Sunday, 30 November 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

via: google images, if you know the creator please tell me so that I may give credit

~ I think bats are cute - I know they're similar looking to the rodent family but they just look so precious with their little eyes, huge folding wings , swift mode of travel and soft bodies...

~ I LOVE baking -I make a wicked brownie.

~ I've always wanted to adopt - Since I learned what it was as a child I thought to myself: this world is full of children in need of love, I have love, I should give it.

~ I don't like pink - I know, my blog template might make you think otherwise but I actually have had quite enough pink to last a life time. It was my favourite colour from ages 11 - 16 and almost everything I bought back then would be pink so I think I over did it and got sick of it.  Sadly I really liked this template structure and it wasn't available in any other colour. I don't hate the colour though so it doesn't put me off either :)

~ I never wanted to be a teacher - I love it with every cell in me now but when I was growing up I thought a person would have to be cracked to willingly pursue such a profession with it's varying needs and commitments. Funny how life turns out aint it?

~ I didn't learn to do my nails myself until I was in collage - with low vision it's no easy task colouring within the lines in anyway.

~ Due to being low visioned I don't see faces well from a distance, as a results lots of people think I'm stuck up or ignoring them because I don't say hi when I end up standing/sitting/walking past them in the street. Which is unfortunate, cause I'm still none the wiser and end up walking along with a happy face. So if you see me? Say hi okay? I wont see you but it doesn't mean I love you any less. Sorry in advance!

Thank you to everyone that nominated me for this award, I know that Helen did and if I remember correctly Charlotte did too. This award requires you post seven little known facts about yourself and tag a blogger under 100 followers to do the same. I think I'm forgetting someone else who did as well, please forgive the school fried brain but I really do appreciate it, seeing my name on a list of nominees made my heart warm and maybe my eyes moist I'll never tell ;)

 Another final paper out of the way this week and now it's time to prep for the written exam this week! Thank you for still visiting though my posting schedule scares. This post was already in draft and I felt bad for not posting it so it's taking the place of Sunday Sunshine today as I didn't have time to round up this week. I'm getting my brain back though so things may go back to normal but who am I kidding? I don't even know! What I do know however is that blogging keeps me sane these days, so when I get the inspiration, I'm gonna work that thing!

I'm tagging: A little bit closer || Grenada Soul Adventurer || Chatoyant Heart || You who's name i forgot because my brain is fried.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 28 November 2014

7 Awesome Gifts for the Literature Lover under $20!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 //

It's Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner and as I continue to prepare for my exams, I couldn't help but check out what the internet has to offer the likes of my broke student self. Wouldn't you know, I ended up at Modcloth again, swooning over their products that any literature lover or reader would have a an uncontrollable crush on? Can you believe each product on this list is under $20 dollars right now?! Needless to say they are all on mywishlist this season!

Though lets face it, I would be over the moon to just that have number one and  if I were really really lucky, that number 3, in my life! I decided I had to share them with you before each and everyone one was sold out.

Peace. Love. Literature fo' Life.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

A glance at Sailor Moon through the lens of Feminist Literary theory

  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 & 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I'm no expert on feminist theory, far from it. I have been consulting it a bit in preparations for and during my studies and while it is the one theory of literature I will rarely opt for writing about for reasons undisclosed, I really got to thinking about it while I considered why it is I enjoy the sailor moon series and genre so very much.

When I was a child Sailor Moon did so much for me. It was grand looking up at a screen and seeing a super hero fighting crime that looked like I did. By looked like I did I do not mean hair or breasts specifically but inherently female. Usagi is introduced as a very young girl, she doesn't like school nor is she very good at it, she longs for love and friendship, pretty and yummy things. She is care free, Usagi is flawed, in the process of growth and  is unapologetic about it.

When the sailor senshi transform, it could not be more 'girlie', they swish into a ball of pretty pink light that accentuates their curves, shows of big oversized bows, elegant tiaras and lipstick and nail polish. Does that stop them from kicking some major scum bag tush? Not in the least.

