Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An attitude of Gratitude :: The Intangible Things

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Good day lovelies

As you may or may not have noticed my Sunday Sunshine post was absent this week, that's because I've been running a bit low on sunshine again. Instead I have decided to use this as an opportunity to exercise an attitude of gratitude. Possibly brought on by the thankful30 photo challenge I'm attempting this month. I'll share my results with you soon ;)

At times like these I find it hardest to exercise and an attitude of gratitude but I suspect now is when it is most important to do so though the things to be grateful for are so hard to think of....still...

// I am grateful for the rain, it drizzled all evening Sunday till way into the wee hours of the night as I drifted of to sleep and was still pitter pattering as i eased into conciousness again this Monday morning, making me feel knew and replenished like plants after a drought.

// I am thankful for Moments like that when I can lay in the darkness on clean sheets in the comfort of my own bed, enjoying that my eyes have not yet adjusted to the lack of light but knowing that even now I am safe. The rain makes the brook near my house rush like that white rabbit from Alice in wonder land, as though it is late for a date with destiny and this reminds me what simple joy is.

// I am thankful for God, His love and protection and insight. I am thankful that I still live in a time when I can call out to Him.

// I am thankful for laughter brought on by friends who remind me that we only get one chance at life so we might as well laugh it up.

// I am thankful for dreams that are bigger than my head because some people do not have the courage to dream any more or never had it at all...

// And lastly I am thankful for you, whoever you are reading this. Thank you for taking a moment to hear my voice, thank you for sparing a few motions of fingers on keyboards to leave comments that make me smile and flush in appreciation. Thank you for emails just to say hello or to tell me that my words have made an impact on your life, even if it is in the smallest way. Thank you for your kindness that makes my dark days just a bit warmer when I sit back and reflect these little niceties really touch me. I may not be one of those bloggers with thousands of followers but I love you all like you are a thousand in number and I enjoy your company. Thank you for your friendship.

These simple intangible things foster in me an attitude of gratitude and I am so grateful. What do you do when you run lo on sunshine?

Peace. Love. Gratitude.

By the way I have officially changing over from she must be new at blogspot dot com to sandalsandsunnies.blogspot.com I hope that you will stay with me  It may not be a huge change but it helps me a lot as it has to do with identity, I feel like I've finally settled into a blog name that represents both me and where I come from. Thanks for understanding! Bloglovin has kindly moved over my followers to my new blog address. This will of course mean a little house keeping on the blog so do excuse the mess, (I'll be finding fixing broken links this week). I would like your help in finding out: are my blog updates showing up in your bloglovin' feed as usual?  Please let me know. :)


  1. Hi- you were one of Helen's reccomendaations, and I can see why. So glad you have a new space and name that suits you- good luck with all the housekeeping and normal busy-ness!


  2. Thank you so much! I and of course thanks to Helen for recommending me! :D Thank you for your well wishes. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit :)

  3. Beautiful post, as always xxx

  4. i always love doing lists, including a gratitude list. really makes all the little things count. and yay to coming full circle with your blog identity and doing some housekeeping, too. and your blog posts are coming up correctly on my bloglovin!

  5. Thank you so much Jane! For your understanding comment and for helping me make sure things are going right round these blog parts o'mine lol


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