Saturday, 12 April 2014

Musing Mind :: Breathe

I think there are moments meant for just breathing, naturally and at a steady pace. Moments in time meant for recognising the sky is blue and the earth is warm. The sun is setting and the yellow light is hugging the grey of the brick building just ahead. The dog is happy, the chickens are restlessly finding their footing for the night ahead and the cat has found a home with a yard where she can climb trees and chase as many lizards as she can find.

I think moments like those come when the soles of your feet are comfortably crushing blades of grass and your eyes are following the flight of pigeons that just left the top of the hot red roof and the tellphone lines and have now took to the open sky as if chasing the final glowing rays of the setting sun.

I think there are moments like that that, as a human being, you must breath that your soul remembers the smell and the colour and the taste, years from now.

Don't forget to breathe.
Peace. Love. Breathe in the Moment

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