Feminist literary theory seeks to explore the norms and culture of society in relation to their expectations of women, that is of course putting it very shortly, if you really want to know more here is a site you can check out.

I am not trying to create an argument for crime fighting girls in mini skirts here, be not confused. I'm am just trying to put into perspective the things that stood out to me and reached me through this show then and now.

When I was seven years old and cramped out in front of my television set watching these young girls twirl into protectors of the universe it did not matter to me that they were in mini skirts as much as it did that they  were both pretty and strong. They were allowed to be pretty and strong. As a woman you are allowed to be both pretty and strong. This is a message nobody was saying! In fact, quite the opposite.

The sailor senshi were cooks who were also tom boys, they were aggressive women who liked martial arts but also longed for love and acceptance. They were superstars that had low self esteem, they were future princesses of planets that could not yet figure out how to get passing grades on tests and women who had been taught to hate themselves for the way they stood out because society told them that their strengths made them unique, different and by extension...made them wrong. Then they took that message and defied it. 

There was a sailor senshi for all of us at some point, so many character strengths and flaws were spread out amongst them I can not say that I identified with just one...In fact through many episodes the way I felt rickshawed between the lot of them. I would tell you then and can still tell you now that Sailor Mars - Rei Hino is my favourite secret senshi and the one I relate to most.

So you best believe I will be watching the less censored remake with eyes and ears well peeked. I am not saying of course that sailor moon is completely free of gender stereotyping notions, often little is. I am saying that for me, an introduction to sailor moon reinforced the belief I have always had in my heart: That just because a woman likes pink, flowers other things considered soft and squishy, does not make her inherently weak, it does not make her less able to use her abilities, her thoughts and yes even her emotions to do good and to protect the things that are important to her.

I remember reading a sailor moon quote that said 'women must be strong to protect the men they love' and it rang so true to me. I know that many may read this as an insult, why must she be strong to protect a man they may say. I say, that once you love someone, regardless of their gender you are bound to want to protect them.

Too long it has been perpetuated that when a woman and a man are in love she sits back and receives that protects gleefully. Love, as I believe it, exchanges those powerful feelings. If he protects you, your heart will certainly move to protect him. Sailor Moon thought me that is was not just normal to have those feelings as a woman but that it was quite possible to achieve this level of protection you hope to provide to the ones we love and that such protection can present itself in unique ways just as important as the strengths of anyone else, even if your strengths come in pink ;)

That's why sailor moon, as 'dizzy' as our dear sweet Usagi was brought across, will always have a very special place in my heart.  A female crime fighter kicking serious butt and making it look cool? I'll take it.

I am thankful for Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi solidifying my personal truth, that you can be a fighter and a dreamer at the same time.

Oh and by the way happy thanksgiving America.
Peace. Love. Protect.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Sunshine

I don't even remember if I shared this photo before but I'm too sick to think straight.Also yes, my toes need doing but aint nobody got time for that when the academic sky is falling down all around you. Enjoy a little pretty and not pretty of real life why dontcha.

Rejoice! For I am still alive, though ill and having less and less of a presence in the blogesphere as finals creep closer and closer. This is the part where I become absent sorry guys, I'll see you on the flip side. I do have a scheduled post coming up this week though that kind of came to me even in my feverish state. If you can relate I hope that once it goes live you can tell me what you think. Meanwhile!

// This just has me appreciating more and more the mind of a child and how clearly they see things beyond the horizon.

// This makes me feel more and more everyday that the solutions are out there.

// I need to try and adopt this immediately!

// With beauty standards being constantly decided by everyone but the people they are decided for this video was very interesting to me as someone who doesn't where make up (except for lipstick but I'm not sure that counts)  I never thought of not wearing make up as courageous, in fact honestly I just never thought about it. I'm cool with m'face and I guess with my limited vision seeing 'flaws' on myself or other people isn't really a thing. It was even better seeing them consider both sides of the argument though, why judge when there is knowledge to be had?

