thing though, for because i am always writing something or the other on it its already got an ink stain, writer fail.

My friend recently found out that garlic comes in a jar ( something we don't have here on the island. also "stupes' is the local animatopia for the sucking of your teeth. ) It rocked her world, changed her life even.

Peace. Love. Sanity.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Musing :: Style : Birthday Focus

Top: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: gifted
Yes i know that this is supper blurry but why do i like it so much? On my birthday this is what a wore. On my birthday i try very hard to focus on staying happy for that ENTIRE 24 hours. As i grow older it becomes harder and i had hoped it would be the opposite. I guess focus and growth is a battle that is constant. Maybe that's why i like this photo so much. I feel like even though it is out of focus, i am not.

Sometimes i think that i am but i'm not. I've got dreams and more importantly i've got goals. Sometimes i forget that i do but i just have to remember to not forget.  Cause as long as i feel like i can see the horizon, even if i can just see the outline of the future i hope for, it means i have it in focus.

And focus is the first step necessary if you want to keep on running towad your goal.

Be. Love. Focus.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Musing Mind: Come, Take a Walk With Me. See What I See. Happy Earthday 2014

April 22nd is Earth Day and i almost missed it this year!
source: i really don't know some random facebook page

I love my little home called earth, sometimes i have found the best way to clear my head is to just take a walk, in an area an enjoy. Without a destination  or a purpose. I have found the comfort in just walking. Walking and appreciating that i can walk and smile in the beauty that exists around me. Even if i have to find it. Below are a few shots from one of my favorite places on the island where i live along with three of my favorite quotes about walking and introspection, i hope you enjoy it.

"There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country. A find landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast."
(Paul Scott Mowrer)

 I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. "
(John Muir)

 "Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow. "
(Henry David Thoreau)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Musing :: Mind : Clothes dancing in the breeze

In moments of chaos and confusion. my soul whispered 'Don't forget to breath' So i stopped, stood and really looked around. That's how i saw you singing in my yard. You were dancing a waltz amidst the clothes on the line. Switching between a soft coo and a sweeping howl.

You didn't see me watching you, or perhaps you didn't care? You just kept dancing, like a carefree child at the end of a summer's day, acknowledging that tomorrow there was no school. That the only thing to look forward to come morning was another opertunity to dance.

Only this dance, would be with a new partner, a partner of a different colour, purpose and texture.... Another unsuspecting partner that would become the central focus of your whimsical, airy dance.

Another partner that would feel you take their life in hand and engulf it all. Just for a moment.

And i remembered then what it felt like to dance with you. I remembered the feel of your hands in my hands, your hands in my hair, your hands in my heart as we twirled and twirled and twirled when nobody was watching and sometimes, even when they were. I remembered what it felt like to dance with the wind. I remembered the faraway feel of the dance. I remembered the feel.

Peace. Love. Dace with the Wind.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Musing :: NOTD : Bright Side of Life

The 17th of April was my birthday.

I had a lovely little time with people i love. The day had it's ups and downs but isn't that a summarisation of life it self? I did my nails in some of the brightest colours i own, orange, florcent pink and yellow. All these colours are colours i generally hate. When did i come to love them so much? (well at least in nailpolish, they still make my eyes hurt on clothes. Thanks photopobia! )

Isn't it crazy how much we can change even while we're looking? I have this theory that we only come to know change after it happens...

Be Well.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Musing Mind :: Breathe

I think there are moments meant for just breathing, naturally and at a steady pace. Moments in time meant for recognising the sky is blue and the earth is warm. The sun is setting and the yellow light is hugging the grey of the brick building just ahead. The dog is happy, the chickens are restlessly finding their footing for the night ahead and the cat has found a home with a yard where she can climb trees and chase as many lizards as she can find.

I think moments like those come when the soles of your feet are comfortably crushing blades of grass and your eyes are following the flight of pigeons that just left the top of the hot red roof and the tellphone lines and have now took to the open sky as if chasing the final glowing rays of the setting sun.

I think there are moments like that that, as a human being, you must breath that your soul remembers the smell and the colour and the taste, years from now.

Don't forget to breathe.
Peace. Love. Breathe in the Moment

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Birthday Wishlist 2014

It's April! Aries Season. As of today my birthday is eactly two weeks away. Which got me to thinking about creating a birthday wishlist again. Honestly, it was very hard to do this year. I'm realising that as you grow up the things you desire, the things you yurn for change....or perhaps....evolve?  When i started thinking all i could come up with was:
  • A Long Time With the People I Love the Most
  • Courage
  • Clearity
  • Progress
  • Peace of Mind
It took me some time to actually come up with some material suggestions and even then, i found that i only really wanted three of them, the next two are a bit pricey so i feel guilty even entertaining the thought...and it's just a wishlist! haha crazy how uncomfortable money can make us, even hypeathetically. In the hopes that you enjoyed my nontangible wishlist above, take a look at my tangible wishlist below:

// 1. Came To Dance Tank  - love tanks, rececntly digging graphic tees, this message is all too true. // 2.Sterling Silver Initial Necklace - Simple but pretty, and silver! I love silver... // 3. MAC Archie Lipstick Collection in Daddy’s Little Girl, Boyfriend Stealer,  Ronnie Red, Girl Next Door, Betty Bright - i don't want all of them just these select colours// 4. Julip Nailpolish Set - wanted this since i saw it on the Opera Whinfrey show years ago // 5.Hello Sweetie Doctor Who Tee - a cutesey spin on my favorite female Doctor Who character and he signiture saying, love it! //

Hopefully after some saving and graduation in the next two years, i can afford the priceyer ones on this list :) Till then a girl can dream...and wish ;)

Do you find that the things you want out of life are changing?

Peace. Love. Birthdays.
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