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The Great Deliberation :: I Want To Change My Blogspot Address : 10 Things To Know Before This Leap!

This post was inspired by the research i did before making this change, I had so many questions and I'm sure other bloggers like me are out there and do too. I hope this is helpful. If it is in anyway, do consider following me on bloglovin'. yeah? Oh and yeah this picture is a little irrelevant but you know.

10 Things To Know Before You Change Your Blogger Address

External Links and Features :: Anybody who has ever linked to you in the past, wherever on the internet that link is, it wont work now. Which is great if you're dodging stalkers or creeps or whatever but horrible if you're an avid linker-uper or have been featured. Unless of course, you're a frequent commenter wherever you've been featured and readers can use your comments to get to your new home address. Or, if people are reeeally nice and willing to change your old link for you where they featured you to match your new address.

How to go about it :: BEFORE you change your blospot address you're going to want to create a new blog with the address you want to change it to. This makes it possible to know if the name is available and play about until you find a variation that is, as well as completing the foundation of the the next step below. After you've done this, when you're ready to move you can just switch your addresses by making a small variation in your newly created blog title then using the title you want on your present blog, then going back and changing the freshly created blog to the title your blog used to be so people who might be led to your blog by other links can at least find you and don't think you died or disappeared off the internet. I know I for one hate when that happens.

What about bloglovin? :: GUESS WHAT! Bloglovin' has the ability to move all your followers over to your new account, no love (or in this case followers lost) I don't know about google friend connect (GFC) though... Bloglovin was wonderful about it, I contacted them when I was thinking about it, they assured me they could, solidified the process for me then changed my bloglovin' account once I made the change. It happened in a day. Thank you for expert service bloglovin! You continue to be awesome!

Related posts :: You're going to have to change your linkWithin if you use it. I had to, it still linked to posts via my old address. Sadly no matter how hard I tried to embed new code, it wasn't working so I switched to Engageya real quick (you snooze you loose!) and I must admit I like it better. It fills out the space at the end of my posts better even though it;s only four links being linked to, something my linkWithin didn't do even though I had it set to the same amount, it gives me sizing options and shape options too. It took about 3 hours to actually show up on my blog which was a little annoying but I got over it once I realised it was actually working. Good bye LinkWithin!

Blog Pages :: You're going to have to change your Navigation Bar if it links within your blog. I didn't anticipate this but I went right ahead and easily did it so that my readers weren't thrown when they showed up and things were all scatter brained around here. Dedicated to you baby! ;)

Your Grab Button Code :: You're going to have to change your blog button code if you have one. Thankfully that blog grab button creator I mentioned in the past came well in handy and already had the image uploaded so....easy enough!

Copyrights :: The copyright statement on your blog (if you have one which you totally should) will probably still refer to your old name. Change that ASAP and don't stay open to thieves! As well as any other copyright agreements you are a part of, you'll have to update em. I almost missed that one!

Social Media Icons :: If like me you have a bloglovin' follow me button or a feed follow button in your sidebar, make sure you update that too! You want new follows to be able to correctly follow your blog if they want to before they loose interest and leave and you want to make it as easy as possible for your dedicated followers to keep following you if they need to update their bookmarks.

Watermarked Photos :: Okay well it's fair to say my blog is a watermark disaster. yumekari from my very first blog attempt, she must be new and now Sandals & Sunnies. I must admit, watermarking is something I believe in so I will continue to do it. As for it blowing up in my face as I grew as a blogger in the past, well, nothing I can do about that but role with it. Growth isn't always tidy now is it?

MAJOR House keeping :: There will likely be broken links galore to find and fix if you do a lot of inward linking in your posts. This is going to be a bit of a puzzling task for me but I'm okay with that. I honestly needed to do some blog house keeping anyway and the fact that my blog identity is all fixed up nice just serves to make is all the more rewarding.


So even knowing this, why did I bother to change my blogspot address instead of just getting a domain name?! Well, that's a great question and now that I've told you all about the how, let me tell you about the why...tomorrow, in my next post, cause that's a whole other post...

Oh! I also added disqcus but I must admit I miss seeing your familiar display pictures when you comment :,(  I hope some of you will consider opening a disqcus account and putting up a display pic so you're not just a name but a pic with a name, even if it's an icon that caries the name of your blog. (I have to do the same.) for without it disqcus doesn't link me to your blog anymore and I do so want to check out your digs! Bah, no change without loss it seems...

I think I've managed fixing all the superficial links and all links in future posts WILL work. I'm going to be dedicating some time well to fixing any internal broken links I have so if there are any that are bothering you feel free to contact me and I shall get RIGHT on it. Thank you for baring and staying with me through this strange little change of mine. ♥ Blogging is a journey, a journey I enjoy but sometimes it gets a little bumpy but that doesn't mean it has to be any less beautiful.

Peace. Love. Informed Decisions


  1. "Growth isn't always tidy now is it?" it.....can't wait to hear why you didn't just switch to a domain name!....[am thinking about using Disqus when I swap over to the domain name......]....I'll *try* and change links to you from my blog on Sunday.....

  2. This post rings so true to home since that's something I'm always fighting with simply because I change my mind so often! I'm giving my blog a major reboot though and hopefully I'll actually be active soon so this helped :)

  3. Thanks lady! your awesomeness ever abounds :) Can't wait to see your big reveal when the time comes! :D


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