// I don't always like finding new renditions of old favourites but when I do it is almost always Christmas music. As I approach finals and am finally able to see past the haze of school work to the other side which is Christmas break, this well compiled playlist is looking like an adventure. Sadly  that site does not cater to my lot so I'll have to go youtube search em if I wanna hear, which I will do once I'm out of the woods. I do hope you have better luck than I!

Pray for me and my finals guys! Man am I going to need it....

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why I Bothered to change My Blogspot Address

So I'm betting you're asking:

But Lizelle, why not just get a domain name, why would you go to  the trouble of changing your blogger address again?!

Well valued reader, I'll tell you!

Could I have simply gone the domain name route? Yes, probably but I am not at a point in my life where I can maintain a domain yet. I am a student and the money I work for stakes up to 1 of mine = 3 U.S dollars so how I spend money has to be scrutinized and then scrutinized again and then scrutinized after that. This is made to be even more so as I am not just in school but I am working while I do it. So I am factoring costs to get to work, tuition, textbooks, medical payments with my albino always fighting of skin cancer with a stick self, my book launch in the works now set back and of course, as any teacher knows, expenses that come up as a result of being a teacher (hungry kiddos who cant afford meals, no pencil bla bla and other hypercriticals). So while the cost of a domain may seem small and well worth it in the long run, everything in time :) I really did consider it this time though but I had a bit of an unexpected down pour of financial commitments lately...

Still, it did bother me to be operating under my she must be new name. If you've been a follower for more than a year or two you probably noticed when my blog title first changed from She Must Be New to Sandals & Sunnies. This post, previously my about me page in fact, hints as to the reason behind the first name but what is the reason behind this one?

Well, likely by now you know I am of Caribbean origins. I also have albinism. Those very real facts are a big part of my life. If you think about it, it makes sense to live your life in sandals and sunnies if you live in the Caribbean (it was almost flip flops and sunnies as that makes even more sense but that did not sound quite as pretty!) Plus because of photofobia (extreme sensitivity to light) caused by albinism, you will hardly find me without sunglasses anyway, for me they are not just a fashion statement, they ARE my glasses.

Aside from these aspects of my blog title making literal sense in my life, they have quite a metaphoric meaning to me as well. You see sandals and sunnies is about who I am in a very unique way. I am a person who believes strongly in making due with where you are until you get where you want to be, even as you work towards that destination. For years many people I know and even I have previously fallen victim in our circumstances, seeing only the negative about where we are geographically located, economic costs, government status, poverty levels, you name it, (basically all the things the media doesn't readily show you), made even more difficult to accept due to the generation we are and are leading into...I mean no Mac Cosmetics?! What IS the meaning of life then!??  haha bad joke there.

It took a while but as I grew and matured it became clearer and clearer to me the toxicity of hating your circumstance instead of expelling your energy in finding beauty where it is rather than kicking your feet and anger up at where it is not. I know that everybody's circumstances are not the same but for me it became all the clearer the importance of cherishing the Caribbean sky, access to the ocean free, crowd free and shaded whenever I desire and the fact that I get to belong where people save their lives trying to get to.

I am not saying I will never leave because leaving too is a part of life. The world is big and I am not interested in only just this page....but I no longer want to spend my life dwelling on the things I cannot change in the time I want to change it. I want to find beauty, make beauty, clear my eyes and SEE beauty not for what we think it is or want it to be but for what it ACTUALLY is, things like: freedom, friendship and laughter, things like fresh coconut water that literally grows outside my door, things like unprocessed sugar, and knowing how chocolate is made, picking its origins with my own hand and growing up not even knowing that.

There are so many joys out there to be had. Sandals and Sunnies reminds me to walk in comfort and live in a vision of clarity both literally and metaphorically. It reminds me not to dwell too much in the path of others, wanting their lives and their colours of beauty but to appreciate my truest most authentic self as beautiful and worthy of adoration. It is only by chance that more often than not you find me living in actual Sandals and Sunnies haha. Silly awesome crazy world....

It made me uncomfortable living in a vision of yesteryear. It was making me feel stuck, disorganised and crowded. Yes, my blog title did all that! Haha Bloggers take it seriously yo! I wanted to step bravely into the vision I have for my blog not hold on due to familiarity or fear.

