Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Obvious To Do List : Pt. 1

 I think there are things in life we should all obviously try without rhyme or reason, like dance in the rain or for you none tropical folk, catch snow flakes on your tongue even though you feel stupid doing it. Things nobody should have to tell us to try but that we do anyway because because. This is my list for those who are in want of a list of to dos of this nature.

Dance in your underwear
Do I need to explain this one? Have you not had the extreme pleasure of throwing yourself a solo dance party with your music blazing in attractive garb? In fact I can think of a whole list of things to do in your underwear but someone has already wrote that down and I admit I've actually done 8 out of ten of these...or possible nine I'm not sure. I regret nothing.

Take a sick day at home when you're not actually sick
I like to think of these as mental health days, not that I've ever done it but, you know, if I did, if I were to ever do it, I would consider it a mental health day. You see your body is not the only thing that can be sick, so can your psyche but the corporate world of work does not usually recognise this. Sometimes you need to fight the man and sleep late.

Buy yourself an expensive edible good and eat it all by yourself
A rather large chocolatey piece of cake for me, usually a whole pizza from what I can gather, for the Americans. Sometimes you need to suspend judgement and do the things you've dreamed of doing but felt somehow blameable for doing them. Not that anyone is even watching you in the comfort of your home. As long as it's not harmful to you or others or against your beliefs or principles or health. (I know that's a lot of buts but only you know your situation) buy yourself some cake boo, you work hard.

Listen to a playlist of music that was hip in your time but is now considered classic era
The 2000s had some good tunes, judge me if you will but One Direction is no Backstreet Boys, B2K, Nsync or Boyz 2 Men. Which, is quite all right, they're all special in their own way, ways you're allowed to appreciate.

Be nostalgic toward far away days with mates.
It's been almost two secades since I started high school people. There is a lot there to remember and laugh about with those from that time period of my life. One day we may all be scattered so far and so wide and we may not be able to remember well those stories that make us laugh. So lets laugh, let us remember and be merry even as we work towards the future.

Dress up really nice for an average event.
So you're dressed like a model but you're meeting a friend for a coffee/drink/brunch? So what? They don't know, you could be going anywhere. You could have a scheduled more packed than Drake for all they know. You could be setting off to Paris in the jet of the prince you met clandestinely at the grocery store last week, when your fingers touched as you both reached for the same top box of bran flakes, who you flirted with and gave your number and thought he'd never actually call but after looking him up on google  and you realised he was in fact a actually a legit prince he totally texted you and now he wants to treat you to dinner in Paris. They don't know. They don't run your life. You look awesome and you don't need a reason to wear your clothes.

Eat ice cream AND cake
Because why choose one or the other?

What are some of the things on your list of obvious things to do in a lifetime?

Peace. Love. Obvi.


  1. :) i still listen to music from the eighties! and yes both ice cream and cake please!

  2. Admittedly .. I have done .. all seven!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. Lady Lizelle, I love this post (your writing seems 'freer' somehow). You know, these things should be obvious but sometimes life gets in the way and you forgot basic, obvious 'feel good' things....[off to have a boogie-woogie in my pants!]....Lady Helen xxx

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm glad you enjoyed this post :) Lady Helen, tis for this precise reason I felt moved to write this post, life so often gets in the way and lets us forget (that was my best channelling the Lady Mary in me moment i could do!) haha

  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! [I'm totally thinking I should do a post in 'Lady Mary' mode ;)]

  6. Hey hun, i nominated you for one lovely blog award

  7. haha I must admit I fancy more of a lady Edith or Sybil the poor gals lol


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