Monday, 28 April 2014

Musing :: The Daily Do


What have i been up to? Here is a window into a couple of my daily dos

Enjoying public holidays with the women of my family, trying out wine and realising when to 'say uncle'Hey, how awesome is the name of this white wine? I giggled, you know, like a grown up.

 Study time is upon me, right now my ipad is my best friend.

Snacking while studying. Btw? OMG PRETZEL gold fish?! THAT'S A THING? Why was i not made aware!?! Yummy yum yum.

 Basking in the love of the pussy. Captain Commando is her name (formerly Miss Dottie.)

More studying, learning about how human being learn to use language.

More snacking while studying, also loving this bed sheet of mine, which i never thought i would, it's not really my style. Poor thing though, for because i am always writing something or the other on it its already got an ink stain, writer fail.

My friend recently found out that garlic comes in a jar ( something we don't have here on the island. also "stupes' is the local animatopia for the sucking of your teeth. ) It rocked her world, changed her life even.

Peace. Love. Sanity.


  1. Haha, that wine looks amazing!! :P


  2. My life is pretty much just like this. School/homework, eating, and little, random amusing things (at least in my eyes). I need to be drinking some- or all- of my wine. =) -Jess L

  3. The wine was yummy? :) I'm only now discovering ones i actually like so thats fun and slightl hilarious.


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