I didn't want to be bound to something old over the possible loss of followers. I love you all so much, you must know that by now but I think the blogging word gets so bogged down with the acquisition of big figures. I don't have giant figures like a lot of other bloggers out their but I didn't want a hope to excel to keep me locked away into something I no longer felt as tied to.

As writers, we have the power to change the conversation. So I changed the conversation from she must be new to Sandals & Sunnies. I doubt that it will change again as I will likely purchase a domain name next, once I graduate maybe? I am comfortable with that and I hope you will be too.

So maybe this part of the journey is about identity and authenticity. 

Peace. Love. Take Command of your own comfort.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Sunshine | Lipstick and Laughter

 // I haven't had much time to think of the approaching Christmas season lately as I am still being well buried by school work but this both almost brought me to tears and broke my heart at the same time, simply because I know how unlikely it is. Ah if only love would transcend borders and languages like this today...

// I am a person who needs to work hard at being productive in the face of distraction, I actually didn't know I was exercising this rule until I read about it.

// Nobody needed to tell me Van Goth was a genius, already knew it. He's my fvourite after all.

// This depiction of grown up rugrats ugh, right in the childhood!

// As a huge JYP group supporter (Big Bang is V.I.P! Go Blackjacks! heh heh)  as well as The Walking Dead viewer I guess, this made me lmao Which I guess you wont get if you're not a Korean culture and language enthusiast like I am lol

// I'm such a little secret lipstick addict though that this buzzfeed list totally gets me. Not all of it but like 95 percent.

// This feature on 14 Luscious Shades of Lipstick K-Pop Idols Wear is killing me with the not linking to wear I can get some of these shades and more importantly what they are called!  The one that Gayoon is wearing in particular has got me swooning! I still maintain that My Love from another Stars has the baddest lipstick game of recent times though. omg my body was so ready for that red and don't even get me started on the orange lip from Pretty ugh I cannot even. I must admit though, everything that character Myo Mi did, wore and said had me at perfection, I had such a girl crush on her!

This post was a bit all over the place and had a touch of Korean all over it, what can I say? I love the Korean language, culture and entertainment industry. Though I have not been talking a lot about it on here lately. I think because I haven't touched a Korean drama since the semester started I'm going through withdraw!

Anyway, I hope you're having a happy Sunday, with any luck I should be gleefully on my way to a special church session so that's got me excited, provided I'm not too exhausted....I know my next post was to be why I changed my blogspot address but fear not, that post is scheduled for Tuesday, it was getting way too lengthy and usually whenever i commit publicly to a date on my blog the universe laughs at me.

Enough with the rambling, 

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Great Deliberation :: I Want To Change My Blogspot Address : 10 Things To Know Before This Leap!

This post was inspired by the research i did before making this change, I had so many questions and I'm sure other bloggers like me are out there and do too. I hope this is helpful. If it is in anyway, do consider following me on bloglovin'. yeah? Oh and yeah this picture is a little irrelevant but you know.

10 Things To Know Before You Change Your Blogger Address

External Links and Features :: Anybody who has ever linked to you in the past, wherever on the internet that link is, it wont work now. Which is great if you're dodging stalkers or creeps or whatever but horrible if you're an avid linker-uper or have been featured. Unless of course, you're a frequent commenter wherever you've been featured and readers can use your comments to get to your new home address. Or, if people are reeeally nice and willing to change your old link for you where they featured you to match your new address.

How to go about it :: BEFORE you change your blospot address you're going to want to create a new blog with the address you want to change it to. This makes it possible to know if the name is available and play about until you find a variation that is, as well as completing the foundation of the the next step below. After you've done this, when you're ready to move you can just switch your addresses by making a small variation in your newly created blog title then using the title you want on your present blog, then going back and changing the freshly created blog to the title your blog used to be so people who might be led to your blog by other links can at least find you and don't think you died or disappeared off the internet. I know I for one hate when that happens.

