Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Sunshine | Lipstick and Laughter

 // I haven't had much time to think of the approaching Christmas season lately as I am still being well buried by school work but this both almost brought me to tears and broke my heart at the same time, simply because I know how unlikely it is. Ah if only love would transcend borders and languages like this today...

// I am a person who needs to work hard at being productive in the face of distraction, I actually didn't know I was exercising this rule until I read about it.

// Nobody needed to tell me Van Goth was a genius, already knew it. He's my fvourite after all.

// This depiction of grown up rugrats ugh, right in the childhood!

// As a huge JYP group supporter (Big Bang is V.I.P! Go Blackjacks! heh heh)  as well as The Walking Dead viewer I guess, this made me lmao Which I guess you wont get if you're not a Korean culture and language enthusiast like I am lol

// I'm such a little secret lipstick addict though that this buzzfeed list totally gets me. Not all of it but like 95 percent.

// This feature on 14 Luscious Shades of Lipstick K-Pop Idols Wear is killing me with the not linking to wear I can get some of these shades and more importantly what they are called!  The one that Gayoon is wearing in particular has got me swooning! I still maintain that My Love from another Stars has the baddest lipstick game of recent times though. omg my body was so ready for that red and don't even get me started on the orange lip from Pretty ugh I cannot even. I must admit though, everything that character Myo Mi did, wore and said had me at perfection, I had such a girl crush on her!

This post was a bit all over the place and had a touch of Korean all over it, what can I say? I love the Korean language, culture and entertainment industry. Though I have not been talking a lot about it on here lately. I think because I haven't touched a Korean drama since the semester started I'm going through withdraw!

Anyway, I hope you're having a happy Sunday, with any luck I should be gleefully on my way to a special church session so that's got me excited, provided I'm not too exhausted....I know my next post was to be why I changed my blogspot address but fear not, that post is scheduled for Tuesday, it was getting way too lengthy and usually whenever i commit publicly to a date on my blog the universe laughs at me.

Enough with the rambling, 

Happy Sunday!


  1. Hia, great post. Can't click through on your first or third links :( [Hope you had a lovely time at Church!]

  2. I liked the buzz feed post about lipstick .. lol. I've never had lipstick on my teeth! I don't really apply it that heavily .. but I'm always touching up!



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