Saturday, 19 April 2014

Musing :: Mind : Clothes dancing in the breeze

In moments of chaos and confusion. my soul whispered 'Don't forget to breath' So i stopped, stood and really looked around. That's how i saw you singing in my yard. You were dancing a waltz amidst the clothes on the line. Switching between a soft coo and a sweeping howl.

You didn't see me watching you, or perhaps you didn't care? You just kept dancing, like a carefree child at the end of a summer's day, acknowledging that tomorrow there was no school. That the only thing to look forward to come morning was another opertunity to dance.

Only this dance, would be with a new partner, a partner of a different colour, purpose and texture.... Another unsuspecting partner that would become the central focus of your whimsical, airy dance.

Another partner that would feel you take their life in hand and engulf it all. Just for a moment.

And i remembered then what it felt like to dance with you. I remembered the feel of your hands in my hands, your hands in my hair, your hands in my heart as we twirled and twirled and twirled when nobody was watching and sometimes, even when they were. I remembered what it felt like to dance with the wind. I remembered the faraway feel of the dance. I remembered the feel.

Peace. Love. Dace with the Wind.

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