What about bloglovin? :: GUESS WHAT! Bloglovin' has the ability to move all your followers over to your new account, no love (or in this case followers lost) I don't know about google friend connect (GFC) though... Bloglovin was wonderful about it, I contacted them when I was thinking about it, they assured me they could, solidified the process for me then changed my bloglovin' account once I made the change. It happened in a day. Thank you for expert service bloglovin! You continue to be awesome!

Related posts :: You're going to have to change your linkWithin if you use it. I had to, it still linked to posts via my old address. Sadly no matter how hard I tried to embed new code, it wasn't working so I switched to Engageya real quick (you snooze you loose!) and I must admit I like it better. It fills out the space at the end of my posts better even though it;s only four links being linked to, something my linkWithin didn't do even though I had it set to the same amount, it gives me sizing options and shape options too. It took about 3 hours to actually show up on my blog which was a little annoying but I got over it once I realised it was actually working. Good bye LinkWithin!

Blog Pages :: You're going to have to change your Navigation Bar if it links within your blog. I didn't anticipate this but I went right ahead and easily did it so that my readers weren't thrown when they showed up and things were all scatter brained around here. Dedicated to you baby! ;)

Your Grab Button Code :: You're going to have to change your blog button code if you have one. Thankfully that blog grab button creator I mentioned in the past came well in handy and already had the image uploaded so....easy enough!

Copyrights :: The copyright statement on your blog (if you have one which you totally should) will probably still refer to your old name. Change that ASAP and don't stay open to thieves! As well as any other copyright agreements you are a part of, you'll have to update em. I almost missed that one!

Social Media Icons :: If like me you have a bloglovin' follow me button or a feed follow button in your sidebar, make sure you update that too! You want new follows to be able to correctly follow your blog if they want to before they loose interest and leave and you want to make it as easy as possible for your dedicated followers to keep following you if they need to update their bookmarks.

Watermarked Photos :: Okay well it's fair to say my blog is a watermark disaster. yumekari from my very first blog attempt, she must be new and now Sandals & Sunnies. I must admit, watermarking is something I believe in so I will continue to do it. As for it blowing up in my face as I grew as a blogger in the past, well, nothing I can do about that but role with it. Growth isn't always tidy now is it?

MAJOR House keeping :: There will likely be broken links galore to find and fix if you do a lot of inward linking in your posts. This is going to be a bit of a puzzling task for me but I'm okay with that. I honestly needed to do some blog house keeping anyway and the fact that my blog identity is all fixed up nice just serves to make is all the more rewarding.


So even knowing this, why did I bother to change my blogspot address instead of just getting a domain name?! Well, that's a great question and now that I've told you all about the how, let me tell you about the why...tomorrow, in my next post, cause that's a whole other post...

Oh! I also added disqcus but I must admit I miss seeing your familiar display pictures when you comment :,(  I hope some of you will consider opening a disqcus account and putting up a display pic so you're not just a name but a pic with a name, even if it's an icon that caries the name of your blog. (I have to do the same.) for without it disqcus doesn't link me to your blog anymore and I do so want to check out your digs! Bah, no change without loss it seems...

I think I've managed fixing all the superficial links and all links in future posts WILL work. I'm going to be dedicating some time well to fixing any internal broken links I have so if there are any that are bothering you feel free to contact me and I shall get RIGHT on it. Thank you for baring and staying with me through this strange little change of mine. ♥ Blogging is a journey, a journey I enjoy but sometimes it gets a little bumpy but that doesn't mean it has to be any less beautiful.

Peace. Love. Informed Decisions

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An attitude of Gratitude :: The Intangible Things

 Marker was not cooperative

Good day lovelies

As you may or may not have noticed my Sunday Sunshine post was absent this week, that's because I've been running a bit low on sunshine again. Instead I have decided to use this as an opportunity to exercise an attitude of gratitude. Possibly brought on by the thankful30 photo challenge I'm attempting this month. I'll share my results with you soon ;)

At times like these I find it hardest to exercise and an attitude of gratitude but I suspect now is when it is most important to do so though the things to be grateful for are so hard to think of....still...

// I am grateful for the rain, it drizzled all evening Sunday till way into the wee hours of the night as I drifted of to sleep and was still pitter pattering as i eased into conciousness again this Monday morning, making me feel knew and replenished like plants after a drought.

// I am thankful for Moments like that when I can lay in the darkness on clean sheets in the comfort of my own bed, enjoying that my eyes have not yet adjusted to the lack of light but knowing that even now I am safe. The rain makes the brook near my house rush like that white rabbit from Alice in wonder land, as though it is late for a date with destiny and this reminds me what simple joy is.

// I am thankful for God, His love and protection and insight. I am thankful that I still live in a time when I can call out to Him.

// I am thankful for laughter brought on by friends who remind me that we only get one chance at life so we might as well laugh it up.

// I am thankful for dreams that are bigger than my head because some people do not have the courage to dream any more or never had it at all...

// And lastly I am thankful for you, whoever you are reading this. Thank you for taking a moment to hear my voice, thank you for sparing a few motions of fingers on keyboards to leave comments that make me smile and flush in appreciation. Thank you for emails just to say hello or to tell me that my words have made an impact on your life, even if it is in the smallest way. Thank you for your kindness that makes my dark days just a bit warmer when I sit back and reflect these little niceties really touch me. I may not be one of those bloggers with thousands of followers but I love you all like you are a thousand in number and I enjoy your company. Thank you for your friendship.

These simple intangible things foster in me an attitude of gratitude and I am so grateful. What do you do when you run lo on sunshine?

Peace. Love. Gratitude.

By the way I have officially changing over from she must be new at blogspot dot com to I hope that you will stay with me  It may not be a huge change but it helps me a lot as it has to do with identity, I feel like I've finally settled into a blog name that represents both me and where I come from. Thanks for understanding! Bloglovin has kindly moved over my followers to my new blog address. This will of course mean a little house keeping on the blog so do excuse the mess, (I'll be finding fixing broken links this week). I would like your help in finding out: are my blog updates showing up in your bloglovin' feed as usual?  Please let me know. :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Floral Friday :: All Saints Flowers - The Yellow Poui

These flowers are everywhere at this time of the year, upon every hill in the distance, they seem to have taken over the island. They are the yellow poui flower. We seem to call them all saints flowers as they bloom around all saints time. Here where I live we do not have Halloween but we do have what I think is our equivalent: all saints day and all souls day.

November 2nd - On all souls day a large number of the population goes out to the graves of their loved ones and place a lit candle on their grave in remembrance. Folklore says that on this day you are likely to see spirits roaming the earth, that sometimes they come back to visit in hopes of finding their loved ones among the masses out placing flowers on their graves and if you are unlucky one will lure you to your death and the after life from whence they came.

It is said that they are granted this one night to visit the land of the living and their loved ones, so people will light a candle on their door step or on their windowsill so that they can find their way back to the house and visit.

It is said that if your candle goes out, your loved one will not be able to find their way back to eternal rest and so will stay with you, at your house and haunt you all your year. As a result, neighbourhood children have been known to run around and blow out peoples candles so they will be haunted by spirits  (your candle must burn all night) It is also said if I remember correctly, that if you are holding a candle on your way home from the cemetery you must keep it lit or unwanted spirits will follow your light and walk with you home where they will stay with you and haunt you.

November 1st - On all saints day people place lit candles in remembrance of the saint. Admittedly I do not know much else as I am not catholic so have not taken much interest in this day.

These is also a beautiful short story of how the poui came to be in existence. A tale of native Indian girl born of fair complexion and golden hair. (sounds familiar if you're born with albinism) Her people feared her and locked her away in a high tower. At the end of the story she dies but she is turned into millions and billions of little yellow poui flowers and scattered about the entire island so that she will never and can never be forgotten.

 I didn't do any editing of most of these shots because I really liked the way the light was coming though them. No pun intended.

Sorry for the slightly spooky post but I do so love a bit of folklore and the folklore of the islands is ever so fascinating to me haha.

Peace. Love. Culture.
This post is a part of the Floral Fridays series and link up.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Obvious To Do List : Pt. 1

 I think there are things in life we should all obviously try without rhyme or reason, like dance in the rain or for you none tropical folk, catch snow flakes on your tongue even though you feel stupid doing it. Things nobody should have to tell us to try but that we do anyway because because. This is my list for those who are in want of a list of to dos of this nature.

Dance in your underwear
Do I need to explain this one? Have you not had the extreme pleasure of throwing yourself a solo dance party with your music blazing in attractive garb? In fact I can think of a whole list of things to do in your underwear but someone has already wrote that down and I admit I've actually done 8 out of ten of these...or possible nine I'm not sure. I regret nothing.

Take a sick day at home when you're not actually sick
I like to think of these as mental health days, not that I've ever done it but, you know, if I did, if I were to ever do it, I would consider it a mental health day. You see your body is not the only thing that can be sick, so can your psyche but the corporate world of work does not usually recognise this. Sometimes you need to fight the man and sleep late.

Buy yourself an expensive edible good and eat it all by yourself
A rather large chocolatey piece of cake for me, usually a whole pizza from what I can gather, for the Americans. Sometimes you need to suspend judgement and do the things you've dreamed of doing but felt somehow blameable for doing them. Not that anyone is even watching you in the comfort of your home. As long as it's not harmful to you or others or against your beliefs or principles or health. (I know that's a lot of buts but only you know your situation) buy yourself some cake boo, you work hard.

Listen to a playlist of music that was hip in your time but is now considered classic era
The 2000s had some good tunes, judge me if you will but One Direction is no Backstreet Boys, B2K, Nsync or Boyz 2 Men. Which, is quite all right, they're all special in their own way, ways you're allowed to appreciate.

Be nostalgic toward far away days with mates.
It's been almost two secades since I started high school people. There is a lot there to remember and laugh about with those from that time period of my life. One day we may all be scattered so far and so wide and we may not be able to remember well those stories that make us laugh. So lets laugh, let us remember and be merry even as we work towards the future.

Dress up really nice for an average event.
So you're dressed like a model but you're meeting a friend for a coffee/drink/brunch? So what? They don't know, you could be going anywhere. You could have a scheduled more packed than Drake for all they know. You could be setting off to Paris in the jet of the prince you met clandestinely at the grocery store last week, when your fingers touched as you both reached for the same top box of bran flakes, who you flirted with and gave your number and thought he'd never actually call but after looking him up on google  and you realised he was in fact a actually a legit prince he totally texted you and now he wants to treat you to dinner in Paris. They don't know. They don't run your life. You look awesome and you don't need a reason to wear your clothes.

Eat ice cream AND cake
Because why choose one or the other?

What are some of the things on your list of obvious things to do in a lifetime?

Peace. Love. Obvi.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Food For Thought Round Up | Sunday Sunshine

 It's NaNoWriMo!

These links all make me happy in a way that is different from last week's instalment. They make me happy in a way of awareness and voicing of an issue in a way that is beautiful. Sometimes we think we are the only one who has thought a thing and then we see it miraculously already brought to life in a way we never would have thought to.

// The way I absolutely and divinely LOVE language for example. I have so much passion for it, tis joygasmic! It took me a while to realise just how different my love for it was from others, until I heard it in words, how perfectly appropreate.

// Speaking of being different, the toll bridge has changed shape and size and reach in our world and if we do not soon take responsibility we're going to be in big trouble in ways we wont be able to contain...I see it everyday among our children. We must see it and change the way we fight it.
// Case in point, I love this use of fame to send a positive message where it matters most; to the coming generation.

// For you see I guess, I'm one of the mad ones and no well the price dealt to those of that thinking.

// This white dad hopes his son stays white and with the 7 short reasons he gives, can you blame him? In a world with such issues of as these I understand where he is coming from.

I hope you're had a good Sunday and that these links serve to inspire you or feed you some food for thought.

Happy Sunday!

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